My Teenage love story/pregnancy

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Just a little background on me and my husband meeting and becoming soon to be teen parents.
Thanks for watching and have a good day guyz! :)

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Kamya Wilson says:

I know I’m late but congrats!! You will be a great mother! Age doesn’t
determine maturity and ability for anything.

melody oyan says:

she pretty and i liked her hair 

maria bazan says:

That is such a beautiful story and congratulations

Brianna Starnes says:

So touching it made me tear up. This is true love right here. 

good gal says:

its not working on my laptop

Chantal Inga says:

I think this guy can do so much better this girl ma wierd

shelby lucero says:

this is sooo sweet :) I hope you all are doing great! I wish you the best
of everything.

micah brady says:

Your a fucking slut

Gracie Park says:

I typically don’t approve of teenage pregnancies in most cases, but I
really respect that you kept the baby, and that he proposed.

Jasmine Small says:

That’s was beautiful 

Kaykay〈3kitkats says:

They were meant to be/soulmates I wish u guys the best of luck :) <3

Catie Marie says:

How old are you ? Like 18 – 19 ? & your married ? The fuck. My mom was like
” you have to be 26 to get married ” LMAOOO omg. I’m getting married when
I’m 21 , idgaf & I wanna have a kid when I’m 24. 

LaFlakaLocaebe RodriguezMercado says:

~ Awe <3333

Katlyn Adams says:

Aww I was going. To cry

Lyssa W says:


Alivia Kinsman says:

Good luck that was really cute 

Faizan Mahmood says:

You guys a such an inspiration. Congrats!

Ryley Poulsen says:


Jess Addison-Simmons says:

Soal mates <3 

Sam Gill says:

That’s so sweet, like true love! I wish the three of you the best of luck,
and lots of happiness together!

Odelia Hemmings says:

Awww that’s so cute

Cassidy Verde says:

You are going to be a good mother

Kaylee Goyer says:

That’s so cute

Audri Figueroa says:


Josh Malozienc says:

I love this. Beautiful story 

kristy leal says:

I love this video :)

Rachael S says:

I’m happy for you. 

tori erwin says:

This is so beautiful

Kira C says:

How old were you? Sorry if you mentioned it already. 

Alexis Ky says:

That was beautiful! Such a love story❤️

Destiny Kemen says:

so cute, hope yalls baby is doing ok!

Alyssa Williams says:

Awwww this so cute
I love your viedos <3~

Liz w says:

How old are you now and also cool

Le Hong Gia Phuc says:

How old r u?

Brigette Benitez says:

i hope i wasn’t the only one that cried

akirathecblover16 says:

The comments are so irrelevant smh she’s a whore but yet she’s married to
one guy and having a baby with one guy. Maybe they had sex once and got
pregnant. Who cares. Everybody makes being a teen mom such a big deal and
its not that serious. If you’re not taking care if the child, buying the
child the things he/she needs then stfu about it. Being pregnant at a young
age doesn’t make you a whore. Grow the Fuck Up and take seat. Stop watching
shit like this if you’re going to get mad. So igniran

jade curtis says:

That’s so cute :)

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