Pregnancy Vlog 33 weeks/ 8 months

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sheila foxx says:

You crack me up!!! I have 3 girls and 1 boy. My baby is 3 and I get
offended when people tell me to have another boy. I am so through my
husband was the one to get fixed. He said thats enough lol. We love them
all but they can drive you crazy sometimes. You are a very good mom. I say
that God knew I just needed one boy cause girl he is something else. Love
your videos and cant wait to see your new addition. God Bless!!!

Meeyahx says:

I love how you don’t cut corners!

Royal Diamond says:

You so cute pregnant girl awwww

joey gee says:

wow what a vid very nice:) ty

Tasha Edwards says:

Oh my, Have I really been watching you that long for Eli to be that big.
Life just goes so fast!

Pooniepoo says:

it’s amazing to me…you are only preggers in the stomach…everything else
on you is tiny

kezzybear1968 says:

hah hah hah… you are hilarious!! So no #5? Only kidding. Loved your video.

Desiree Robertson says:

Aww we have the same due date how cool…and yea my son kicks me a lot also

Twotonetmw says:

Yes my dear you are really big…you still lookin good, but you do seem
abit less energetic but of course your pregnant. All your boys are

TheGlamazon26 says:

will you be doing a nursery? would love to see a “whats in my hospital bag”
for u

sheila foxx says:

Thats what happen to me my husband wanted a another boy and we got another
girl. I will pray for you and you pray for me cause I got some divas and a
little boy who is spoiled from his sisters doing everything for him.


girl i know that’s right do what you have to do because if you dont take
care of you who will plus the baby.

mahoganyknots says:

I had to take iron also with the twin pregnancy but not with my first. I
just thought the twins were draining me of eerythg!!

echris150 says:

Still looking Wonderful. !!! Yes, we understand and applaude your efforts
on even keeping steady videos coming at this point. Don’t people say the
craziest stufff??? Yes, you are entitled to catch attitude when folks start
with that “one more” business. Do you and Big Omar , those are the only
opinions that count ’cause you know NObody is coming to help you or finance
another baby…..girl or boy !! Be Blessed.

msdelle22 says:

i have boys girl twins and a set a triplet i wish someone would say that to
me be bless with what u got sweetie

TheMonie90 says:

thought you had the baby… was wondering what happened to you… congrats
when the ay comes!!!!!

sdholt4 says:

The vitamin c in the orange juice should also help with the absorption of
iron. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well.

Nyquia says:

Beautiful woman and boys. lol. Ppl don’t think before they talk that’s
right set them straight lol

trecp1969 says:

Your skin looks so pretty. you are glowing. your son looks just like your

1GinaRella says:

Your hair looks like Candy Floss aka Cotton Candy, LURRRRRRRRV IT, got a
long way for mine to be that long but I can’t wait.

trintari08 says:

I can tell you are a GA girl cause you talk just like. I am from Albany, Ga
and I live on the northwest coast. You are almost at the finish line and I
am just starting.

MsEricao says:

You are sooo cute! Pregnancy looks good on you!

keeshana says:

Isiah is a trip!!!! Best to u on everything

Samantha Conway says:

Ill be 33 weeks on Tuesday :) You look amazing for 33 weeks by the way!

lucie rincher says:

“everybody have a seat!” lolol

Marie B says:

Wow! I thought this was your first child. I guess you only gain weight in
your tummy. Lucky you. It’s amazing you find time to still look good with
three boys and one in the oven. Your body looks amazing too. Guess you have
some good genes, lol. I can’t wait to see pics of your new baby boy.

LaydeeKye says:

Love the vid babe. lol leave those babies alone i like seeing them lol. You
look great and take it easy until that little one gets here. I will be
praying for a safe delivery. Take care

staycee1 says:

this video was just hilarious from the kids to the baby brain to the crotch
(you know) Lol

blackmasterpeice says:

I seriously love your personality Gabby, you always have me cracking up.
You keep it real without being hood, country with class, love it. Its so
awesome how you carry all your weight in your tummy for the pregnancies.
Whew you have more then a handful with them boys. If you’re worried about
him being really big and possibly causing tearing then maybe you should
consider water birth, if you’re not comfortable with doing it at home then
maybe a birthing center?

xxxMzDivaxxx says:

you are so adorable love the way you dress great style

AtlantaAngel84 says:

All the boys made a guest appearance, lol. Are you nervous about the tubal
ligation? Well, good luck and I hope you have a safe delivery.

PinkCouture25 says:

I have 2 boys and I’m done lol! I feel you girl everyone says oh try for a
girl like you said are you gonna help raise it lol I even say that to my
parents lol

AfroTee says:

You have “Mommy Brain” AND 3…about to be 4 boys? Lawwwwdhavismercy!
Blessings Doll!

Dalima26 says:

You look amazing. And you are a SUPER MUMMY! I can totally understand when
people say ‘oh you should try for a girl’ I have 2 twin boys and im like
are you going to come and help me look after my kids with me, some people
really have no idea..Your boys are absolutely gorgeous, cant wait to see
N0.4..Have a great day..Maria..xx

rawcrave says:

You are funny. Don’t tell me no gimme a kiss lol he looks just like you.
Can’t wait to see the baby I love babies but they are a lot if work I have
to deal with my knuckle head 3 year old boy you have 4 boys so I know you
have crazy days

newcheveu says:

What’s the name of the liquid vitamin?

mrsbacon baby says:

I’m on my 4th girl and i’m done!!!! you and I are due around the same date.
check out my channel!!

Krisita Whitelocke says:

You look so beautiful. Loving the purple! We do understand, don’t stress
about answering back, we’ll be here. My prayers are for you to have a safe,
easy labor and that you deliver a wonderfully, healthy, happy (not too big)
baby boy! Take care and keep us updated on how you’re doing :)

TreseMason says:

yay! we got to see the boys XD soo cute.

GenuinelyGiGi says:

does he have locs or individual plaits? either way, I love them!

chryllaird says:

I watched Glamazini’s preggos vlog as well. I really like the different
perspectives you both provide as a new mom and a seasoned mom. I don’t have
children yet but watching both of you as women of color has really been
amazing and inspiring. You look gorgeous! Girl, 4 boys!!!! O_o I am
exhausted just watching them come in and out of this video LOL! I don’t
know how you do it but you get it done looking fabulous! Your boys are
really adorable. Best to you and your family! :o)

Chantae' Newman says:

August 28th is my due date and I have been Dilated at 1 and 1/2 centimeters
and 60% thinned since 28 weeks and this pressure is a mess.this is my 3rd
baby and lawd they put me on bed rest for 2 weeks and it wasnt happening.
Im anemic and I am huge but strangely i never gain weight but my belly gets
big. Wishing you the best and I’m thinking my baby may be here before her
due date cause both of my others did not wait.

Torrie Harris says:

Hey Isaiha. Too handsome! LOL

Kinkycurlycoil says:

Nice size belly this time girlie but you look cute! I had huge babies 9.5
and 8.0lbs so I know exactly what you are talking about :)

luvLyfe00 says:

Lmbo you said “dumb hot” im born in raised in cali and that is def. Cali
slang ,i love it #proud californian.(:

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