My pregnancy diary(week31!!!!!!!!)

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we are doing okay and they gave me the right dosage of medicine after i told them that i was sitting beside myself looking at myself…….lol. that was how bad it was. philip and i are so glad that you are apart of our journey of parenthood!!!! thank you for watching, have a blessed evening. good night. :o)


dovedarby says:

I’m glad they reduced your dosage! I have a heart murmur too! (not that I’m
excited but that just means we have more in common). A month away I can’t
believe it! I feel like I just started watching your pregnancy journey. You
and Philip are funny….trying to tell the time! Love ya, ttyl!

claudieboni1 says:

She is going to be a beauty!

Anika Cee says:

aww you’re growing so nicely!! I can’t wait for our baby girls to get here

bellie28 says:

wow, your belly looks sooo cute round =) and your bellybutton is soo cute
out too 😉

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