Pregnancy Vlog: 21 weeks, 4 days

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I am wearing:

Face: GA Designer Lift foundation (#5)

Cheeks: Mac blush (Blunt), Nars blush (Sin), Mac mineralize skinfinish (Perfect Topping)

Eyes: MUFE aqua cream (#13), Mac blush (Blunt), Inglot e/s ( D.S. 471), Ardell lashes (#120)

Lips: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector gloss (01)


9979sunshine says:

Congratulations! Hope you are well. :)

kristinejules says:

I actually found myself smiling and feeling so joyful at your reactions! I
can’t wait to be a mom, too! I’m so happy for you! Congrats!

sprytnala says:

I,m not pregnant,even don’t plan any baby,but I have watched Your video
with big plesaure.It was very interesting.Wish You all the best :)

Cameron Howie-Leeper says:

I used the same DVD :) I am so happy for you!! I definitely experienced the
patience (or lack thereof) when I was pregnant with my daughter – can
completely relate! So many people are telling you that pregnancy looks
amazing on you and I will just add my 2 cents and agree completely. You are
radiant! God bless you and your family and best wishes for a continued
healthy pregnancy and safe delivery!! xox, Cameron

luxgrl09 says:

You look radiant :) I had my baby girl five months ago. It is such a
blessing and she will change your life completely. You will be so
overwhelmed when you look at her and hold her. Even more than you feel now.
Congratulations to both of you. It’s truly a blessing! Keep taking good
care of yourself :)

bosschickita says:


Cindy Li says:

Your video makes me cry….a happy cry. I am trying to get pregnant and you
really make me feel good about myself. You look glowing and radiant, you
are so beautiful!!

whitneystayce says:

This video is just beautiful, I’m so happy for you. I have been watching
your videos for a little over a year I think, I know I dont know you
personally but this is a wonderful experience and I’m really happy for you.
I don’t normally comment on videos but I needed to congratulate you! Lol. I
have a four Year old and I remember everything your feeling right now like
it was yesterday. It really is the best thing you will ever enjoy and it
just gets better over the years. I’m a single mother an

Linda O says:

I LOVED your vlog! I was laughing so hard because of the 1. Gummy worms 2.
Description of why you purchased the pants (that strategically covered the
belly and rear) 3. The free breast augmentation – I have twin 4 year old
boys, so I could tell you the loss of sleep will continue. However, you’
seem pretty optimistic. P.S. I also enjoyed your husband’s analytical
approach to the pregnancy test – too funny!

LydiaSfacefun says:

My baby is 12 but I still loved hearing about your experience 😉
congratulations. xoxo

neverenoughgloss23 says:

Not sure if you know but can wear DBP free nail polishes….some are Essie,
Zoya, OPI, Revlon, and Sally Hansen. When I was pregnant (my son is 16
months) I needed Starbursts…a candy I could have cared less about before!
Congrats and all the best! It is such an exciting time!

749claudia says:

Congrats! How long have you been doing yoga in general? What about Bikram?

mits t says:

love love the video, congratulations to you and your hubby! :)

blushingpixie says:

Congratulations!!! The nail polish is a personal decision I know other
women wear it and are fine. I’m still not using it. :)

danielle5850 says:

congratulations girl! you looking good! I just had my 3rd baby a week ago
and its been fun. Anyways, not trying to scare you but you will get bigger
in your 3rd trimester, that’s where the baby gains about 3 oz a day i
think. What’s the gender by the way? Good luck!

yangtanw says:

Thyme’s jeans have very nice fit for preggies :)

Mette Sofie Schubell says:

Congratulations! So exciting :) I wish you all the best!

maquilleMOI says:

U r glowing by the way . U look gorgeous.

Sophia Smith says:

congrats! im just 4 wks ahead of you and having a girl also :)

cutlet1968 says:

So so happy for you; you are just glowing and your joy shines through the
entire video! I hope everything goes wonderfully for you and congrats on
your GIRL!!! They are so fun (I have 2) and she is so lucky to have you for
her mommy!

