My Pregnancy Diary: 35 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot Part 2

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YouTube rejected the length of my video, check out part one at –

Thank you to umrvballgirl for showing the Munchkin Damp Good Bag and Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser in your diaper bag video! :-)

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farab0verubiez says:

@FaithBabyVlogs Thanks, Faith…I LOVE it! Yeah, I really think the
dispenser and bag will completely come in handy. Thanks for the compliments
on the dress and baby bump! :-)

Jazzmyn Desir says:

U are glowing hot Love that bag girl love it.

farab0verubiez says:

@crimehellboy Thanks! I know…crazy!

farab0verubiez says:

@SkyTheSexy Oh wait I think you were talking about the Arm & Hammer Diaper
Dispenser…you can get that off of Amazon, too. :-)

Charmaine Parker says:

Omg, i’ve been looking for that thing to put dirty diapers in! Where did
you get it? You’re really growing btw! :)

j80edwards says:

I love the fact that your diaper bag does not look like a diaper bag. I
will be checking that out.

farab0verubiez says:

@SkyTheSexy I got it off the amazing Amazon (Munckin Damp Goods Bag). The
person I found out about it from, said that they found it in Target.

farab0verubiez says:

@louloumatou Thanks! I remember you mentioning getting the Bugaboo…I see
that Babies R Us carries it, but I don’t think I’ve seen it in person. I’m
going to look it up.

farab0verubiez says:

@Sparklez4u Thanks, even hotter mama! I can’t believe you sneaked off and
had your baby on me! Can’t wait to see him! :-)

farab0verubiez says:

@j80edwards Thanks, girly. I’d definitely look into their brand they have a
great variety.

Loulou Matou says:

nice diaper bag, reminds me of the one modernmama1 has. you look superb in
that dress! very practical stroller. got our new one yesterday (Bugaboo
Donkey, don’t know if you have heard of that, it’s amazing!). hugs xx

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