My Pregnancy Diary: 33 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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PassionDancer44 says:

Almost full term.

farab0verubiez says:

@louloumatou LOL…we both have green poo! What’s the diff between Braxton
Hicks & false labor contractions? What kind of hand cream do you use? I bet
your new Shea Moisture lotions are coming in handy. :-)

farab0verubiez says:

@PassionDancer44 I know right getting there…it’s going by pretty quick!
Our babies will be here before we know it. :-)

Loulou Matou says:

hahaha lol at the green poo! :) same here from drinking green smoothies! i
am having those Braxton Hicks like nobody’s business too, and even some
false labour contractions, painful!! you are almost there hun, soon Trinity
will be here! you know what? i have the same dry skin on my hands too,
especially my thumbs, for about a month too, so now i am keeping hand cream
in my bag! you will soon have everything together!

Loulou Matou says:

@farab0verubiez hahaha at green poo!! i have saved the shea moisture for
now, as i am using a cream by weleda, it’s a baby body cream, and i am
trying to finish the tube as it is too thick for Max (prefer the lotion for
him), it’s very good for my hands though!! :)

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