My Early Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Hey Everyone!!! Thought I would post my early signs of pregnancy & hope it helps someone out! One thing that I forgot to mention is that I drink crap loads of water and then pee tons…around three weeks I randomly stated peeing on four times a day where I usually go about 8 and my pee was dark! Usually its really clear!

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My Early Signs & Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Ariel Estrada says:

Hey so I’m late on my period & I’m never late on it and I’ve had cramps
everyday and headaches all day also feel like throwing up but then it goes
My period was suppose to come on october 15 2014 but nothing can anybody
tell me if they expierenced any of my symptoms ?

Hebrew Honey says:

My boyfriend and I had sex about 3 weeks ago (he came inside of me) and my
period is pretty late, like a week late. I’m bloated and I’m overeating,
its like I can’t stop. Also my nipples are sore, I’m urinating a lot as
well. I also feel very tired, and I’m cramping but experiencing no blood.
I’m still waiting for my period to come on. What do you think is going on
with me?

Angie Petricka says:

on the week of my birthday me and my fiance had sex and now My period is
light and no cramping. and I’ve had a head ache all day. I’ve read online
that that an happen but it’s also a possibility of pregnancy. I’m kinda of
scared because I’m 18 and on my last year of school… got any tips for a
maybe mom? 

Sim D says:

“Sore boobness” lol :)

Kyla Johnson says:

okay so last week me and my boyfriend had sex 4 times one day before
ovulation and he had protection but then he took it off , when he went to
pull out only a little came out we don’t know if he nutted in me or nut but
ever since then Ive been worried that im pregnant , i kinda hope i am but
isn’t it to early to get symptoms its only been 9 days Ive been bloating
dizzy one day and light headed and keep having back pain and cramps , i
would eat and then get full quick my belly feels heavy . my symptoms are on
and off . im scared that there just from stress which i hope not please
help me i should get my period next Friday .

Claribel Cruz says:

Also be careful with foods you eat and are allergic to because that’s also
a way of your baby telling you that heshe is allergic to. I was never
allergic to mangos, loved eating them. Once I got pregnant, I became
allergic. When my son was 2 yrs old I gave him some mango and he was
allergic too.

Chrystal Watson says:

my son is 8 months now and girl I remember the symptoms. lol and yes them
sort boobs last for me for 3 months ugh. but so glad to here about your
pregnancy. it is a great great thing. enjoy it. it goes so quick and they
grow even faster.

Freddie Robinson says:

Good One! Mango’s & banana’s smell terrible so I have been avoiding them :)

Chrystal Watson says:

sore* (not sort)

Freddie Robinson says:

Thanks! I will be doing a first trimester update soon 😉

Claribel Cruz says:

All these symtoms your having are just ways of your baby telling you that
they are not comfortable with what you are doing. So listen to your body
and take into consideration that maybe the baby doesn’t like to do what you
would normaly like to do.

Claribel Cruz says:

P.S. Love watching your videos.

Freddie Robinson says:

Sore boobs are a real doozie. AWWW your son is just a baby still! Thanks
for your kind wishes :)

Freddie Robinson says:

They do grow so fast!!! My sister had a baby & she is already 1 1/2! LOL
good to know my symptoms might only last 6 more weeks :) I do try and enjoy
it but usually just kinda feel rundown after work and end up laying on the
couch for two hours like a zombie;) Thanks for watching!

Freddie Robinson says:

Awww you are so sweet! Thanks for watching!

Chrystal Watson says:

oh and I was so blessed to not have any real symptoms through pregnancy but
the sore boobs. with both my babies. daughter is 9 years old now and son is
8 months. again hope your pregnancy goes very well. (sorry commented the
first time before video was over and then had to comment on the ending lol)

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