Pregnancy Vlog! 37 Weeks: Full Term! Q&A

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Lisa Dannaker says:

I would really like to hear Tyler’s perspective on fatherhood – maybe a Q &
A for him would be fun!

Kelia Coleman says:

Lmbo!!! “Be there for her if she needs some lip balm!”

Andrea McNeely says:

Hi Emily! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this experience with
all of us. While I am not a mom yet (hopefully in a few years), it has been
great to hear all about your ups/downs/new adventures. I am sure you and
Tyler will be phenomenal parents! And I bet Cupcake will be an awesome big
sister too!

P.s.- thank you for also being a great source of stress relief. Your videos
have kept me sane during the last 9 months of wedding planning. October
12th can’t come soon enough! 

Stephaniie Starr says:

I must know what you are wearing on your lips.

JustTakeMeDancing says:

I would love a tutorial on this look, it is gorgeous!

Life is like a book with all different chapters….. this chapter that you
will be strarting is the BEST one……. with so many more wonderful
chapters to follow. I wish you all the best!

Melanie M says:

I was going through the stages of pregnancy with you but my daughter
arrived very unexpectedly early and quickly on July 27th at 31 weeks, 4
days. She has been in the NICU since then but is doing great and will
hopefully be home in a couple of weeks. I really wish I could have
experienced having her in my belly for those last 2 months. But it is so
wonderful having her here and we are so in love with her. Enjoy every

Ms. Mow says:

I would put the kibosh on all those vag exams. Geez. Sounds like you’ve got
an old school doc. You could have a hard cervix and not be dilated on
Tuesday and your water could break Wed. That was me with my first. My
friend just had a baby and was walking around teaching 4th grade dilated to
a 7 having felt no labor save for the odd mild contraction for almost two
weeks. We had a running joke about him falling out. Anyway, that’s just
totally unnecessary invasion and it yields zero useful data. I’ve heard of
docs overdoing vag exams, but that’s nuts. Avoid pitocin and induction.
You’ve got this and 42 weeks is normal. First babies are often born after
their EDD. If your doc is old school, he might be induction happy, too. Way
more likely to distress Belle and you and end up with surgery. 

Sana Subhani says:

I think full term is now 39 weeks. Congrats either way!

Dina Ramse says:

I would love a “what I packed” video! 

Tina Marie says:

Emily you are so down to earth. I say it all the time but you are a breath
of fresh air. I am 18 weeks 2 days with baby number 2 I find out gender on
Thursday. I am super nervous lol but your pregnancy vlogs really help me
out. Don’t worry about taking time off we understand. Those moments with
the baby u will never get back. I am taking 8 weeks off my job. As far as
my YouTube channel maybe a month. I have had a crazy pregnancy cos far but
thank God for every moment. Praying for a. Easy delivery for you and a
speedy recovery 

C.Lorena L. says:

Have you gotten any stretch marks?? 

A1nettie 2.0 says:

so exciting :) any day now :) so happy for you both!

miagirl says:

Sooo excited for you. Are you and Tyler going to start doing a FAMILY Vlog
with Belle? It would be amazing to see you two as parents.

Sunshyne Reize says:

It would be awesome if Belle was born on my birthday (Sept 16), and my
great grandmother’s name was Flora Bell. In any event I send to you peace
and best wishes. Good Luck! :-)

NaturallyThick08 says:


Judith Utter says:

You are so adorable. What an exciting time for you. I love the name.

MakeupByAliciaE says:

Emily I wasn’t dilated at 39 weeks and 3 days later my water broke. So be

kristen gann says:

I am rooting for sept.15th that’s my birthday :) 

Lynne Maguire says:

Sounds like you’ve really got a good handle on things Emily. As you
mentioned, I’m sure every person in your life has offered some sort of
advice during your pregnancy, so let me throw mine in too, lol, it helped
me a lot when I had my children to remember that your baby is going to be
an addition to YOUR life, not the other way around. I tried hard to make my
babies schedule fit MY schedule. I’m sure your gonna be just fine, remember
that YOU ARE THE MOM, not every other Jane Doe that comes along, you do
what’s best for you !! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!!

levi0596 says:

We love you and Tyler and will definitely miss you while you’re getting to
know Miss Belle. But whatever time you need I’m sure everyone totally
understands and supports you. We’re excited for you and your family. I’m
now on baby watch. BIG hugs to you and Tyler. :)

Donna Corrado says:

Emily, you are always so kind and upbeat with your reviews. You share your
opinions in a way that makes people want to listen (I take notes)… I
check your channels daily for new videos. You covered several of my
concerns, how to use make-up brushes, how to apply false eyelashes, umteem
looks with palette. Maybe Maybe a look using all Estee Lauder? It’s one
of the few make-up counters that offers suggestions that work for you
instead of – here’s blue shadow you pointed to, what shade of lipstick do
you want? Cant wait for the baby to come. I hope you have an easy time.
Love to the The Cake and Tyler too.

