I’M PREGNANT!!! – 11 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog & Baby Bump

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I’m exactly 11 weeks today w/ my Little Peanut! We couldn’t be happier, we’re truly blessed! God is good.

Pregnancy Vlogs will be posted up every Friday!
Stay tune my loves

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Justerrificthoughts says:

Congratulations Pammy! That is very exciting news. Morning sickness is
definitely one thing I don’t miss. Your first trimester is almost over so
you’ll be getting your energy back :) your hair looks so beautiful by the
way! Can’t wait to see more pregnancy blog videos! Xo

Brianna Nieves says:

Hey Pam! I don’t know if my mom ever mentioned me but you guys used to work
together before you moved recently and I enjoy watching ure vids. Her
name’s Betsy. You guys still talk too. But congrats on ure miracle! It’s
funny that my mom gave birth to me around the same time you’ll give birth.
God bless your baby and maybe one day I’ll be able to meet you. My mom
always talks about you and I’ve always wanted to meet you. 

Shae Alex Faraday says:

Congrats! I’m 23 also. 10 weeks 4 days with #2. Husband & I are excited!
Hoping for a boy

KathleenVang says:

Ahhhh congrats! Can’t wait to see your little precious! :) 

LilBabe074 says:

yayyy congrats :)) How old are you?? I never knew that about you lol

Lala says:

Yayyyy! Congrats to you & your husband!

mizsamanthalove says:

Congratulations! I’m a first time mom and 13 weeks pregnant. I didn’t
really have any morning sickness. I was more fatigue, I’d take naps
everyday if I could. Can’t forget the peeing every 30min to an hour!
Getting into my second trimester, I feel wonderful. Although I do get
slight headaches. Oh and heart burn! Heart burn is the worst and I can’t
give up my spicy foods! I still take naps here and there. I recommend
taking walks, it really helps with the sluggish ness. When you’re tired,
just sleep. Get all the sleep you can before baby comes they say! To help
with nausea, ginger candy is also a good option. Babies r us sells Prego
pops that’s meant for nausea. Other then that, stay hydrated love! 

Minjee says:

congrats pammy!

Jazmin Bailey says:

Congrats on your pregnancy. I am the same age and pregnant with my first
child with my husband and due in March.

christinekmoua says:

Congratulations! So Happy for you, even though I do not personally know
you, I can feel the love flowing through your video and your comments!
Thank you sooo much for stopping by my channel! Honestly your tiny little
comment completely boosted my confidence! Good luck in your pregnancy and
stay in touch! =)

Michelle Williams says:

Congrats Pam. 

missjazsmin says:

Wooohooooooo yeah mommy !!! So good to see how happy you are !! And for the
stretchmarks indeed they are well deserved !! I am 28 weeks now Took me a
long time with ivf ..but my baby girl is doing so well .. can t wait to see
you.re bump growing !! ♡♡♡

genjer610 says:

New subbie! <3 congrats on the little peanut! I am a couple days behind
you. My weeks turn on Tuesdays, so as of the 21st of this month I am 11
weeks! Happy that I have a blogger to share my journey with! :)

Chelsea Thao says:

Hii! I’ve been a subscriber of yours for quite some time now and I just
enjoy watching you. I’m so excited for your pregnancy as it is your
first!!! Congratulations!

diana phan says:

Omg ive been following you since the beginning ! Im so happy for you :)

Becky Yang says:


Yuli Yusongphong says:

Congrats! I’m 12 weeks pregnant and it’s my second child. I don’t
experience any nausea. I feel normal for both babies. I don’t know any
tricks. But hope you’ll feel better. 

mscty says:

Congrats to you & your hubby!! I have a 2 year old girl & I still remember
all the excitement I had when I got pregnant with her! Take good care of
yourself! Can’t wait to meet your little peanut! 

Mai shoua Thao says:

CONGRATS!! Babies are a blessing. Remember to always walk its good for when
labor is around the corner.

nelee01 says:

Can’t wait to see. Love watching your YouTube sis. 

paLeevang says:

Oh my gosh congratulations!!!! 

Lakeasha Favor says:

Lol next time pee in a cup…then use the tube lol u r too funny :)
congrats!!!!i am 11wks as well lolol

Derek's mommy says:

Congrats love, I’m so happy for you & your husband. You will feel better
after your first trimester. You are definitely glowing! 

chesiness says:

Omg, First off congratulations to you and your hubbie. Im so excited for u
I remember when i was preg with my son, I hadmorning sickness for three
months straight. To help prevent that, I made sure I have some ginger,
straight up ginger and also ginger candy. But i also heard ginger snap was
good too. 

CChang says:

Congrats!! You definitely have the pregnancy glow. :) 

Nalee V says:

That’s amazing! CONGRATS!

chectit0ut says:

Congrats! Love your top. Where did u get it?

Lydia Vang says:

Ahhh So excited for you =)))))

xShelbee_21 x says:

You look like aprilathena7, very beautiful, and congratulations on your
little peanut!

Ashley Yang says:


hnublove says:

Congrats!! Definitely a blessing :)

yuno thoj says:

Congrats! Thx for sharing!

Emy Lo says:

Yay congrats…

Mai Lia says:

Congrats! I’m so happy for you. Your world will change for the better once
you have your little peanut. He or she will be your first priority and you
will be crazy in love with them :)

Ayla Thao says:

Gateroade Pammie!! It helps with the morning sickness :) 

cvuevang90 says:

Congrats pam!! Ive heard you say you want kids for a long time now on
instagram! Keep us updated!

MakeMeBeautiful*KLX says:

I’m sooo happy for you Pam! I can remember how excited I was with my first.
Have a happy and healthy journey. Luv u and videos as always :-D

Cua Vaj says:

Congrats Nyab! 

CeeBeautyyx says:

Bananas and grains helped me with morning sickness. Mine was super bad with
my first baby.. Congrats girl! 

Jeanie Vang says:


maxzac08 says:


Samantha Tsab says:

Congrats to you girl! =)

smaileemailee says:


xdorothy says:


Suzie Her says:

Congrats Pam.. how old were you when you got married to your husband. Or
should I say you should make a video how you two met from the start

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