Pregnancy Vlog #2 – Symptoms update & Family’s Reaction!

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Heavy breathing, wonky lashes, double chin & back pain for the win!

16 weeks here!

Gender reveal / part 2 coming up next! This one was already too long! I dislike vlogs because on my end, when I’m recording, I feel like I’m screaming excited and then when I watch back during editing, it’s just me talking…womp!



Queen of Blending says:

I can’t reply to the person, there isn’t a reply option buttt I’m speaking
for myself when I say – ;( I never quit youtube, 7 years still going! No,
i’m definitely not as frequent, somtimes a month will go between videos
because LIFE! Tutorials are SO time consuming, but vlogs are easy-peasy! If
I had something really cool in the past to talk about on a regular basis
and keep people updated on, I would’ve! I’m doing these out of FINALLY something fun is happening to me. I’ve vloged/made
announcements about other stuff, too! Anyway, I’m kinda of sorry you feel
I’m falling into a typical youtube trend. This pregnancy was a surprise and
at least you can feel comfortable watching and knowing these are
not sponsored. I’m doing this because I’m comfortable enough to share.
Absolutely the extra money would and WILL help, but honestly, I’m not
making that much on YT anymore for a few vlogs here and there to
dramatically change our lives. So, yeah…Im just speaking for myself. I
know I didn’t make this baby purely to exploit and cash in on the little

quotidianlight says:

I am so glad that your dad reacted the way he did. When I was pregnant it
felt like I was the only one happy for my twins and it ruined the first
half of my pregnancy. I always wanted to have more kids but never found
anyone to have a family with. I have to admit some of my desire for
more was because I wasn’t allowed to be ecstatic and was so busy keeping
shyt together, that I missed the best parts about being a mom until they
were in late elementary school. Having a family member who is on your side,
really helps get the rest on board. You’re an adult and in a great
relationship; dad’s see that stuff. Malea’s reactions cracked me up, she’s
a special little pumpkin for sure. I am beyond happy for you.

Mz Kwan says:

You said the thing that you need to hold to your heart. Your fiance! When
God sent him into your life you were sent your helpmate. Lauren please hold
onto him and enjoy your new family. I don’t know why you and your family go
through what you go through but you are your own WOMAN now. My heart ached
watching the video when you talked about your mom. My daughter is almost 21
and I will always see her as my little girl. You will do the same. I can’t
imagime why she would be so upset over her 29 year old becoming a mom.
Enjoy your pregnancy! Smile EVERYDAY!You have a beautiful healthy daughter,
loving fiancé ENJOY! I hope you can find enjoyment during this wonderful
time in your life. 

Mikka Luu says:

At first when you said your mother stormed out crying I was like
“Really?….” But then, I kind of get it.. It must hurt her a lot that her
child isn’t in the position she should be in to have 2-3 children. But, it
sucks, it’s almost never how it should be so im still shocked she reacted
that way lol, in this day in age…I only know of 2-3 people that had
children the right way (marriage, financially stable, happy, more than
capable of raising and paying for children without financial help). No ones
perfect :]

HogwartsTimeLord says:

Hearing your parents’ reactions surprised me so much! I never would have
thought that they would be disappointed in any way! You already have
Malaea, you’re engaged now, and you’re a million times more mature than the
first time around!

shanna knepp says:

girl u are awesome im so happy for u you deserve the best chic 

lenalici0us89 says:

In the being of this vlog I kept asking myself like why is she talking
about her parents as if she’s a 16 year old child. As if she going to be
scolded for being pregnant. BUT the more I watched the more I realized that
you’re still kind of a child. You live at their home, and they help(ed)
alot with the first child. So in a way I could understand your mom being a
little disappointed/angry. She’s just not really seeing you as an engaged
responsible adult, but more as her baby is having another baby. 

Karla Venice says:

Congrats to you and your fiancee. Your dad is right when he said that this
is a totally different situation than before. Your dad fixing up the house
for you guys his evidence of his faith in you. Give it a bit and the rest
of the family will follow his lead.

Healu1102 says:

I LOVE how real you are. You don’t take crap from no one. Yet you have an
endearing vulnerability and softness to you. You’re spectacular! A big
congratulations to you, your fiancé and your family!!!

Hanna A says:

So Happy for you! :)
Hope this one is easy for you. Mine was so rough, had morning sickness the
entire time along with heartburn, itchy feet, constipation…just every
symptom you could think of.
And dont feel bad about saying you wanted one or the other, every pregnant
girl does it at first, its totally normal.

Cin Mat says:

How exciting…..that’s good that you feeling better….whatever gender is
let’s just hope everything comes out fine…..take good care of

Dazlin Divaz says:

I’m happy you are feeling better, and that your parents and his as well,
have accepted the situation and that all is well… Eat well and continue
to enjoy your pregnancy, remember positive feelings positive outcomes…
Take care

SoftandBeautiful77 says:

I wish you the best in your journey…I have followed you since 09…very
talented…beautiful and smart…you’ve got this dear…much love to you
and yours!

Nicki D says:

Glad you’re doing better Lauren!! Well wishes for you and your family 

hedmanleana says:

I cant wait! boy or girl I hope baby has your dimples!

