Pregnancy Vlog #1- 4 weeks

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JiMaria Taylor says:

hi, im three weeks & five days what do you think is the best way to not
stress & be happy abou the situation?

dottidal says:

I am having the same sleeping problem, ugh. I am also thinking it is due to
nerves. Hopefully I can chill out soon!

cerecitahn says:

if only i could hear what u say -.-”

FoodNazi001 says:

omg me too.. I can’t sleep.. I thought that meant it was just my period. I
have nightmares too, but I stay up late and watch tv until I figure I
should sleep. I think it’s nerves too. My boyfriend is trippin balls…

Marieliza says:

So very excited for you!!

beautyathena says:

Congrats!!! :) catching up on your vids. I just started vlogs too. Very
exciting times.

zachsgrl04 says:

Glad I found your channel. :)

love2teach100 says:

Congratulations!!!! I am glad this cycle worked for you! I loved watching
you tell your mom, it was so cute!! I uploaded a few videos on my vlog
about my upcoming IUI, I would love any input or advice that you have1 :)
Thanks! -Stacey

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