My Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks [7 Months] Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Getting over a cold so I still sound congested. I discuss pregnancy symptoms, the cold, and I show what I purchased from Carseat Canopy.

Carseat Canopy:


psing22003 says:

Hey Britt! I see you are growing….yaay! Ouch..sorry to hear you’re still
experiencing pain down there. Is it still round ligament? Urinary
Incontinance….YAAAYY!!! you found the correct term for it…awesome! My
urinie leakage is getting a little better…lol. Ooh free…i love deals.
Please tell me the code again, i didn’t quite understand. Is it

Jazzmyn Desir says:

Graet vids hun just subbbed…I am due march 6/7….check out some of my
vids….will be tunned in.

farab0verubiez says:

@qoreecheewa Thanks Shirley! It was one of my regular tops that I can still
squeeze in to. I can’t wait to get the carseat so I can see the whole look.
And I’m feeling (and sounding) much better now…thank you! :-)

Loulou Matou says:

Hi Britt!! gosh i feel you on the vaginal soreness, same same here!! and if
my bladder is even slightly full, then it’s almost unbearable! i am 30
weeks now, and my little Max has chicken pox, so the last few days have
been quite difficult. My sciatica on the other hand is getting better.
sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope you are feeling better now. Oh
hun, i am having that urinary incontinence too lol :) hahaha, the things we
go through!! nearly there!! your tummy has grown a lot!

Loulou Matou says:

@farab0verubiez hiya!! thank you!! no we don’t have a name yet, we keep
going back and forth, and then back some more lol :) Max is feeling much
better, so much so that it is now 8:45pm and he is still talking in his bed
(he’s been in it since 7:15pm). Yep, we are going to be crossing the finish
line soon, yaaayyyy!!! last minute xmas shopping did me in today though, so
early night! take care xxx

Loulou Matou says:

(2) hope you feel better soon, and wishing you a lovely Christmas!!! when
is your baby shower again? take care hun xx

farab0verubiez says:

@psing22003 Hey Mela! I think it’s round ligament pain. Lol…I just came
across the term the other day. And yes, that’s the code.

farab0verubiez says:

@louloumatou (2) I can’t believe we’re almost to the finish line! My tummy
didn’t seem that big to me, but it looked huge once I saw it in the video!
Thank you for your sweet wishes. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! My
baby shower is on January 21…I feel so unprepared!

farab0verubiez says:

@louloumatou Getting on up there? Have you and your hubby decided on a name
yet? How’s Max feeling…I hope he gets well soon! I had chicken pox for 2
weeks when I was kid and my pediatrician told my grandma it was the second
worst case he had seen. So I know how miserable it can be. :-( Glad to hear
that your sciatica has gotten better, I hear it can be quite painful. Yes,
the things we go through! I’m going to come out with a book called “What
They Didn’t Tell You to Expect”

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