My Obese Pregnancy and Delivery

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This is what I’ve been doing for the past nine months! I am back to lose the baby weight and will start doing monthly update vlogs. I hope to film some recipes and baby updates as well.

Rafael was born November 14th, 2012 weighing 7.9 pounds in Eilat, Israel at Joseftal hospital. I had to have a c-section so his birth was planned. Around the 5th month of pregnancy, I developed a pregnancy complication called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) – I spelled it wrong in the video. This made it incredibly painful to walk and impossible for me to lift my legs at all. Needless to say, I didn’t exercise or move very much for the last 4-5 months of pregnancy. Now that I have had the baby, the pain is gone, but my muscles are extremely weakened around the pelvis (hip flexors and thighs), and the front of my pelvic bone “pops” when I get out of bed sometimes. I have to start walking and working out to gain strength there again.

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Stephanie Phillips says:

I decided to make a similar video I am obese and pregnant this is my 2nd
child too and yet I get cruel hateful comments saying I am setting my child
up for embarrassment because I show my daughter in the video and I am
disgusting… youtube is such a cruel place for haters hope your having
better luck

boxernatty88 says:

Shouldn’t care what others say its your life and we only get one so live it
the way you want as long as your happy!!

Milica Krstic says:

Whenever I get scared of getting pregnant with a lot of weight on, I watch
this and I just stand there in awe. You did so good, both you and your
husband with all the efforts, I was watching the videos about water
fasting, that was just amazing what you did there! I remember it was this
video I saw when I found your channel couple of months ago, when I thought
I was pregnant, and it really helped me and inspired me, then you started
to inspire me on other levels – with the weight loss, now I lost around
44lbs in total since June and I feel better than ever, and your videos have
to do a lot with my success! I do have a question, how was your c section
going there, and how was your recovery? I heard horrid stories from mothers
who gave birth that way, and they are not even overweight, so I am so
scared if I would have to have one, and I have a lot of fat on my lower
belly, just how I am built, I have nothing on my legs, or boobs, bum, just
mostly belly… :( I am so scared of that, and especially how it can harm
me and the baby! 

angela ashley says:

Cute family…. very cute hubby lol

Bethany Drivas says:

I was 40 pounds overweight with my last pregnancy and I suffered from SPD.
It was a nightmare! Putting on pants, getting into a car. And since noone
heard of it, they just thought I was being a whiny pregnant woman. It got
better after delivery but somewhere between my 2 pregnancies I my pelvis
went crooked and I have problems with my pelvis going “off” every couple
months and the chiropractor has to straighten it.

floresita benitez says:

This video made feel lil better i am also pregnsnt 33 weeks nd over weight
im almist 260 pounds nd im 5’1 im very scare tho.. do bigger women tend to
have c sections or have u heard of any big women giving birth naturally

CeeCee Condon says:

ooooh i am on a juice fast for the first time and i just discovering you
gave birth 2 days after my son was born … i was also in a foreign country
but obese and sick was my pregnancy … pre eclampsia almost killed us but
we are here ! you been strong ! thank you for your wonderful advices i am
goin to watch all of them 

imfreetobeme8 says:

warning Obese stomach…lol every pregnant woman has a huge belly…that
was cute

aenflex says:

I hope that for the sake of you and your child that you learn to live a
more healthy lifestyle. Best of luck. 

Maurisa Paul says:

I have been searching sooo long for a video that I can relate too…I am
heavy set as well and expecting… and I’m so nervous of what I would look
like during delivery and giving birth… even though I didnt see the full
procedure just watching your video is a true inspiration!!! thank you for

Tiffany Treaster says:

AWWWW! I just found this video. Looks like you had a tough pregnancy:(
You look so bummed in the beginning. It was awesome to see Rafael as a
newborn though, and Hadar as a new dad. Brought tears to my eyes:) You
are so brave to post this, Andrea. Btw, It was so weird seeing you with
brown hair! Not bad, just different:) 

Marge S says:

I weighed more I weighed 8 lbs 11 oz
X cries X

a pitt says:

Thanks for posting!!!!

Stephanie Carbajal says:

You really made my day also!! This video gave me a positive look on my
pregnancy im 26 weeks pregnant and overweight also its alil scary and
depressing: ( but this video gave me inspiration thank you! 

Claudia B says:

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching this video. 

Virgo090183 says:

Awwwwwhhhhhh you were adorable pregnant!

Adria Thebold says:

Thankyou for sharing, you look like a lovely couple, Congratulations xx

BLISSFULmommy13 says:

Awww thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate it n diabetes
runs in my family n it is why it scares me but well have to wait n see
until they test me :/

BLISSFULmommy13 says:

Wow you have inspired me! When I was pregnant with my first I was 180lb and
gained 30 lb and never lost them! Lol now I am 11 weeks pregnant with num 2
and worry about my weight and if I’ll get diabetes :/ btw you baby came out
sooo adorable makes me want a boy!!

Amanda Shappy says:

How many weeks were you when you got your c-section and also how long did
you have to stay in rhe hospital?

David Stewart says:

Well… It’s a boy!!

BLISSFULmommy13 says:

Wow you gave me confidence just now lol wgen i had my first i was 180lb
starting then gained 30lb n didnt loose it!! Now i am ptegnant with number
#2 n worry bout my weight n if i will get diabetes 

SonicStantz says:

Beautiful and a mom on top of that. Awesome :)

Matt Lavinger says:
Heather Ortega says:

Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve gotten really worried because I’m
28 weeks pregnant and almost 340lbs and I couldn’t find anyone else who was
like me. And also thank you for showing your belly!!!! It almost looks like
mine! You’re more rounded out though, I’m hoping my belly will do the same
as I get farther along.

Monique hernandez says:

I never wanted to remember the number lol .

Louise Hall says:

i want to thank you so much for shearing your story, i wish there was more
people like you. i weight 205lbs and a little worried i could be pregnant
with my first. im not worried of being pregnant its just being pregnat at
this size. In the UK its bad to be big and i would hate myself if i am i
something would happen to me or the baby. your video has shown me hope and
happiness that if i am pregnant everything will be okay as long as i stay
healthy and the baby so thank you again and congratz on a little handsome

LivingwPCOS says:

I an 23 weeks pregnant today. I list 70 lbs before I found out I was
pregnant. I list 17 lbS after I found out I was pregnant and I have gained
10 lbs back. I am now at 224.9 and it scares me to be gaining weight again!

Paige Polina says:

Dang big baby 

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