My Wife’s Enchanted Pregnancy (Time Lapse Video)

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Here’s a little project my wife and I worked on over the past year for our baby girl’s arrival.

Directed by Dan Tran
Story/Concept by Dan Tran
DOP/Camera Work – Nam Nguyen
Edited by Dan Tran

I DO NOT own the rights to the music used in this video.

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Karen O & The Kids:


Robert Archey says:

Wow Dan, this was done really well. Bravo!

pandas1193 says:

I cried :) so sweet

sabrina smith says:

I’m currently pregnant and this video is so beautiful it brought me to
tears! I wish you both the best! Congrats!

Victoria Smith says:

Great video, thanks for sharing! Congrats on your beautiful girl. Wishing
her a joyful and healthy life!!!

1501smith says:

sweet beyond words…what a keepsake! 

Marian Misterovich says:

I cried. 

Doppelgangsta says:

Congratulations, she is beautiful! Fantastic video, thanks for posting.

Adam Chaney says:

Very Very cool!

Megan Olesen says:

Omg, this is adorable. 

Rhonda S says:

Wonderful :)

Fawn Simpson says:

so precious!

Allen Rangsis says:

That was very cool!

MrFunClip says:

DannieDork0’s daughter (I’ll be glad if I know your daughter name), you
have a wonderful parents. They have always loved you unconditionally.

SanchezTegan says:

I love this video! Really well thought out editing. Props :)
Congrats by the way. :) :) 

MusicOfMirrors says:

I used some of your footage in my video. I hope you don’t mind. I gave you
credit and everything.

“We say release, and radiance, and roses” by Rainer Maria Rilke –
Illuminated Text Poetry Project

Bea Janelle says:

this is such a lovely idea! Props to you guys and congrats!

Nicole Ramos says:

sooooo cute <3 omg 

soop says:

this is so awesome! Nicely done, Dan!

Errin Mahlady says:

l.o.v.e. it! <3

Angela Downs says:

This is absolutely adorable! You guys are so cute and the baby is just
precious. She will love watching this when she’s older. Thanks for
sharing this!! :)

Nathalie Lim says:

Love everything about this video!

jenmiz39 says:

Hey! My old room :) love L-O-V-E this video!!

SelectiveMemories says:

This is the sweetest thing. Amazing work. That baby is GORGEOUS!

Tom h says:

DannieDork0, where do you get your jeans? I want the same!

Mimi N says:

love it! So adorable!

Quyen Pham says:

GOOD STUFF!!! Keep going with this….

Afortunado HCB says:


Alexis P says:

Very creative! :)

Laurpud says:

OMG that was so sweet!

Uriel Vargas says:

¡Que bonito!

alexandra guzman says:


Eggsn Bakon says:


Cheryl Lundgren says:

Angel face!

Ctrlaltdelicious HD says:

how the fuck did the remote falling press a button

Nam Nguyen says:

Awesome job, Dan! Glad you could finally share this to the world.

eiburdett says:

That was adorable, what a beautiful keepsake for your daughter. Loved it!!

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