86Sabiha says:

You are glowing!! You look great and so happy :) wish you all the best!

hunnie Yang says:

AWEE, congrats!!!

TheRynn19 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Lauren Pola says:

You look beautiful! I don’t know you, but trying for a baby is so
stressful, I can relate. I’m still waiting, it will happen I know! Take
care and enjoy the moment! X

Kelly P says:

i loved watching this video. this is probably the most personal ive ever
seen you get. i loved seeing this side of you. cant wait for her to be

bcwedge19 says:

Love watching this pregnancy vid, I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and I can
totally relate! I’ve been doing The Bar method Pregnancy DVD and its helps
a lot with flexibility and strength, works your seat a lot to help you with
labor and delivery! BTW you look stunning pregnant! :)

OldSkoolJumpStart says:

ahhh im sooo happy for you!! 😀 hope all goes well throughout the next 4
months! :)

PsstheyitsJess says:

I’m so happy for you! It’s amazing to see your joy and excitement. Congrats!

osuneday says:

You are absolutely glowing and your happiness is contagious, congrats!!!

marleeny12 says:

so awesome for you

Shannon Bostelman says:

i have the round ligament pain also. im 22 weeks and 3 days. i am following
with u because we have a lot of the same symptoms and are around the same
time. ur gorgeous btw :) congrats and ill be looking forward to watching ur
videos :) how often are u uploading these pregnancy vlogs?

blushingpixie says:

Congratulations!! Baby is here and it is the BEST to be a mom. Good luck
with your pregnancy and a beautiful life with baby boy. :)

doodlebug says:

Vitamin E mixed with Jojoba Oil is great for eczema and also non

babylicious604 says:

Omgosh I absolutely adore you ! Your so amazing , I’m soo happy that your
doing well. Seriously congrats to you and your husband ! You look soo
pretty too and yes ur boobs like huge!! I hope they stay that way ! Won’t
cost you for boob job lol anyways good luck! Supporting you always

nellie pisani says:

you look great!! all the best for you and your baby!

emilieclarke says:

YaY I can’t to be a momma ! I’m 100% getting that shirt! I love hearing
about pregnancy stories! Awwwww how you found out/ told your hubby is SO
cute! Omg guurrrl just get some ridiculously cute flats!!! YAYYYYYY a baby
girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you two!

TheOrchid207 says:

I love your vlog;) My husband and I are gonna start trying 4a baby at the
end of this month. Hope we are gonna be as blessed as you2 are coz we
really want a girl as well;) I wish you all the best and hope we can see
more about your ”journey” soon;) xx

rmmahal says:

Congrats! You are glowing with such a joy it looks great on you :) I love
your story of how you realized you were pregnant. On my 3rd child my story
is somewhat similar…my husband one day out of the blue looked at me and
just said, “You are looking amazing…you’re pregnant huh?” I said
no….but then took a test and I was.

bosschickita says:

Sorry, my little one was playing with the IPad. Aw, look at Iggy! Congrats
again Martha. You will be a wonderful mother. Xo

melissa63881 says:

Congratulations !!

Sky0350 says:

Congrats to you!!! This is an exciting time. Enjoy.

wakaka Wang says:

congrats! So happy for you and I’m sure you are gonna be a great mommy! <3

Sharon M says:

I had a similar situation, I already had a 5 year old daughter froma
previous relationship and my husband and I were married for 5 years and we
tried for a year and –nothing. We went away to Florida and came back with
edema +4 in my legs, husband said..”your pregnant” I just laughed . Sure
enough the next day was fathers day and the test was positive! What a
gift,..our sun is now 7 time flys

28purplepink says:

Great video, congrats on it being a baby girl, so exciting :)

Policosmetics82 says:

So so happy for you and how wouldn’t I be – you are so excited and happy,
it’s contagious! God bless and wish you all the best! :))

happyeuree says:

the gummi worms story is sooo cute!

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