Pregnancy Vlog ♥ Weeks 21-22 | Down Syndrome, Early Labor & Ultrasounds

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Sorry I had to split this video up into 2 different parts. I tried to upload it all together, but because of my internet connection it would have taken until tomorrow to get this video up. Doing it this way allowed me to upload half to this channel, & half to my other channel simultaneously.. So I figured it would be better to do it this way rather than making you guys wait since I didn’t get a vlog up last week! I hope you guys don’t mind! Also, I know this vlog wasn’t filled with the most upbeat content. But I just really want to share my experience every step of the way, the good, the bad & the ugly. If anyone else is going through a similar situation.. don’t lose hope! Great things can come from really hard times!! Thank you again to all who have prayed for us & sent positive/healing energy our way. We can’t thank you enough. You all are like a second family to me, & I just want to thank you for always being there to show me love when I need it most!! xoxo



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i mean if we r young and healthy with no family history of abnormalities
then how could be this possible! i m just questioning myself and praying. f
id you go to the high risk doc if not then how did you find out that
everything will be normal? did you had any test? please let me know i m so
worried your reply can be helpful for me thank you.


hi dear i m new to your channel and i saw this vedio then i see your
daughter in the other ve f io and shee looks perfect to me

Wendy Bentley says:

So happy you switched doctors! you dont deserve that girlfriend. I would
have bItch slapped her right quick! 😉 praying that everything else goes
smoothly! You look so gorgeous! xo

june black says:

Could the doctor have autism.

Angie Williams says:

She sounds like she was on drugs……..Everything you have said about how
she was acting, is really weird……
They should have seen you immediately….Not made you wait for hours…..
Honey, I’m sorry you had to go through this….I’m sorry….

Noelle Olivia says:

I’m so sorry to hear the hardships you’ve had to deal with because of your
awful ultrasound tech and doctor. It must have been great to hear from the
specialist that your worries could end. but just the fact that your doctor,
who you trust with the care of your baby and you, made you go through that
is awful. Im glad you switched doctors, stay strong<3

XoxoChengM says:

Best wishes to you ! _<3

ArielsMakeupWorld says:

You should consider calling the BBB (better business bureau)

TBSxFAN says:

that ultrasound tech sounds horrible. they’re not supposed to let you know
anything. I had my anatomy scan two days ago and my little man was down low
but the tech was able to measure him just fine. sorry that you had to deal
with that. that’s horrible. 

cassie s says:

Doctors still continue to be really terrible at handling “abnormal”
pregnancies. Even 7 yrs later this makes me sad that you went through this
kind of crap. I had my son 11/17/07 and the specialist I saw basically told
me that I should have aborted my son based strictly on DS, no other reasons
but that. & yrs later he is so high functioning and for him is at a pretty
good health stand point, granted he got several of the health issues
involved with DS. But it is no reason for people to not give him a chance.
I hope things are going well for you.

Sue Donner says:

I was a premature birth and I weighed 1 lb. I am fine and age 58 yrs. old.
I am glad you changed doctors.

Presley Burns says:

i was born at 23 weeks weighing 1 lb 12oz in 1993 & i survived. im healthy
& currently 21 weeks pregnant., im pretty sure i baby can survive a lot
more likely now then they could when i was born, like they have better
technology now then they did before. but glad that your baby is doing good!
and good thing you got a different doctor. im switching mine cause she lied
to me a number of times. so anything is possible.

Theresa Marie says:

Ultrasound techs aren’t even supposed to tell you anything… They’re
supposed to relay all findings to the doctor and the doctor’s supposed to
talk to you.. glad you changed doctors & notified them about this
lady…she sounds very unprofessional.

laura ibarra says:

my mom had me at 22 weeks. They also said that I would have many
disabilities. I do not and I have two births of two healthy children and
now pregnant with my 3rd.

Glad you shared your story and that you switched drs!

Angela Bella says:

I’m sending you prayers and happy thoughts! my cousin’s girlfriend
delivered their baby 5 months into the pregnancy, the doctors told her the
same stats about how the baby is a high risk pregnancy and there is little
chance of survival but little Jessie is about a year old now! although it
will take a lot of care and appointments have hope xoxo!!

Randi Chavez says:

I am so sorry.. I pray everything turns around.

michele kristine says:

That lady was rude! she shouldn’t have talked you guys like that! 

