HOSPITAL UPDATE!! – 34 Week Bumpdate – The Bumps Along the Way Pregnancy Vlog

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It’s been a crazy week! I update you all here.

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PinkAshes77 says:

were you dilated when you went to the hospital?

Youa Vang says:

I was given that shot too, but I only had 1. And I was 27 weeks pregnant.

Jaimie Wood says:

😮 where did you get this shirt???

irishwhales says:

Missy, you look beautiful!

heidikimTV says:

I think with me they told me that the test is no longer as accurate after
32 weeks but it might have been 34. I can’t remember.

Karolyn campbell says:

Bryan, you tube has ads all over my the white screen! Did I get a virus? So
not used to this! It’s always been a white back drop around the video, now
it’s all ads :(( Help!

Malisac88 says:

I hope everything works out as smooth as possible through your birth plan!
You and your family deserve nothing but great memories from here on out!

hannah straczek says:

when is your next bumpdate

JKcubed3 says:

When is your due date?

kiachu1 says:

Funny story. I have this exact same uterine abnormality. I’m 34 weeks also.
My little boy is on the right though. This is my second. My daughter was on
the right also. I went only a week early with her. But my stomach looks
exactly the same as yours. His butt is all up on my ribs on the right side.
I’ve been having braxton hicks this time I swear since I got a positive
test, But its funny now because they are literally only on the right side.

bellaambru says:

I have been watching your videos for the past two hours lol, anyways I am
so happy for you, you have no idea. I’m so sorry for everything that you
have gone through, I can’t wait for baby to be here! I am 9 weeks and 1 day
pregnant today with our first baby. It took us almost 3 years to conceive
due to endometriosis, underweight, not ovulating, and ovarian cysts.
Anyways I wish you the best and I’m super excited for you! :)

Kara Gilkes says:

Sorry the others were all on the left side. Lol

Brenda Re says:

August 16 <3 He will have the same birthday as ME :) I’ll be turning 23
awwwww Stay in there baby Ollie <3

MakeupAndHair01 says:

I really love your videos and your daily vlogs! You really seem like such a
genuinely nice person :) Can’t wait for Oliver to come!

Brittney Biddy says:

I think #babyollie will either come July 28th or Aug 8th :) Sending Prayers
your way from Georgia! 😀

Tara Brar says:

Final something pro, i think he has mentioned it!

TayAndBaby2012 says:

I hope you make it full term!! I had the same exact problems starting about
31-32 weeks. I ended up going overdue & being induced (which I didn’t
really want). I got a negative fetal fibronectin test at 33 weeks. So I
hope that gives you some hope!

MommieWannaBee says:

Your EYES are really gorgeous in this video, I want you to know I really
enjoy your videos, the information you give but I love Brian’s editing
skills =) They get better and better lol But I also have a bicornuate
uterus, right now my hubby & I are finding it hard to conceive but I am
also afraid to conceive because of my bicornuate I dont think i can handle
a miscarriage. Anywho I am recording our journey and sharing on YouTube as
well. Follow us if you’d like =) P.S Cant wait 4 baby Ollie!

Tracy Lyn Turner says:

I was wondering if you have ever watched the movie, Business of being born.
Great documentary! Lots of information on delivery :o)

Missy Lanning says:

That was marks from my pants

Amber Marie says:

Will be praying for you and baby Ollie that he stays healthy and in your
belly until he needs to come out. I also have a bicornuate uterus and it’s
good to know what to expect when I eventually get pregnant again, I thank
you for putting your story on here you’re such an inspiration and it helps
me to know there is still hope.

happydaly says:

Determined to come out and he did that same night (at 35 weeks). He spent 7
days In nicu but he’s now 17 months and healthy as a monkey

myjourney99 says:

I have missed you so much! I came back yesterday from my trip and I was so
happy to see Oliver in a video! He is soo precious and I am so hapy to see
you again!

Mrs Coupe says:

Thats so awsome ! <3

Johanna Caddell says:

I love you guys I watch your videos daily, I’m so happy for you all you
will be great parents and Oliver will be a beautiful baby!! Also missy your
belly is SO BIG!! Haha I love it Ollie is sure getting big in there he
could be here any day I can’t wait to see him! Also I wanted to ask when
missy does give birth on the daily channel will you vlog it? I mean I know
not the push but the birth and labor and when missy does go into labor I
just was wondering? Sorry if this comment is HUGE haha

heidikimTV says:

I hope you make it to 37 and then get to hold him in your arms soon after

Clarissa C says:

glad all is okay and your both safe!

jlbrensinger says:

Missy, I’m 35 weeks along and had the EXACT same contractions and timing
the other day – crazy! – accompanied by some lower pelvic (sharp) pain…
Be sure to OVER-hydrate and if it happens again, try a warm bath. The bath
helped the contractions stop for me, and staying hydrated has kept ’em
away. Maybe you could’ve avoided a hospital visit and the terbutaline if
you’d tried this at home first! I’ve loved keeping up with you here as
we’re due around the same time! Take care of yourself, mama! :)

JKcubed3 says:

We are 3 days apart. My little man is due on my 30th birthday, which is
August 19th. :-)

CyllyMommy says:

what kind of facility are delivering in??

Florence Vandendriessche says:

Quelle peste vivi c peut etre une jolie fille mais elle jou la dessus

skylerdoodle1 says:

Yay!!!! New bump date love you guys

mdelacruz says:

Thats my birthday <33 I wish you luck :)

MelonJMusic says:

I hate when doctors say “it doesn’t affect the baby.” -___- Everything that
enters your bloodstream goes to the baby. Everything. Doctors and nurses
love to treat us like we’re stupid sometimes… *sigh* glad all is well.
Praying for a safe delivery for you and Ollie. :}

Jaz foster says:

idk how much bigger you can get, in a non offensive way lol I totally
predict olly coming early :)

Miranda Brown says:

Can u do a nursery tour

Missy Lanning says:

Yes, but they are not regular or causing me too much pain.

Denaderoode says:

I am a Dutch woman, and mother, of 49 by the way 😉

spaceala says:

i might be wrong, but 23! around there : D

Krystal B says:

I found that my instincts of when my children will be born was right. I was
a high risk pregnancy for my first son and I figured he would come a little
early and was born at 37 weeks and then with my daughters I wasn’t
considered high risk but I just knew that something would happen and I
would end up high risk and they would come early and both were born at 36
weeks. So you are probably right with the delivery timing. :) Congrats and
good luck!

Olive Gracie says:

Do you have stretch marks under your belly? I think there might be a line,
but i also could be little creases where your shirt was. 13:14

christinelaine93 says:

My FFN was negative and had my baby 6 days later

mommy2mixedbabies says:

you need to do a belly cast! :)

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