Pre-Baby Questions + My Pregnancy Reaction Video!!

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Linz and I decided to answer questions about being soon to be parents, how to stay together, and show a never-before seen video of when I found out I was going to become a dad.

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Philly D says:

She makes me smile the stupid way that I hate. <3

Philip DeFranco says:

Hope you enjoy this Vlog! :) And also sorry if you get a man tear or two
when you see the video of Linz telling me shes pregnant :-p

Kotteeen says:

Glad to see a happy internet couple. Really need an internet love story to
be working right now haha :)

demonsorrows says:

You’re a lucky man, Phil.
A lot of us guys would kill to have girlfriend/fiancé/wife that’s down to
Earth and humorous like Linz appears to be.
Best of luck and many happy years for you two and the children you will

P.S. PLEASE teach them to use their brain. Teach them to be logical,
rational, to enjoy learning and researching, and how to think critically.
Not to say you weren’t already planning on doing that.
It would just be great if we reversed our country’s plague of
anti-intellectualism and praise of ignorance as a virtue.
Again, good luck. Hope the little one allows you to sleep =P

vicious274 says:

Would it be weird to start a Baby DeFranco channel chronicling his life?
The Baby DeFranco Show! Too weird? I think it would be awesome! I would
have done it if YouTube was around when my daughter was born.

GreenC says:

I still remember when Phil made a song about his encounter with Lindsay,
and it’s called “my penis on your face”.
thumbs up if you remember it LOL

Jonathan Almeida says:

Linz on #TableTalk ?!?!?!

Keith Brockway says:

Man she wears pregnancy well.

Edtweet says:

what happened to CTFxC wont happen to them, you make it sound like theyre
in the same relationship but their not, different people, different
situations, different lives. 😮 phil and lindsey will be fine :) it sucks
what happened with ctfxc but maybe they can patch things up, point is, just
because one youtuber is haveing a tough time right now, doesnt mean we
should spam other vloggers with the “dont get a divorce” and “stay
together” their lives! they will be fine!

TheChaoticUnicorn says:

I’m sure you’ve heard about Charles and Alli’s soon-to-be divorce. It
really sucks, but I wanted to know what you think about it since you and
him are friends. :/

David Mac says:

Lindsay mentions Cinnamon Toast Crunch and PB sandwich

Me: *pauses video, goes to kitchen and checks cabinets for CTC and PB.
Finds none, hops in car, goes to grocery, picks up 2 boxes of CTC, a jar of
PB, a jar of jam and a loaf of sliced bread. Reach home, makes CTC, PB & J
sandwich and is instantly happy. Plays rest of video*

ParanoidPixel says:

I realize how weird a question this is, but If The Nation as a whole was a
person would you trust said person with your baby?

Could you rate The Nation on a scale from Grandma to alcoholic Uncle who
only shows up to ask for money?

Alberto_Orive says:

Why don’t you get other people host pds like other sourcefed hosts or other
That would be awesome

Abdullah Azzam says:

Come to Malaysia and the eating with hands problem will bother you for
life. We here it with our hands. Bare hands

Joe Knaggs says:

You guys live streaming the birth?

ChemicalxSorrow says:

The iron giant on his shirt !!

G00ExiaRepair says:

He should let Will host the PDS

Joshua Menard says:

They married yet?

georgyorgy2 says:

Geez, she’s been pregnant for like a year now.

TheEIements says:

you guys are awesome

Madelaine Buttini says:

You guys would be the coolest parents. 

Brendan Beckett says:

I think I remember Phil saying one time that Lindsay pranked him with a
fake pregnancy thing and he was pissed about it, several years ago.

D Brooks says:

you guys are awesome love the videos

chris warren says:

Linz needs to be on a table talk

Neybor says:

why not let source fed members take over an episode or two like william to
steal the show 😛 and maybe have em take over for an ep different hosts a
week or something just an idea, wish ya all the best :D

theendofit says:

ewww you put somthing you peed on, on a stuffed bunny.

Stratomacaster says:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch and peanut butter sounds incredibly good. When my
wife was pregnant with our first son, she wouldn’t stop eating cold tomato
soup mixed with tuna fish. OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED… it is
the most disgusting smell EVER. I had to leave the house until she was
finished and she had sprayed Lysol all over the entire house to get the
retched smell out.

You rock on with your Cinnamon Toast Crunch and peanut butter sandwiches!

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