Kiiiarrra says:

My jaw was literally dropped through most of your video. That doctor sounds
horrible, glad you switched! Sending prayers your way ❤️

ilysarahd says:

I was told the Ultrasound techs are not supposed to say anything except
show you the body parts/organs and the sex. That way they don’t freak
parents out!

Mujer says:

You are so strong and keep the faith and positivity

Angel DeSoto says:

I love you girly and I love these types of videos! Stay strong! Your so

ekeddy17 says:

Was the ultrasound tech on drugs!?

Reina Paloma says:

your makeup is stunning!

Shelby Rose says:

Wow that lady was so rude! You can’t say that to a pregnant woman, I would
be furious! I wish you luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I hope
things go better from here!

Taylor Nicole says:

So happy you switched doctors. I cannot believe you had to go through that!
Praying for you!

amberly aguayo says:

Ultrasound techs aren’t supported to tell you anything. They gather their
info and discus it with the doctor. Even if you ask they are not supposed
to tell you anything. 

ArielsMakeupWorld says:

You should consider calling the BBB (better business bureau)

Beth Verbiar says:

How does she even have a job……let alone for 30 years…….EVER HEAR OF
BEDSIDE MANOR…..SHE’S NOT A DR and even if she was she cannot tell you
she is ‘sure’ that your baby has birth defects without the proper

Audy Arroyo says:

:( love you 

7474jd says:

That so-called “tech” overstepped the boundaries of her job. You usually
hear about them not saying anything and going to get the doctor, which
would be just as horrifying, but at least they don’t mislead you. My
dentist/staff know me pretty well and they just look in my mouth. They
asked us did we want to test for any disorders right after we had done the
20 week US and found out the gender. We were like, nope, doesn’t matter
cause it wouldn’t change anything especially after seeing her on the
screen. Hope you let them have it where other patients could hear so they
would be wary of this treatment. 

Hello, Happy Place says:

Woo! Over the hump! lol I just started a youtube vlog about my pregnancy,
it’s so exciting you should check it out and subscribe!

Felicity Ariana says:

Oh my gosh!!!! That lady is crazy! 

Mad Dash for Nowhere says:

Holy smokes, was the bad doctor *high* or something?! I can’t even believe
she graduated high school, never mind medical school!

beautyl0vin says:

OMG she sounds terrible!!! so glad you switched docs! 

Erzulie Hills says:

Omg I’m so sorry I had a bad experience too you guys didn’t deserve that
wow can I go and slap her for you no consideration my heart goes out to you

Emily Williams says:

18 Years ago, my parents went through the same crap with me. Unprofessional
doctor told my mom that i would have developmental issues and my mom had no
fluid at all and i turned out just fine. All that happened was my skin is
always a little dry since i was born dry. You’ve changed doctors which is
great. Everything will be fine dear :) I’m living proof. Good luck on your
little girl and small lil family. Bless all three of you.

Kait Nichole says:

Pregnancy Vlog ♥ Weeks 21-22 | Down Syndrome, Early Labor & Ultrasounds
Click here for PART 2: PART 2 | Pregnancy Vlog ♥ Weeks 21-22

shesaidwhatnow says:

That doctor your man 

moniiquex0 says:

Love your vlogs! I’m 22 and have a 16 month old with Down syndrome ❤️ don’t
worry about testing it honestly adds more stress. 

Stephanie Fox says:

I am so sorry for what you went through… that is so crazy & glad you
switched doctors!

Laurie Jolicoeur says:

WOW they should not communicate to you like that. I’m sorry you had that
experience. We were also told that my daughter was at a very high risk of
having down syndrome, what an emotional rollercoaster….I can relate. I
really feel like they feel like they have to tell you everything, even the
“possibilities” and really all it does is scare the mom. I will keep you in
my prayers, Kait and I know that you are going to be a fantastic mom, and
that baby is blessed to have you as a mother. Just breathe, and take it one
day at a time. Hugs.

ChristianandWill says:

I just found you tonight and have Subscribed to BOTH of your channels!! All
I have to say is Bless Your Heart!! You should have never had to go threw
all that mess! That is the last thing a pregnant woman needs to worry about
is the thought of losing her child. Im so glad that someone that knew what
they where doing eased your mind and everything is ok with your Baby! I
teared up everytime you did cause I know that had to have been a hard pill
to swallow at the time. I cant even imagine! im 8 weeks now with my second
child and look forward to watching all of your up coming Vlogs =)

Jessenya Tabares says:

That’s how my ultrasound lady is omg I hate her I understand 

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