My Miscarriage Story + Pregnancy Announcement

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-Week 21 Pregnancy + Babymoon VLOG-
– Week 24 + Gender Reveal VLOG-
-See my first ever pregnancy shoot with Allen and read more about our story here:

So excited that I finally get to share the big news with you. It’s been SOOOOOO hard trying to keep this from you guys, but I wanted to tell you at the right moment. Also thank you for allowing me to share my story with you, and I hope thru my tears & pain I was able to encourage other women out there that are suffering privately …you are not alone! We each have our own story, and I encourage you to share your story in the comments below…you never know who you might touch. :)

As Allen and I embark on this new journey of parenthood we can use as much help we can get, so feel free to leave any tips & advice you may have. We are so excited and nervous at the same time….but above all is we feel BLESSED!

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Zee Avila Rivera says:

Oh hun congrats you look so beautiful! If only you knew my struggle. I got
married a couple of days before you, we have Been trying n trying n still
no baby. I feel like a failure at times, it’s the worst feeling in the
world. I understand you. Yet your time came n I’m so very happy for u. May
God bless you n ur fam. Take care. 

Irina Cia says:

i knew it! i am so happy for you! you’ll be the coolest mom and your kid
will be very fashionable can’t wait!

Constanza M. Sant says:

OMG!!! You’ve made me cry!! My mom went throught this too twice and she
always says “Nature is wise and there´s a reason why she does it”, and like
you said, maybe you weren’t ready that time, but now you are and feel happy
and full of joy in this amazing jorney and above all, feel blessed for this
precious gift. You’re gonna be an amazing mother <3

Susan Knuppe says:

Oh Sweet Chriselle, you are glowingly beautiful and I know you and your
husband will be great parents. I too miscarried many years ago, I too felt
like I “caused” it somehow. It did take many months to feel joy again.
God has used this in my life and I know He will use it in yours as well.
Thank you for sharing this part of your life, may God’s love and
protection continue to surround you, your husband, and your precious baby!
Children are a “gift from the Lord”!

Jasmine Bae says:

Hi chriselle!! First off, congratulations!!!! I always watch your videos
and I always thought you were so fashionable yet an extremely strong woman
and you inspire me so much as I am doing fashion on youtube and all that as
well. I’m glad you were able to pull through that difficult part in your
life and thank you for sharing! I wish the best for you and your family and
can’t wait to see your baby~~~ <3

Hly Vang says:

This brought tears to my eyes. I’m so excited for you!!! And thank you for
sharing this journey with us. Many of us can relate and will appreciate all
of the tips and experiences that you may have :)

TheBeautyBlossoms says:

Dear Chriselle,

Congrats! I’m so happy for you! The story made me very sad. You are such a
strong woman and i’m so proud of you! Take care of yourself and the little
one. Enjoy this special time in your life. I wish you and the hubby the
best, you guys will be great parents! Can’t wait to meet the little one! :)
greetings from the Netherlands!

Maryam Bukhari says:

I’ve always seen you as a strong, confident woman. Ever since I found you.
From Fawn till today onwards. You have been so inspirational, someone would
ask me name me one chic, confident yet classy woman and it’d be you. In
these years, I’d have a date? Don’t worry Chriselles got me covered. New
jeans video with Michelle (sorry if that wasnt you, but it was a heck of a
long time ago and I cant even remember what I ate yesterday:( memory sucks)
but I would incorporate your tips. When you said you were pregnant I had
tears in my eyes, and was overwhelmed with happiness and regret for the
miscarriage. Okay so I’m only 15, so I have no idea about what it’s like to
have a miscarriage, be pregnant or even married for that matter but I do
know one thing. Your babys going to LOVE you. Like seriously love you, I
wish for you to be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby (or babies if
we’re lucky and get twins^-^). I want you to know that you have touched
people’s lives in so many ways, and I can tell you today my confidence is
blooming. Because of you Chriselle. Beauty gurus can give me happiness,
beauty but you? You gave me and so many women a role model and the gift of
confidence. Now watch God bless you with a lot more in return.
Ps would love to see how to stay classy in pregnancy, loads of maternity
outfits and a lot more 😉 

Stella Liew says:

Congrats Chriselle. I’m happy for you and your soon to be family. Take
things easy and remember to breath. Embrace each day with your pregnancy .
God will see you through. 

Patricia Bright says:

AWWW congratulations to you and your husband this is an amazing blessing.
Wishing you the best, you are about to have an even more beautiful family x

mariaangelyn says:

Congratulations! You look gorgeous- enjoy this beautiful time with your
baby inside next to your heart. You’ll miss it when he/she’s out. Thank you
for sharing- it was very brave. Blessings.

Modaissue says:

Congrats!!!! Being a mom is the best feeling the hardest job bit worth it.
I am 23 weeks pregnant and i having another little girl. I already have a 5
year old and she is as excited as her dad and i are. Be strong and take
care of yourself and be positive during your whole pregnancy. Your baby
feels what you feel and from the very beginingg they already feel the love.
I wish you nothing but the best. Being a parent is a gift and you will love
it!!!!! Good lucl

Areum Han says:

Hi Chriselle,

I’ve been a subscriber to your channel and I reader of your blog for a few
years now. I’ve never really paid attention to your videos though, because
I thought you were too perfect and I found it hard to relate myself to you.
I don’t have a lot of money, I cannot afford the clothes you wear nor your
expensive bags, but I still wanted to follow you, and to dream that one day
I will be successful like you.

