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Summer Violet was born at home in Roebling, NJ, in her Great Great Grandmother’s Bed on her Great Grandmother’s 100th Birthday.

This video starts on New Year’s Day, nearly 3 months before her birth…

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” ‪


Ashley Gould says:

This was absolutely beautiful! I am pregnant with my second and have been
debating a home birth for as long as I can remember and your video has
really helped sway me to an at home birth. :) Thank you for sharing!

Maya Raven says:

That was cute :) and creative 

V Loves Stationery, Natural Living, Homeschooling, & Thrifting says:

*tear* absolutely beautiful footage. I love the vintage feel of it! you
have such a beautiful family. thank you for sharing this with the world.

Stephanie Nelson says:

I LOVE your video! Would you mind sharing the name of the music you used in
it? I see it’s by Kevin Macleod? But do you know the name of the song?
Specifically the first song. Thank you so much!

amaddox85 says:

@genghisgirl thats an awesome memory and something she can take with her
forever! My Doc induced me. I think I def could have waited a couple more
days. But, was still a joy to finally meet him! I was huge too… oh wait
still am! hahaha i tell everyone at work im still expecting. lol

Joan Peterson says:

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Your baby
is a beautiful healthy little precious one.

liza yager says:

4:54 my mom does that and also AHHHHHH thats SOOOOOOO cute I mean the baby
is SOOOOOOO cute :)

Rebekah Borucki says:

@ursmama Theeeenks xoxo

naughtcitygurl29 says:

How can 40 people dislike this video. This is a touching video. I wish
y’all the best

DaniVideoDiary says:

This is adorable! Bravo to you, such a beautiful baby, and very cute video
too ^_^

Cristina Melendrez A says:

This is so beautiful made me tear up <3

kutekiwii says:

Happy birthday to US!!

flaqua101 says:

Love it:)

jcloverx says:

this is the cutest thing ever!!!

Rebekah Borucki says:

@emma060809 Than you! xo

Rebekah Borucki says:

@litlynvistal1 :( at least you have your little baby in the end… that’s
what really matters. that loves last forever. xo

VampireGirl403 says:

this is the best video i’ve ever seen on youtube ! congratulations 😀 !
your daughter was born just 2 days after my birthday (25th March) :) though
i’m going to be 18, but when i’ll have a baby i’ll put a video here :) To
have a baby must be the most beautiful thing in the whole world!
Congratulations :) Best wishes for your family. Greeting from Portugal :)

shae beck says:


PuFictionZ says:

Cute cute cute !!! :)

mirjam.magdalena says:

what a super cute vid! just found you via blogilates and love your vids!
your family is just adorable :)

Aditya Gracey says:

lovely video

kiransomwanshi20 says:

Love it….

Katelyn Wednesday says:

This is just the most beautiful video. Brought me to tears.

Rebekah Borucki says:

@amaddox85 I would have given anything to go earlier! I was huge!! But it
was special that she was born on her great-grandmother’s 100th bday, so
it’s all good :)

Brittany Watts says:

I absolutely love this video!! She is beautiful!:)

Rebekah Borucki says:

Thank you! xo

SasuSaku NaruHina says:

I Love her name Summer Violet. If i am to have a Girl her name would Poppi
Mae. I Love the name Poppi and Mae is my Younger Sisters name.

Emily S says:

5:31 the baby is like “what is this realm?” I love babies. so cute.

GossipGirlLovely says:

After the birth she really looks like herself in mommys belly

ProFoodAddict says:

Great video! Was this done soley using the Super 8 app? I’m guessing the
music was inserted with iMovie?

Ashley Abboud says:


ursula manaf says:

i adore this video ❤.. its magical.. u guyz rool.

IvoryPines says:

Oh my she’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. The video was
very pretty. :)

regnig87 says:

@genghisgirl Thanks for not making me read all the comments. 😀

silversuzuki says:

Beautiful video! Brought tears to my eyes. :)

generrix says:

you guys seem so nice. i wish you were my friends.

shoroog1ify says:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful vedio I am pregnant also And i just 18
old years It is difficult

SimplyyLaura says:

awww so son what born March 28 2011 :-)

Rebekah Borucki says:

@carlyaussie1977 Thank you so much… I’m so glad we got to capture it all.

Vic7884 says:

This video made me cry tears of love and joy. I am brought back to my long
30-hour labor at home with my son, it ultimately led to a hospital birth
but still had the most beautiful outcome. There is nothing more amazing
that holding your child for the first time. Your video was lovely, as are
you and your family. Namaste.

queen A says:

Aawwh how cute this little Girl is *___*

Leslie Ruiz says:

amazing made me cry im 17 weeks pregannt w/ my second and thinking omg i
have to start a video collage of everything….. i have to make one of
these lol beautiful!!

tmbpandazrox14 says:

I teared up:”)

Arantxa N says:

I’m crying too!!!

Boqueteiro Basstard says:

How old are you?

Laura Berigan says:

March 27th is my sisters and moms birthday!!

pimlada4498 says:

loved the vid. you guys are gonna be great parents 😀

Rocking Dayo says:

Cool app. Android version is: “Vintage 8mm Video Camera”

TabataFreak says:

2 years later and I’m still watching this now and then :) Broody much
maybe? :(

Rebekah Borucki says:

@IvoryPines Thank you for watching! xo

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