PREGNANCY VLOG 1- My First Trimester

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Each pregnancy is extremely different and I’m sure we all experience different symptoms. This is my personal experience of my first trimester in my first pregnancy.

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izzy27 says:

My mom is 7 months pregnant almost 8 yes its a boy and yea, congratulations
to u , also plz subscribe like comment on my videos thx hye

solelysentials says:

Came across your channel after one of my subbies liked your newest vid.
Congratulations – have started from the very beginning. I have a thing for
pregnancy vlogs (weird?) lol. Just wanted to say hello and good luck xx

Ope Alabi says:

You should have taken a bin everywhere if you were going to be sick

Patricia Bright says:

I’m so late but congratulations, I’m sure you make a great mummy, and
hopefully, any worry you have will be booted away! x

hannah maggs says:

Huge congratulations beautiful, you’ve been so honest, well done for that!
I was exactly the same, I saw a councillor about pre natal depression, it’s
totally normal, people just don’t tell you about it. Thank you for the
shout out, very sweet of you :) I’m so happy for you, I found pregnancy so
tough as you know, but it’s true what everyone says, it’s worth it
completely. You know where I am if you need a preggy chat :) x

Jingleheartart says:

Congratulations!!! :) I know how you feel about the ups and downs. <3 Stay
strong, good luck! xx

Maggie Sophie says:

thank u so much for ur video, i was crying with u. your a lovely girl,
don’t fret about feeling down, look back at all ur videos, this is the
wonderful woman this baby is lucky to have as a mum. stop being so hard on
yourself, it sounds like u have some great woman around u for support.
ur going to be a mum!!! ur bump is beautiful!! don’t apologize for
ur doing everything right, ur doing nothing wrong.
take it from a single girl im so jealous of ur happy journey. As usual im
so looking forward to your videos. 

Carlie faithx says:

this is lovely! so happy for you

StyleSuzi says:

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS! Your baby is going to be beautiful like you =) xx

Katya Pires says:

Thank you honey. Your video has helped me quite a lot. Keep up well

Isabelle Sch says:

OMG! Your pregnant? Congrats! So many people on YT and also my friends are
pregnant :-)

Bhavi Patel says:

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you!! xxx

Izzy x says:

There was a really cute add at the start of this video so I watched it ALL
the way through not knowing what it was for and it turns out to be a durex
condom add, great 

KamilahKam says:

Did u plan to have a child? U seem young is the bf around? Good luck xx

Clare Elise says:

Sparkly Hugs <3 

Marielle says:

It is so nice to hear about it in such an honest way! Keep staying strong!

Alana Paton says:

Congratulations xx we are due baby three in June can’t wait to follow you
xxx lv Alana x 

louise flynn says:

this video is so heartfelt, well done for sharing xx

Hodgeys Dorris says:

Congratulations lovely, I felt exactly the same at the beginning of both my
pregnancies Hun, it’s totally natural. Really hope that you start to enjoy
your pregnancy and don’t let the anxiety get the better of you as pregnancy
goes by in a flash. Big (((hugs)))) pregnancy hormones are weird!!!!!xxxx

Georgia M says:

Congratulations Laura! Just wondered, you say it was a shock – I assume you
weren’t trying for a baby. Just wondered what the circumstances were – did
your contraception fail?
I hope the rest of your pregnancy is lovely for you and that the anxiety
doesn’t come back. It’s horrible at the best of times. Lots of love x

From Lucy With Love says:

Many congratulations! X

Kat R says:

Congrats on your pregnancy! I felt the same when I first found out, it was
a huge surprise for us too and I worried about every little thing. I’m now
a mum to my gorgeous 7 month old son and everything you experience is
totally worth it, even if it seems scary and overwhelming at first :-) x

Ирина Калинкина says:

I am so happy about your pregnancy!
Wish you and your boyfriend the best!!
Congratulation ❤️

Michelle Chai says:

Congratulations Laura, can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy. Your
little one will be every bit as beautiful as you! xx

liza prideaux says:

Aw I felt so emosh watching this, you are not alone and I’m so excited for
you! :)

LuckyLady0808 says:

Congratulations! Amazing news! So happy for you! Looking forward to more
vlogs & hope the next 6 months go by as easily as possible! xx

Annie Marie says:

Congratulatons!! So happy for you :-) you don’t look like your moaning
atall it’s natural and like you said it can be tough! It’ll all be worth it
in the end! Can’t wait to see more videos!! Xxx

Abbie Lou says:

Congratulations! Loved watching your vlog and looking forward to seeing
more! don’t worry you didn’t come across as moaning, it’s nice to see
someone be so honest and show not everything is perfect with pregnancy, as
I think it will make people realise it’s normal if things aren’t as rosy as
they think they should be, I can’t wait to become a mum when it happens :)

rissakai16 says:

I’m so glad that I found your pregnancy vlog! I too am pregnant , however I
am worried sick because my cycle was longer than I thought and will get my
official due date and how far along I am this Monday(1/20/14). I believe
I’m about 6weeks. I understand how worrying and not being able to express
how happy you are. I’m going through this now. I look forward to your
pregnancy vlogs.

Jen JbBoutique says:

Congratulations. Im also expecting my first so exciting xxxx

Sandra Nanteza says:

Hi lovely congratulations to you and your partner. I’m currently on my 3rd
baby and I’m in my 3rd trimester 29weeks yesterday. Your emotions are going
to go up and down its really normal. One minute your happy next your really
sad and you don’t really know why in most cases. But as long as you have
supportive family and friends you have nothing to worry about. It helps
alot to talk to people who have been pregnant before as they do have a
better understanding how you feel. But good luck it does get better. Just
don’t bottle your emotions in. Xx 

lovehollister149 says:

Also, I am a final year student midwife and you would be surprised how many
women feel how you are describing in this video, particularly within the
first half of the pregnancy although for some women it continues until
their baby is here.

Don’t feel like you are alone, almost all women who have been pregnant have
felt this way at some point :) <3 xxx

Belles Boutique says:

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