Through this video, I’ve realized that even though many people hide their
struggles, nobody’s life is perfect. I just wanted to thank you for sharing
this. I am 17 years old, I haven’t had a miscarriage, I haven’t been
pregnant, but through this video, you made me realize that I don’t have to
relate to your story in order to feel your emotions. I am sitting here
crying, writing to you. I am extremely happy for you, you are such a
beautiful human being, both inside and out. I sincerely wish you, Allen,
and the little baby growing inside you all the happiness in the world. 

Rrita L. says:

Congratulations Chriselle! So happy for you :) such a wonderful
announcement, you’ve been through a lot!

WinnieMinh says:

My mother had a miscarriage before she gave birth to my older sister and
another one before she was pregnant with me. I’m glad you got a second
chance to have a child. Miscarriage or no, my mother is what I believe to
be one of the best mothers in the world and she now has four children.

SheilaMQ1 says:

I totally understand what u went thru. For my first pregnancy, my husband
and I had been trying for a while n after months of trying I finally got
pregnant. A few months after I started having really odd spotting. I went
to the hospital n I was told I had a miscarriage. Its honestly the worst
feeling in the world because as a woman, you feel it to have been ur fault.
What did u do to cause that. But everything happens for a reason!!! Now we
have a 2 year old and hes made us sooo happy. Congrats on ur new
journey…its ok to be scared n nervous of it happening again..I was up
until I gave birth, but just know you’ll be even more grateful for a
healthy baby! 

Claudia's Universe says:

My grandma is 83 years old, and she had a miscarriage when she was in her
twenties. She still remembers it (she has dementia) and cries about it to
this day when she talks about it. Love you Chriselle :) Stay strong!

sammymantha says:

Congratulations! That baby will be so fashionable! 

karatepop says:

Congratulations! I just had my first in May and it’s amazing. It’s so hard
to decide when to share, if to share, with whom to share. The Birth
Partner by Penny Simkin was a really helpful, informative resource for my
husband (and myself) if you’re looking for a good breakdown of the whole
process and some massage techniques (so. helpful.). Congratulations again
on your lovely, growing family!

Asigedge says:

The feelings are so familiar. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks about 6 years
ago and it has completely deterred me from wanting to get pregnant again.
The fear is always present. I wish you the safest pregnancy as well as
delivery. I know it’s hard not to think of the past pregnancy but think
happy thoughts. Think about how the first kick will feel, or the first time
you get to look into your baby’s’ eyes and tell him or her “hi, I’m your
mother”. Ahhhhh I’m so excited for you!!!

chipsandfashion says:

Congratulations Chriselle! I am so incredibly thrilled to hear about this,
you are going to be such a wonderful mother! Best of luck on your pregnancy
journey, and wishing you and your husband all the happiness and love in the
world : ) xx

Diahann M says:

Thank you for sharing a bit of your personal life with us. Congratulations
on you the next stage of your life.

PaintWithGlitter says:

Such a powerful video. These are the types of YouTubers that I subscribe
to. Congrats on your pregnancy ! xoxo

felidae felix says:

i am not a subsciber and i thought that im not fond of you, i always found
you a bit arrogant an too much ambitious. But very first time, you touched
my heart. Some things not always related with success or failure..
miscarriage not even related with failure.. this is just life.. we should
embrace it as it comes.. i wish you and your baby all the best ..

Jewel Ng says:

U most likely suffered a miscarriage because u control too much of your
diet…. I strongly encourage u to eat more for a healthy and cubby
baby!!!! Congrats !

4n4g4br1 says:

Congratulations Chriselle! I Love the way you announced the good news
through Instagram, it was brilliant!

Gabriella Contini says:

Generally when something like that happens, is because maybe we just need
to be in a different place mentally, I know exactly how you felt and my
heart hurts with yours… But also I’m so happy for you! Treasure this
time, and this chance to fulfill this amazing dream! Sending you all my
love and best wishes.

catiecat25 says:

I’m really happy for you… you always look so strong and so put together;
I never thought you were going through so much pain… it’s good to share,
you are beautiful and incredibly talented no matter how you look or how
much you weight… I’m glad you are learning to let go of those things…
as they say: life is what happens while you are making plans…
congratulations on your baby; God bless you and your family…

Clarie Chua says:

Congratulations to you and Allen on embarking a new journey together! The
both of you are gonna be great parents~ I am so excited and happy for you
when I saw the announcement over your instagram & blog. <3 

Violet Kh says:

Im sorry to hear about your miscarriage and may God Bless you, your Family
and your kind heart with much more blessings! You deserve it! Stay strong
and congrats on your pregnancy! 

Ellen Kim says:

You’re such a strong, beautiful and inspirational woman Chriselle! I’ll
pray for your health and your baby :) 

yunyunyogurt says:

Thank you for sharing your story Chriselle. I’m such a fan and I became so
emotional with the outpour of feelings you shared in this video.
Congratulations on your Pregnancy. 

browncowjew says:

I cried with you. God bless you. 

zhangsta soohoo says:

im 5 months pregnant. thanks for sharing your story so vulnerably! i’m
excited to share the journey with you! :) 

FancyBarnacles says:

Congrats Chriselle! You are such an inspiration to all and I wish you the
very best and good health 

Trina Poon says:

I only just experienced a miscarriage and am about ready to start trying
again. I’ve been very honest about it and letting people know, should the
question “so when’s it your turn?” pop up. Thank you for speaking up about
it… All the best and lots of love to you and Chloe xx

LBOOGIE22 says:

You have a Beautiful Soul..Congratulations! !!

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