My Pregnancy @ 39 Weeks + Belly Shot

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Close It’s week 39 and Mama could go at any time! The baby has dropped, my energy is good, and I’m ready to do this thing!

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Genevieve ,


Life With Jeremy! says:

Thank you for these videos. I am due Nov. 11. Veterans Day!!!

Brandi Hudman says:

I love that you did these. I am due on Thanksgiving this year and I love
being able to watch your updates, as I go along. I love your channel <3

Elizabeth Alicia says:

I’m due 25th nov this year :)

roxana Carolina Cocina says:

Wow you posted this video on Nov 21 and had the baby the next day ? On Nov.
22 !!!!! amazing 39 weeks and a day !!!! 

kimmy phan says:


Mary Scott says:

Baby Natural is here! She was born on November 22 and she is 8lbs, 3oz, 20″
long. Any guesses on the name? I think they’ll choose another G name to
match Genevieve and Griffin, so I’m guessing Guinevere, Gwyneth or

kara burke says:

Omg I can’t believe your having baby soon! Ahh you could be in labor right
now! I hope it’s south sailing for you! :-) :-)

HannahLouisexo32 says:

Anyone else see the Facebook update!? Baby arrived! Congratulations!

J morine says:

I was due the same day as you and had her last night 😉 wonderful to see
your update 

Sarah Smith says:

Congratulations on the birth! 

gabrielle wells says:

God is AWESOME with life surprises and journey good luck !!!

natalieico says:

Congratulations!! Little Paloma is beautiful!!

ObbsandLala says:

I can’t believe you’re 39 weeks already Genevieve!! It’s gone by so fast

HomeTumbler says:

Prayed for you and I have a feeling it’s this Week XOXOXO from Florida ❤

AmandaMuse says:

Sending big love your way! Can’t wait to see your sweet girl xo

jennifer Ramcharit says:

Happy Birthday to your husband

Ariel Harmony says:

watching this makes me so happy. congrats on your new babe

Connie Tovar says:

I loved this video, your so awesome. God Bless you always.

Laura Pav says:

Congrats Mama Natural!! Shes beautiful! 8lb 3oz!! Welcome Paloma Skye!!
22nd November 2013!

Mary says:

thank you Genevieve, my birthday is so not the first day of November.
That’s cool. ha its ok, you didnt know

Sydney von Rigel says:

Aww! I had to pause at the beginning to answer the phone, and I paused
right while you were saying this may be the last pregnancy vlog ever, and
you look so sad saying that! :( Have more kids! :D

Diana C says:

hope you have a smooth labor! God bless that baby. are you doing cord blood

Rebecca Ramirez says:

My baby boy was due November 17th but no show. I’m 4 days over due and I’m
not even dilated. My father passed away on the 25th of November in 07, so
it would be kind of renewed love for this month if he were born on that
day. That way thanksgiving wont be so sad for us 

Jeannette Scheppler says:

This vlog made me emotional. I have a 3 and 1 year old born in November
too. I wish you the best and will pray for you and your family. 

Rachal Y says:

I hope your labor and delivery goes well! :)
If you need ideas for youtube videos after baby girl is born, I would love
to hear about your hair care routine and how to care for hair as a
mom…your is so shiny and healthy looking! :)
God bless you!!

frowniebrown86 says:

aww I’m a November 15th baby so I’ve always loved November! but I know what
you mean, I never really like Feburary/March…until now :D

Padma Gopinath says:

Will pray a for your safe delivery :)

megangrace1405 says:

Congratulations to you both and happy belated birthday papa natural :) 

jamieandkurodo vlogs says:

I can’t believe she’s almost here! Yey!

Priscilla K says:

Almost time!!!! What a beautiful thing that’s about to happen! Can’t wait
to see her! And to know her name…

fuzzypeach5 says:

her facebook just updated that she is early labor guys!

Dorian Parpari says:


Vivi Carrasco says:

Happy bday papa! Praying for you momma!

michelle worden says:

Happy Birthday Mike! I hope everything goes well and you are holding your
baby in your arms in not time. God Bless you and your family during this
exciting time in your lives.

Ashley Downs says:

Happy Birthday to little baby natural :) Hope you have a wonderful and
easier birth with this little bundle of joy. God Bless!

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