My Pregnancy Diary – Farting/gassing more during p

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Hey Guys! It is me again … OBVIOUSLY :/

Made a video for you to watch OR not! Choice is yours??

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hunnie_bees says:

@ianater900 Ha , Thanks I didnt happen to me during my 9months but didnt
really know the answer, if I am honest. just whoffling on to the webcam as
you do…

lolosmeckos says:

im not pregnant maybe cuz i am a man,but i have a lot of gas does that make
sense? any who i would love to shit on your English muffin thanks

hunnie_bees says:

@lolosmeckos Ermmm…How do I reply to this?Thanks? I guess… :)

Nigelxman says:

You seem very confused in this vid. :-)

hunnie_bees says:

@Nigelxman Has taken me 4 months to answer you but I am very confused
generally lol! Pregnancy added the “baby brain” on top of my misfortune :(

fartboynyc says:

I think its so sexy and hot when women rip juicy farts. So I love that
pregnant women have stinky stinky farts and that they fart more!!!

ianater900 says:

yes you fart more when pregnat lol

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