My Pregnancy Diary: First entry…..16 weeks!

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Hi all! This is my first pregnancy video diary entry! I am 16 weeks here. Through the course of my pregnancy, I gained about 35 pounds, which put me at about 160 when I was 9 months! I am 5’9 and very slim but at 160 I thought I was huge lol I hope you enjoy my pregnancy journey!

**PLEASE NOTE** that these videos where taken in 2010! I am soo late with uploading them! My daughter is currently 1 years old and is all over the place!!! I love my princess :) More vids to come!


qtepiee88 says:

@pheebabyful Thank you! My daughter is actually 1 now! And 9 years isnt
bad….that way he can be a big help to you with the baby! :)

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