My Pregnancy Diary, Week 11.5 (20 year old mom)

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theCheezeizzlesDNA says:

darth pregno haha jk

agipson08 says:

I’m 20 years old also.. But i’m 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant.. lol I was
gonna tell you, u are due the exact same day my best friend is due. -sorry
to hear about the spotting and cramping… that happend to me my first
pregnancy – sadly it ended in a miscarriage. have they heard a heartbeat or

exohANNE says:

lol 11. 5 weeks is nothing. your baby is the size of my pinky even smaller.
and how would you know about digestive problems, they usually occur in the
second trimester. which is what im in now, 21weeks now :)

liv3les says:

o god i was eating when i saw this

RegularRetards says:

i have a strong feeling she only got fucked cuz she had huge boobs

Gerson Lima says:

OMG ur 20? U look like ur in 30’s lol

shadowthehedgehog181 says:

@kylesgrlxoxo SHUT UP!!!!!

Ak d says:

thats agressive… why so mad?

AcAinslie says:

@44racerangels182 there nice 😛

BxBaNgEr828 says:


mimis122 says:

Wow that’s a bit old to be worrying what your parents will think!! I am 20
and pregnant, and told my parents the same as everyone else :)

MRLildemon says:

..i really dont give a shit….about any of this…

idontcarewhatuthnk says:

Im 19 and pregnant…. ill be 20 when my baby is born im 3 weeks 6 days
right now

PregoGurl2555 says:

Wow… Thats awasome!! Congrats on your Pregnancy………..

nily6 says:

WTF?? ya people are perverted! hey!

liv3les says:

@CarlaYuna lol no i just happen to be eating while loking up random things

cattylikeschips says:

naww your only 11 weeks my sister is 28 weeks and still isnt showing

Viperboy711 says:

they jiggle when she talks lol

crazy4you12345 says:

i was wondering… much were u bleeding during the spotting..and was
the spotting because of the hemorage?

PregoGurl2555 says:

I was scared.. SHITLESS… No i didnt plan the baby… The farther is now
nowhere in sight…. I havent heard or seen him since Deven was 2 months..
He is now 4 almost 5 months…

Catie Kilts says:

@PregoGurl2555 OH MY GOSH!!! You poor thing! I wish it wasn’t so hard!

Valencia Nicole says:

i got a question i thought i was pregnant because i was late by 3day and
then i started bleeding but i was in sooo much pain i cud bearely walk and
i had really bad head aches could i b pregnant still

bugg255 says:

just what the world needs, another inarticulate,undereducated single mother
to support…

Evan Croke says:

you got some huge tits

Dannytsister says:

PULL UP YOUR SHIRT!! You should be wearing a turtle neck! LMAO!

happymum2be says:

this is to all the men and women on here talking sit who r u to say
anything and why r u watching her video stop being an ass and grow up n to
pregoogurl2555 congrad and please dnt let loser tear u down k xoxo vanna

meisveryfunny says:

cover the girls

Emily Blackburn-Kendrick says:

Who’s the father? Heh, heh, lol.

machopi says:

LMAO!!! btw,okay,we have it!The mother of all messy rooms – on youtube!

Insany92 says:

is this for real..

burnXliesX says:

Nice Britney song lol, I love her. :]

emopuppy123456789 says:

@dve8692 lol

darroni123 says:


lovekatarax3 says:

i hate guys they are so rude!

TheLowEndTheory says:

wow how lopsided lol

Jay Money says:

Uwhh, I would kill dem’ tittys .

ThePIBmaster says:

you have big tits

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