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Josh Woodward “Memorized”


Lily Pebbles says:

Wow – what a superstar you are! Congratulations Laura, I’m so happy for you
both. He’s adorable & it sounds like you did incredibly well! xxx

Inthefrow says:

I watched this from start to finish and even had a little cry in the
middle. Im so so pleased for you Laura, your family is just so special <3

Roisin Thora says:

I have never had a baby, but this made me cry! You spoke so beautifully
about it all, well done you and congrats! xo

Tasha Meline says:

That is such a beautiful story and you are in no way silly for crying as
I’m sure we are all crying with you! You have such a beautiful boy <3 Thank
you for sharing the intimate details of your story :) xx

Gemma Magpie says:

Such a lovely video Laura. I’m so happy for you and Mike.. Harrison is
absolutely beautiful. Ah I couldn’t help but cry xxx

Georgia Hartburn says:

Wow that was a amazing story I’m only 14 but I can’t wait till I have my
own child

MummyandMunchkin says:

I had my little boy almost 7months ago and the whole experience was
magical. I was crying with you. When I had my Harry I had to be induced
cause he stopped moving and then he had to be suctioned out which made me
rip everywhere!! They were stitching me up for what felt like hours and
walking was out of the question for 3days!!!!!!! My whole labor was only
4hrs though. In my experience the pain the following day with the stitches
and going to the toilet was 100% more painful then actual labor!! Giving
birth is total forgettable pain xxx

Sarah Jane says:

Oh god this brought everything back to me, I cried throughout. I had a
horrible labour but you’re right when they are here you’d do it ten times
over just so they’re here safe. People say ‘it mustn’t be that bad if
people have more than one kid’ but I’m honestly terrified about giving
birth again but I will do it because the love you get is unmeasurable. My
baby boy is 15months now and as much as I love seeing him grow and learn
those first few months are so, so precious and pass so quickly. Cherish
every moment! A,d congratulations x

Patricias_Beauty says:

So so lovely even had a little cry along with you loved it xx

Simone Scribes says:

Laura this was so lovely! Thanks for sharing with us xxx

Nicole McClean says:

This was so lovely to watch and I honestly felt like a knew how you felt ,
I had a horrific birth experience and my little girl was born 3 months
early and whisked away within minutes of being born so I never experienced
this kind of birth and didn’t see her for 3 days. Congratulations Laura
he’s beautiful and your going to be a fantastic mommy. 

Isabelle Sch says:

Loved the video! Can’t wait to start my own family one day

Caitlin Bartle says:

Harrison is adorable and you are fantastic, well done and congratulations!
I’ve followed your journey and I’m so happy Harrison is here!

Leanne Mount says:

I know what you mean I had a little girl 6 weeks ago and I feel like
everyone’s stories are far worse than the experience itself! 

Sophie Louise says:

Such a lovely video! Harrison is so perfect xxx

Jen JbBoutique says:

Absolutely amazing video Laura. My fav one yet. You described so well how
you feel after giving birth. Your son is gorgeous you did brilliantly. Make
the most of every minute my son is 6months and the time has flown by.
Sending love to your family and thank you for sharing your experience xxxx

Puppy Love says:

I can’t stop whatching your lipstick!! It is beautiful, which one is it???

Rhiannon Evans says:

Awww this brought a tear to my eye. Such a lovely genuine video and a
beautiful mummy and baby xxx

Gwawr Williams says:

Such a heartwarming video and told beautifully, so clear the love you feel
for little Harrison, made me have a little weep myself!! Huge
congratulations X 

Chloe Grant says:

Such a lovely account of your birth Laura! Congratulations!!! :) x

Beyoutyguide says:

oh my God. i stayed through out the whole video and i cried lol silly me.
so happy for you thanks for sharing your story. your baby boy is beautiful

angel starglitter says:

I had my baby 6 months ago, and I had one of those horror story labours! I
ended up in theatre with an epidural – but after 30 hours of labour I was
happy for it (needle phobia and all!). Love watching your videos! It’s nice
to see others have the same experiences as me, with the good and bad days! 

Lisa13245 says:

I got so emotional, lovely story!

liza prideaux says:

Aw such a lovely video and an amazing memory to look back on x x 

KS26 says:

Thank you so much for doing this video Laura I’m 32 weeks today and haven’t
too long to go, you’ve really given me an insight into what to expect and I
can’t wait to meet my little girl xx

percyandgrace says:

Such a beautiful video. I cried. My little girl is almost 6 months old now
and it has totally flown by. They really do grow soooo fast. And I could
totally relate to how you felt once you had Harrison. Until you’re a parent
you don’t fully understand when other parents say there is no love like the
love you have for your children but they really are your world. I would die
for my daughter. She’s my world and like you say I never knew a love like
this existed x x

Tilly N says:

Such a gorgeous video Laura! Harrison is absolutely beautiful <3 what’s on
your lips in this video, it’s lovely!