Alex Pauley says:

I have been subscribed to you for a while, and while we of course aren’t
personal friends, I am so happy for you and invested in this exciting part
of your life! I wish you so much happiness for your family, although it
really seems like you have been glowing with happiness since you first
discovered you were pregnant! I hope you know that most of your subscribers
will understand if you need to slow down on the videos a bit once the baby
comes, and the ones that won’t be understanding aren’t worth the effort. I
wish you the best, and I hope you stick around as much as you can, because
I’ll miss you if you’re gone! I’m so excited to meet the baby!

QuelleQuelleMarie says:

Hi Emily! What an exciting vlog!
I unfortunately can’t get pregnant (but thumbs crossed for future
children!), I find it so refreshing and sweet when a pregnant woman truly
is grateful for such an amazing gift. And you and Tyler are so
Seems like I just watched your pregnancy announcement video and here you
are full term. Any time now she’ll be here and I couldn’t be more excited
for you both and your family.
And who can’t wait for Mommy and Daughter make up reviews and fashion hauls?
Best of luck!

ClaudeebeingClaudee says:

We should start a pool. I’ll say the 12th. :)

DoodleBugWhiz says:

Your owl earrings are so cute!

dandanchicken says:

Hey Emily! I’m a photographer and I regularly take photos of children and
families. I just wanted to remind you get pictures(not hospital
pictures-those are crazy expensive!) done of Belle immediately after she’s
born. I recommend going before she gets 2 weeks young. Something I really
love seeing is doing pictures of the same child every month and creating a
“growing up” collage when she turns 1. Anyway, just something to keep in
mind. :) I have lots of moms that come in and regret not getting their
baby’s pictures done when they were born.

carol whalen says:

You mentioned the advice that your sister-in-law gave you. She is a smart
woman. Once little Belle arrives I’m sure you will be given all kinds of
advice-both solicited and otherwise-I know that I was. What I figured out
was that I needed to ignore the advice, and do what felt right for me and
my babies. That’s my two cents worth of advice. Congratulations on this
new phase of your life with your husband and child! so exciting! 

GrrAly Gator says:

About your breastfeeding question. I’m a 2nd time mommy. My sons are 2 and
2 months. I breastfed my 1st and I am nursing my second. The ONE thing that
will help you the most is seeing a lactation consultant. If you are having
trouble, go see a lactation consultant!! It also takes patients and
determination. :) hope that helped!

agentbiteme19 says:

I think, especially in the baby’s first month, it is incredibly important
to have help. You’ll be sleeping a lot less, you’ll be exhausted and it’s
easy to start feeling overwhelmed if you’re taking care of the baby alone.
I think the first month is the hardest, especially since the baby has to
eat almost every 3 hours and until you get the hang of things and build
your own momentum, help is always nice. (:

Jane C says:

We had our 1st in NYC – COMPLETE STRANGERS on the street were CONSTANTLY
telling me what to do. Man did I hate that!! After a while I just put my
head down and LALALALALA and carried on!!!!

MRoxy0628 says:

You seem like the sweetest person and I think you’ll be a great mom! I’m a
mom to a little girl and it has changed my life in so many ways. I teared
up when you were talking about wanting to soak in all the newborn goodness
and how much you’ll love her. And you will love her so much. Do not feel
at all guilty about taking as much time as you want and need away from
making videos. Your loyal viewers will still be here, I have no doubt
about it. Take care and best wishes in the coming weeks!

Jenny R says:

Same due date as mine ???

Summer Robinson says:

Truthfully, if your going to breast feed babies eat like every hour, and
that starts from the START of their last feeding not last. SO it really
feels like 40 minuets LOL So at least for the first month i would suggest a
break. I think having a bunch of videos stock pilled so you can post like
1-2 a week is a good idea ;)

rustlis6122 says:

Has anybody mentioned the yucky stuff that may happen during delivery. u
spoke of the size difference between u and Tyler and there’s is a
possibility that you may rip or need to be cut during delivery. The dr will
sew you up normally it’s just a few stitches and will give something to put
on it. Also some women poop a little or pass gas during delivery. It really
feels like you gotta go sometimes but they wont let u go to the toilet at
that point, believe me I tried Lol

Rinu Abraham says:

Glowing glowing glowing!!! :) Love to see these happy updates… Hang in
there, just a few more weeks.

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