PREGNANCY VLOG 1: Special Birthday Announcement!

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honiedip HD says:

Congrats Tiffany!! I’m 18 weeks tomorrow, due Dec 21st. It’s such an
awesome experience so far :) good luck with your pregnancy, and congrats

GirlsLoveYourCurls says:

Congratulations!!! So excited for you. I had my first at around the same
age and was glad I waited too :). Quick tip if you ever crave fizzy drinks.
Some your favorite juice with naturally sparkling mineral water. It has
just enough fizz to curb the craving and it’s good for you. I really don’t
care for soda, but craved it a few times during all 4 of my pregnancies :).
Looking forward to following your journey :). xxx

Life As a Mommy says:

congrats!!! i also am pregnant. only a couple weeks behind you. due early
feb 2015. I’m excited to follow your journey. i am also vlogging my
pregnancy on my channel. 

Raisa Bonano says:

Its funny because i just found out on sunday that im pregnant! and Ive
dreamed about two days consecutive that i was taking a pregnancy test and
the results will come positive, and because of it i took it! But I was
shocked because this is my second pregnancy, I had a miscarriage three
years ago, I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrom) its hard for me to get
pregnant and to keep the baby. so hopefully this time around Ill go all the

Melodee Morita says:

I am so incredibly happy for you, Tiffany!! You are going to be such a
sweet, intelligent, and kind mother :) <33 xoxo

Melissa Garcia says:

Happy belated birthday! Omg! I’m just catching up on my subscriptions
because I’ve been away from YouTube for awhile, but I was so very excited
and surprised to see your pregnancy videos! Congratulations & I wish you a
very healthy pregnancy!

sarah davis says:

congrats tiffany even tho i havent been fallowing the videos im getting
caught up hope your ok and the baby is ok too 😀 

Summertimefairy borias says:

I know that this is so super late but congratulations! I am so happy for
you and your hubby!! Babies are the best! I can relate too your struggle it
took me 9 long years to finally have my son…. my 3rd IVF was a success!

TheMelinda044 says:

So awesome! I always showed super early too. And feeling baby move is the
best feeling in the world. My last baby I felt her moving from the time she
could move. By 13 weeks she was able to kick the Drs hand off my tummy. She
always hated the Doppler for the heart rate. I wish I could of filmed his
face. It was a first for him and OMG did it hurt me. My mom and kids were
in the room when it happened. The dr kept saying “the baby kicked my hand
off at 13 weeks” congrats momma!! 

Alyssia Heileman says:

My mom is due around the same time! That’s awesome! Congrats!

MsAimee86 says:

Gosh it’s like your talking about my pregnancy too :) congrats! I’m 20
weeks today xx

Stephanie Matos says:

Does anyone know how long she tried to conceive??

MakeupByTiffanyD says:
BeautybyCat en Español says:

I have been a follower of you since the beginning and I just found out and
ran to watch this video! I’m so excited and happy for you guys, blessings!

Max Liebling says:

I love your pretty face and your beautiful eyes,
wanna kiss thouse ebticing lips :-)

rezglamour says:

Who’s Waylon? Every time you have mentioned him, I always assumed that was
your child :)

Congratulations, I am excited to see future vlogs.

As for the pop drinks, I used to drink the Diet Crush (Pepsi products)
Grape drink, it’s sweetened with Splenda and doesn’t have caffine. Also one
I used to love but they don’t make it or sell it in Canada anymore was the
diet peach soda made with sucralose and was also caffine free.

I too used to have such irregular cycles, but lately after having my son
(he just turned 3) they were consistent, 4 week cycles. I’m now 4 weeks
late with negative tests. Kind of hoping im pregnant, we are ready for #2 😀

Good luck!

MakeupByBeverlyG says:

How old is Tiffany?

Melanie Williams says:

Happy birthday and I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to watch and go
through your journey with you

Mrs Gingers Beauty Channel says:

Congrats! You look glowing :0) Funny about Bare Minerals – I have a love
hate relationship too but for the opposite reason – I get too much coverage
and it sinks into my lines! x

Loren Keaton says:

CONGRATS! You’ll be a fabulous mom!

shalom4714 says:

Congratulations it’s been a while since I watched your videos,this was a
good surprise… Yayyyyy will love your pregnancy videos cannot wait.

Valerie Serrano says:

Did you ever throw up or have morning sickness?

andrea martinez says:

aw congrats :) your glow is amazing and you can tell your going to be a
great and loving mom god bless you and your family.

Nicole Romero says:

Congratulations!!! So very happy for you guys! My Daughter is 11 weeks with
my first Grand-baby and we’re SO HAPPY!!! 

Samantha Stevens says:

YAY! I had my daughter January 15,2014 

TheSnflwr says:

OMG!!!! When I saw this on my way back from vacation this past Friday I
squealed and said out loud to my hubby “Yay!!Tiff Tiff is pregnant!!!” He
proceeded to ask who that was and when I told him and how long I have been
watching you, he laughed and said ” I thought she was one of your friends
or something, like you have known her forever.” Hahaha, they just don’t
understand that when you watch somebody like you for the last 6 years that
you feel like a friend even if we have never met. I’m so excited for you
Tiffany and hubby!!! Congratulations!!! You will be awesome mom and Happy
Birthday to you too!!!

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