My 16 Week Pregnancy vlog+belly shot

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Latina Grant says:

its her second baby so that’s why she is bigger. took me 6 almost seven
months to show with my first.

Lovely Williams says:

That dizziness happened to me one morning when I was doing my hair I didn’t
known what was going on. I felt really bad 

Antoinette Baker says:

I’m 16 weeks weeks and 4 days and my belly is the same size as yours.
People are always like omg are you only 4 months. This makes me feel better

Anna-liese Simpson says:

Wow I’m 16 weeks my belly is noticeable but not that bit and it hasn’t
hardened yet :( 

John Walker says:

You are beautiful. Will you marry me?

makeupbybran says:

I had to cut some parts out, me saying the same things over n over again

Samgi Delgado says:

u are adorable lol congrats luv im a new subscribe just started making
videos too if u wanna subscribe. thanks

makeupbybran says:

nice guess love

makeupbybran says:

thanks love and will do

nelsonerika says:

just guessing but I think it’s a boy :-)

mk3334 says:

Why do parts of your vids cut and start into each other. ?

makeupbybran says:

thanks love

TheBells PlusOne says:

Awww you’re too cute! I’m 36 weeks :) check out my vlogs on my channel
also. New subbie 😉 congrats

ashhenabbyaha says:

AWWW your belly is so cute. Take care and keep us updated. :)

loverofallthingsbeautiful says:

awww your baby bump is too cute and you’re glowing

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