DebbieDooDaas O'Keefe says:

Thanks for this funny, honest, heart warming video. Fasten your seatbelt
coz motherhood is a bumpy ride – your gonna love it xx

Anna X says:

Such a beautiful story got so emotional! 

Kelsey Tattersall says:

That was the most amazing Birthing story I have ever heard and it made me
so emotional and I am so happy for you it made me cry numerous of times and
thank you for giving me the pleasure of being able to watch this amazing
video. Thank you for also sharing it all with us plus as I want to be a
Midwife when i get older giving the student the opportunity to deliver a
baby xx All my Congratulations for you and your baby Harrison!!! XXx

Rosie Mayable says:

So happy for you both-congratulations

Anna says:

Loved your story, can’t believe how fast your labour was. You did great.
And totally understand you crying, I had tears in my eyes thinking about
how much I love my son xx

suzyheartsbeauty says:

Really lovely video Laura. Thanks for sharing your story. You kept having
me in tears! Hope you’re all doing well :) xx

kerry allen says:

So beautiful x

Sophie Dent says:

This was such a beautiful birth story. So honesty and raw I felt very word!
When you described having baby on your chest I know just how you felt its
the most precious moment life will ever give you. Huge congratulations and
I must say you are looking absolutely gorgeous! Xxx

Charli-Blogs says:

Amazing, just amazing x

Ula Jones says:

Laura thank you so much for this video, you’ve had me tear up the whole way
through! I’m due in 3 weeks and it was lovely to hear your story and
experience. You truly are blessed with the most handsome little boy and so
happy for you both. Keep posting the Instagram pics I love seeing baby
Harrison he’s already changing so much in every picture!! ☺️

Ellen Hasson says:

This was such a beautiful video to watch! Congratulations on your beautiful
boy I’m due in ten weeks and this video has made me so excited for my own
labour and meeting my baby! Could you maybe do a video on your hospital
bags and what you ended up using and didn’t use for yourself and Harrison?

Dollymix962 says:

I’ve always been terrified of having a baby/giving birth because of all the
horror stories but this video just reduced me to tears, i was crying along
with you haha! so lovely to see such a happy new mummy, you’ve made me look
forward to one day having that myself. welcome to the world baby :) xx

Clare Elise says:

Ha, Ha, Ha did you put the chicken in the freezer…. this is something I
would do… lol :) Thanks for this video its proper helpful xx 

Emily May says:

Just out of curiosity why did you decide on no classes or birthing plan,
sorry if you have mentioned before? Beautiful video btw

Irina Bond says:

So happy for you! Cried throughout the video, probably because I’m preggo
right now for the first time and have no idea how it’s going to be for me.
Thank you for sharing your story.

stephanie ayling says:

What an incredible birthing story! Congratulations Laura. I’m currently 13
weeks pregnant and your pregnancy vlogs have really helped me get excited,
know what to buy and expect. So thank you Laura. And Harrison is beautiful!

xhannagrace says:

This put me off of pregnancy and made me extremely broody at the same time
haha. Well done, Laura, you seem as if you done so well, congratulation to
you and Mike! 

Bridget May says:

A mothers love. There really isn’t anything like it. I had a good labor
too, 5hrs 15mins start to finish with no complications. Congratulations, he
is gorgeous!x

Stephanie Usher says:

Beautiful! Truly beautiful! Congratulations! :) xxxx

Hayley Abbey says:

Thankyou for sharing your story, so beautiful. I’ve got 13weeks to go and
am much like you, no birth plan, staying fairly ignorant for now. Glad to
hear it worked for you. I’m hoping I can just trust my body knows what to
do. He is lovely! X

Laura Johnson says:

This makes me want to give birth again! And I really don’t remember any
midwife sticking their fingers up any other hole! Congratulations and well
done. I salute you with no pain relief. xx

Betty Button-Pie says:

Congratulations Laura! It was great to watch your story and get an honest
view of what child birth is like, he is absolutely gorgeous! X

clarebear01670 says:

Aww! I was crying with you remembering the birth of my daughter almost 19
months ago! My birth story was so similar to yours too. I’m going to be
doing it all again next month, we’re expecting a little boy!
Huge congratulations…enjoy every second, they grow so quickly! Xx

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