My Pregnancy Weight Loss Regime Before and After

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Woohoo, its official, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, phew just in time for the summer ;p I will share my journey and lessons learned about how I did it and things that will help you new mums on your way, or even if you just want to loose weight in general. I was 11.5 stone -161lbs I am now 8.3 stone 116.2 lbs. Disclaimer I am not a nutrition expert but this helped me and may also help you, just adapt to suit your own needs.

How did you loose your pregnancy weight? Please share your tips or stories below xx


Dearnatural62 (Youtube, IG, Twitter, FB) says:

Congrats on getting rid of the baby weight, I still think your just
beautiful and the baby is so cute!!!

Rachel Hope says:

wow never realised that fruit without seeds is the bad version- makes sense
though :) thanks!

T Schneill says:

Awesome progress! I have 8 children, my last being twin boys, they turned 8
a few days ago and with each pregnancy my body got a little better, “go
figure” but even in pregnancy I watched what I ate and did moderate
exercise and was able to lose the weight. I also breast fed each of them
and that helped a lot. Thinking about getting my breast done now, lol they
could use a lift…Great Video by the way. 

mcelweewife says:

You look so GOOD!!!
Good for you on getting that weight off quickly!
My son will be 18 months in a few days and I am just now getting serious
about getting FIT! I don’t know what stones are, but I can tell you I weigh
190 lbs right now and hope to get down to 100-115 lbs. I have been doing
Taebo, which has always gotten me in shape quickly! I work out when my son
is eating breakfast and again when he naps. I bought a size 4 cocktail
dress to wear for a company party in January 2015. I wear a size 16 now to
put that in perspective. 

kizzymarlene says:

Thank you for your tips. I would like to lose 30 Lbs and I will definitely
use your tips. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!

mcelweewife says:

I forgot to add I am a night time snacker.
When I put my son to bed it was a free for all!
Now I try to go to bed within 2 hours of putting him to bed. Then I am
still full from dinner and am not battling late night hunger. 

Megan Campbell says:

hey you never put the link in the description bar about the fitness blender
workout videos. can you still please do that I’m really interested in
trying these workouts.
thank you

NaturallyNiani says:

That hair! That color! That smile! She’s back! So happy for you and your
fam! Excited to have you back! Blessings!

Lauren Baker Baker says:

Go Google Ready Set Ripped to learn out how a simple discovery made an
ordinary guy buff.

Nicky Rop says:

ive got a liquidiser but im planning on getting a nutri bullet great for
meal replacement and fills you up and also great to snack on! amazing. Also
have you tryed raspberry ketones or diet ultimo 

san alb says:

Great tips. I also use the straw to drink more/faster. I never knew what
you mentioned about the seeds in fruits. I usually so for the seedless
fruit, but not any more. Thanks for all of the information you’ve shared.

Mercedes Mcpherson says:

Great video congrats on your weight loss. I have been wanting to get back
to how i was before and this was a great video to help

kimmy123924 says:

Yes! Fitness Blender is the bomb!

frederic ouattara says:

congratulation!!!!! you look amazing !!!

Love, Lalli says:

Fab video, thank you Peeks

Nicky Rop says:

u look great peeks , hair looks great

ingred clarke says:

yes i do fitnessblender aswell, love it

blackcougar1959 says:

Best of Blessings to you and your beautiful family Peeks. Congrats on the
post pregnancy weight loss. That baby is GORGEOUS!

Ena King says:

Good for you! You should feel really proud of yourself! It’s been about two
years since my second and I have been struggling. Thank you for the

guyanesechick75 says:

Congrats hun! Great accomplishment! I love Fitness Blender videos too!

ade52286 says:


Brenda Logan says:

Hi Peeks u look AMAZING!!!!!!!

Tamara Jordan says:

You are just delightful!

Reservechic says:

Your body looks awesome! What great progress you achieved! You definitely
should be very proud of yourself!

Suthynia says:

You are right about the cup …. I have one like it ….:0)

jadoremaquillage25 says:

Thank you so much Peeks!!!

Ciera Shanks says:

You look beautiful!!

ncatstate says:

Yes ma’am!! You look great. Well done!

jaellison90ify says:

I love you peeks!!!!!

Juanita Quintanilla says:

You look great!

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