My Pregnancy Diary – 7 weeks

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mrsmamame says:

Thanks Vina, Time seems to be standing still for me, think im just too
anxious. How are you doing. Made any further plans yet?

lovebirdmaria1989 says:

my goodness im 8 weeks and im happy you feel better since i feel like CRAP
!!! still still tierd still sick still cant sleep and im one cranky person
. and talk about constipation i pretty much have that too …well thanxs so
much for the update .

NDailyExpectation says:

Great update Kay! Beautiful babies bump!

nikkiproverbs31 says:

It does not seem like it’s 7 weeks already!!

supatina79 says:

Wow time is flying! The babies will be here before you know it. God Bless!

mrsmamame says:

Hi Nikki Yeah its 7 weeks, for me the time seems to be standing still. I
just cant wait for 13 weeks, when its supposidly the “save zone”

Dervina Derrick says:

Wow! Time is flying..U r 2 cute, with ur little belly.. Cant wait til ur
next update.. Take care, Vina

mrsmamame says:


K Lyons says:

It is so good you are feeling better. You look great. Rub the babies for
me. I love your tummy! God Bless!

mrsmamame says:

That’s sooo funny LOL. Yeah i feel like i’m going crazy. All the best for
your EC. Take Care!!!!

Amy Hayden says:

I’m happy you are feeling better. you look great

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