Tanjaaa86 says:

Would be nice to see your fiance :-) Why wouldnt you want boy 😮 just
thinking.. I have little boy and he is so sweet i would not want anything
else. I love him so much, he is my child whatever gender is.

x6angelxface9x says:

Sooooo I have what feels like a ton of questions. I apologize in advance &
these are strictly out of curiosity. I was wondering have you & your
fiancée thought about going on & getting married at a courthouse & then
having a ceremony later on? Also, have you considered recording the
reactions to the gender reveal? I think it would be kind of cool to see
your daughter’s reaction. I was hysterical when you were talking about her
reaction to you being pregnant. That’s super funny! I’m really happy that
you are doing better & thanks for sharing this with all of us. :)

Sasha Lee says:

You beautiful woman, you! I just saw your picture on FB with the Hellokitty
sweatshirt :D. I am still watching this video (roughly 4 minutes as I am
typing), but I would LOVE (if it would be at all possible) to get you baby

And congrats to you and your fiance! SO FREAKING EXCITING!

Jayrealjean says:

Congratulations on you little blender ☺☺☺☺ Ive been following since myspace
days. Can’t wait to see the baby ☺☺

telly desiree says:

I’m so happy for you and your fiance!! After watching your first video I
just wanted to hug you and tell you that that it was going to be alright,
I’m so glad that you’re happier now. I was raised in an uber conservative
Christian household too, it’s rough. though I don’t have any kids yet I
know how it feels when your parents feel like you’re not living up to their
Christian standards. Thankfully my parents have relaxed A LOT (they’re pro
choice and believe in marriage equality!) I’m so happy your dad’s helping
you guys out, it’s so sweet. Hopefully things with your mom go well <3 

April Strozier says:

Research to see what natural remedies are good for pregnancy a majority of
them are not good be careful I only eat veggies and remedies but if I am
pregnant I am eating junk food too much to remember

Sexette says:

Congratulations! I just found out. This is a gift!

Meghan Morse says:

I love your hair!!!! 

Samantha Jade Minor says:

Congratulations Lauren! I really hope you enjoy your pregnancy and try not
to let other people’s opinions bother you even if they’re your family or
not. Babies are a blessing. I love your vlogs keep em coming! 

GuniD86 says:

I don’t know how anyone could say negative things to you about a pregnancy
vlog. I honestly loved watching the first one and also this one and I look
forward to the next one. Your parents remind me a lot of my own. All my
parents ever do is tell me all the mistakes I’ve made in life and act like
I always make the wrong choices. I ha my wedding last month and they left
right after the ceremony and I haven’t talked to them since. It’s really
hard but you can’t let that affect how you feel about yourself. You’re
doing what makes you happy and that’s all that matters. You’re beautiful
and worth more then how they treat you. A baby is a blessing, not something
to be ashamed of. I’ve been with my husband 6yrs and we had a baby before
we were married too. Xoxoxo 

rere nomad says:

I know its a cultural thing but we are in the 21st century. your parents
should not be in your life like that. just like you got pregnant without
getting married you should be able to live your life without their consent.
we are not in the old country anymore. look at yourself in the mirror
,chica. you are hip with all that boisterous make up and can be
whoever the hell you want. set boundaries with your parents. cut that
umbilical cord already. you are an adult right?

BeautybyAndreaJ says:


lightcameramakeup says:

Glad it worked out with the family and there was a blessing with the house.
So happy for you and your family another beautiful addition to our family
(in my mind we are cousins lol) cant wait to see him/her

B Fly says:

Congrats and all my love from Philly! I’m in my 30’s and I was also very
scared to tell my parents- not because of a similar situation but, I think
you just never know what to expect. Your Mom will come around and, your Dad
is definitely sending a blessing your way!! :)

Tiffany Torres says:

My 3rd child was a boy omg so much sweeter then I would have ever imagined!
He’s a mommy’s boy hands down! He’s super cuddly and he’s now almost 4
still wants to be my baby boy! As to my girls they became a lot more
independent faster and didn’t like to be held or cuddled at age 2 lol.
A boy is just refreshing after having princesses and my daughter’s
absolutely love Him!
Good luck to you and your family! 

okaykk says:

So sad that people are trying to steal your joy in these comments, with
selfish request and begging for more videos. YouTube is just not what it
used to be when you started out.

Anyways, congrats and I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy and marriage

AbbieJolie says:

This is too early but I hope to save you from experiencing heartburn more
than once. If it happens, please do speak with your Physician about Nexium
and Zantac. You may very well be able to take one or both to guard against
this bit of misery. Also, try not to lay down for three hours after eating.

Jazzy jaz says:

I am moody and miserable. 

neonvalkyrie says:

I think your mom is just like my mom. She can’t handle that her girls are
women now, and with that comes relationships and sex. She can’t handle that
at all. But it seems like you got a better relationship with your daughter,
which makes me really happy to see. I wish you best of luck to you and your
little family!

Samantha Witherrite says:

your getting married?? why is it a huge deal that your pregnant? 

Penny Lomfalk says:

your daughters reaction was for sure the best! Hahah. Hope the talk with
your mom went good! (:

twuggygotgame says:

Hey! I just found your channel , I feel likeI’m missing something here. Do
you live at home or something currently? Are you underage? I just am not
grasping why your mom flipped and dad felt like he had to be involved in
the decision…

Lindy de Witte says:

I am so happy for you! I loved you from the start and I always re visit
your videos for entertainment purposes or inspiration!
You are such a beauty inside and out and that little baby is going to have
an amazing mom!
and the reaction of your daughter made me laugh so hard, too cute!

all the best to you and lots of love.

glitterngloss13 says:

That is so exciting!!! I’m glad your parents didn’t ruin this special time
for you. I’m currently going thru IVF in hopes of baby#2. My embryo
transfer should be on the 19th. I hoping it takes because it’s crazy
expensive and this is my one shot. 

arranaga2383 says:

Sounds like your pops is a great guy!! I hope your mum comes around. And
congratulations! ! 

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