I’m Pregnant! ~ 8 Week Pregnancy Vlog

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Jeannette Elizabeth says:

…and now you have 2 kids 😀 This is so cool to look back at!

Amanda Brady says:

I have only been off the pill for a month and a half. I hope it doesn’t
take 6-12 months for us to get pregnant. I’m glad I watched this, gives me
faith it will happen soon for us. 

Tahsina Sharmin says:

You are so lucky Anna coz I stopped to take birth control pill from last 10
months and I am trying but I can not get pregnant….And my first pregnancy
was Ectopic :(……..but doctors saved my both tubes :) Pray for me.@Anna

Kaaaaay77 says:

Cant believe baby number two will be here next month :)

Madison Olah says:

Just wanted to share with you that when I was 6 weeks pregnant I got sick
with a really bad cold too! I was soo sick for like 2 weeks. Apparently
it’s something that happens to some people. You may have gotten sick
because you were pregnant! So strange.

Allison Gonzales says:

What made you take a pregnancy test?

peacelovetennis10 says:

That’s crazy that they have 2 kids now and I feel like it all just happened
really fast! I think it’s good to have your first 2 kids pretty close in
age though so they will have a friend to play with as they get older 

Imheretowinit says:

You look like Jennifer Lopez but prettier!

Thecrazypalegirl says:

where in Ireland are you from? I love your pregnancy Vlogs!

SaxyLadysMusic says:

When she said “Cramping”, I thought she said “Crapping” at first…. *immature

katieclay05 says:

Just started my new pregnancy channel so check it out and let me know what
you think :) katieclay05

iszworld says:

Congratulations!!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, and your baby
will be beautiful and happy and healthy!!! Good luck guys!!!

Jorge CuencaBMXSTREET says:

Felicidades ,espero lo mejor para ti y ese bebe :*

itsDuppySunday says:

I didn’t mean it in that way, I know it ^^

Brit Mc says:

Wow 2 years! When my boyfriend & I decided to try, it took us 3 months and
thought one of us weren’t able to have children! lol I’d been going crazy
waiting 2 years. But congrats. I am 11 weeks and I imagine your around 24

alphafashionista says:

I know it’s kinda late but congrats!

Sweety YNN says:

You’re soo cute and sweet!, I love watching your videos!

Fifth and Bloor says:

LOL i craved oranges my entire pregnancy!!! lol My Daughter is 13 months
now:) times FLIES!!!!! congrats:)

barbie94baby says:

NOT TRUE. My sister got pregnant too, right after she forgot a pill.
Might’ve been an accident, but we love this “accident”, and he now also has
a 1-year old littlesister who has just learned to stand up. AND Last week,
my sister gave birth to their 3rd child. A lovely little babyboy. <3 I love
my life as auntie!

pinkprincess8910 says:

congrats!! :)

Fkaye613 says:

Im not pregnant cos I’m only 13!!!!

Chloe says:


blue17eyes says:

OMG I can’t believe that Emilia is here!

Maria F. Merino says:

Omg congratulations!!!!!(lol ithink i spelled tht wrong) :)!!! U guys r
gunna b great parents!!!!!!!!

Nayara says:

#1 and now baby #2 yeeeeeeah!

Zoe Gonzalez says:

Who cares? Dont like it dont watch her

Sara Kawa says:

Wow time flew by. I rember watching this not that long ago, and literally a
second ago I finished Watching her 37th week pregnancy. I cant wait to see
her baby :’)

Weebuchihappy says:

congrats ^w^ I know it is a old video, but I still want to wright it OwO –
love Iris

rihanna navy says:

I can’t believe she’s 8 weeks again :) xx

Lily Orr says:

As if I watched this when you were pregnant the first time and now I’m
watching it again!!! Aww, feel like you’ve grown up so much and you are
both amazing parents!!! Can’t wait for baby no. 2 <3

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