HIDDEN PREGNANCY – TheLaVigneLife Daily Vlog #199

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Paul James says:

Don’t worry Dee, I look like I’m pregnant and I’m a guy…soo that’s saying
a lot about the hard work you put in to your gym life. Can’t wait for the
return of #Juglife!!!

Mr. J says:

“Hmmmmmmm dad’s out at the warehouse talkin’ to a possible
undercover……I need to talk to him about talking to the
grapevines……some may be undercover feds!”…….The LaVigne Family
strolls through the neighborhood walking the boss and underbooss….. One
day Don Jerry LaVigne III will go down, I don’t what he’ll go down for but
he’ll slip up….they always do….probably for screaming in a IHOP,
sabotaging a ride at Chuck-E-Cheese, or perhaps knocking over a store
display…. I give this kid credit he is an untouchable Don…..”Strolling
with dad he calls me a shark……..he knows better than to call me that
being that I’m a legitimate businessman…..Sometimes the parents talk a
little to much….oh and I forgive you dear father for bringing in this
tasteless cheese. After dinner it’s business time in my favorite place on
my phone dropping the kids off in the……..potty since I haven’t
graduated to the toilet yet. Sorry dad but I gotta run I just got a message
about something I need to take care of give mom my best.”……This
investigation has been going on for a while, to the point where people in
the comments are calling me a loser, telling me to shut up, get a hobby,
and things of that nature………well they don’t have to read but for
whatever reason they still chose to……..that’s weird……maybe they’re
the Don’s hit squad waiting for a chance to get me……….hmmmmm maybe
the Crime Syndicate is on to me……due to my thorough
investigation…..Either way ending surveillance, investigation into Don
Jerry LaVigne III still ongoing…..case status open…..

SE7EN says:

Maybe Dee is buttering Jerry up for tummy tuck/lipo money or something. The
only reason grapevines wonders if shes pregnant is bc a lil while ago u
took a pregnancy test and u never mentioned the results. Everyone has been
assuming if ur prego or not ever since…

Liv Smith says:

I think Dee looks great after having two kids! Your amazing Mum! :) How old
are Dee and Jerry? as Dee still goes to school i was wondering? 

Mariana Colormebeautiful says:

Nobody thought you were fat.
Like everybody is saying, it was the dumb titles that lead everyone to this
Stop crying. 

MarcyTthePrincess says:

So Dee is really crying in a vlog over her stomach?! Yes, its great to be
healthy but Life is too short to be worried about physical appearance all
the time. Everyone doesn’t look good at a size 2. The media makes us feel
that we just HAVE to have a flat stomach to seem acceptable by society or
attractive to others. There are plenty of people that are of a normal size
and have stomach rolls. If your heart and lungs are good and if you are a
normal weight that’s all you need to be concerned about. +The LaVigne Life

Elisha May says:

I know this is an old Vlog, but from the very first Vlog my thoughts about
you Dee were that you are gorgeous! Jerry is a handsome fella and your kids
are adorable. I know us women are self conscious about our bodies but you
have nothing to be self conscious about.

prettywitty77 says:

I actually searching through the comments looking for the difference
between Mild & Medium….

Bella HasNoLastName says:

That hit a soft spot, because I’m still a virgin, and I’ve always been
asked, if I was pregnant . My stomach bloats from time to time and I
understand how Dee feels :(

Cornell Clincy says:

Dee You Are FAR From Fat.. Hell You Have Your Own Fitness Channel LBVS..
This May Be Sad But Being On Youtube Is A Social Outlet Where INSECURE LOW
LIFES Come Talk About People Who’s Doing Something As Great As This
Channel.. They Talk From Behind A Computer Screen Just To Make They’re
Pathetic Little Lifes Seem More Intresting.. But You Have To Realize That
You Are Bigger And Better Than What These People Say. You Have To Hold Your
Head High And Continue To Be The Strong Mother And Wife That Have Been This
Whole Time. I Know It Hurts Believe Me I DO.. But You Gotta Overcome The
Haters And Know That You Are The SHIT! =)

Love Ya Dee..


Sunny InCali says:

Some folks are so evil. Some folks already knew you weren’t pregnant,
however refused to acknowledge it and I bet some of those ‘Is D pregnant?’
in and out of YouTube are just to make her feel bad. Either that or those
‘whines are really slow and stupid. I hope D will find that no matter how
positive these videos may be, people will dig and dig until they can find
something they won’t like. D, honestly I don’t think you’re fat. Jerry and
your family love you, and we also love you. Just show these ‘fans’ that
their insults don’t phase you. Please don’t quit youtube D.

The LaVigne Life says:

Leave us a comment! What was your favorite part of this vlog?
#TheLaVigneLife #Grapevines

Nahika Louis says:

Awww Dee baby, I’m so sorry you had to see those comments and that you feel
that way. I think people were more excited then trying to actually say you
look out of shape. You had two beautiful kids back to back and you look
damn good baby, don’t feel like that your such a natural beauty, don’t ever
think other wise. LOVE from New York. ❤❤❤

Rocky B.x says:

I’m really behind on the vlogs *covers face* but it made me feel really
upset that Dee still feels bad about the teeny bit of baby weight she has
left. Dee, you have had two beautiful children, really close together. You
look incredible! Trust me. I mean, I’m Petite just like you and I can only
pray that when I start my family, I look even half as good as you do
afterwards. I hope you’re feeling better about it. :) Much love.xXx

Dayana Jeudy says:


Im going to be real to you because just seeing you crying at the end made
me soooo angry ! Im not saying this just to make you feel better , im just
telling you the truth , the truth that you dont see because you dont want
to accept that at only 6months postpartum*(correct me :) ) + a c-section ,
you look hella great , In the past few vlogs the way Jerry edited the vlogs
and also the topics that you guys we’re talking about really made me think
about this possibility ! Also because of that blue shirt i dont know maybe
it was air or just the way it was created it made me think about that too
and now look at the title ! And now im looking at you and im like dayuuuum
seriously who are we to hurt you that way ? We are nobody you dont even
know us Dee , Does Jerry like you stomach ?

Yes and thats it so come on Dee get some Jerry’s *i dont careness* in your
blood you are too perfect to be crying about some stupid dumb fake ass

Love ya xox

DAProductions says:

wow.. this is going to sound harsh but it’s really dumb that you’re crying
and worrying because some people said you look pregnant again.. after
having two kids not even 2 years ago…… and taking any negative youtube
comments to heart (whether they meant to be rude or not) is wrong as a
youtuber. suckkkk it up, you look good for having 2 kids and you work out
when you can. 

MzNeekie says:

Dee if you don’t hush.. Especially considering that Jorgeous baby girl you
just had, you look so good. A baby does 9 months worth of “damage” to your
body. So only 6 months later you might not be exactly where you want to be,
but you’ve come a long way. Go back and look at your early postpartum
videos/pics if you need to. And if you lost the belly once, obviously you
can do it again! It’ll come in time. You have two healthy children. Do you
know how many people can’t say that? And you have your health and Jerry
does too. There are people out there battling cancer and stuff at your age.
I’m not saying your feelings aren’t valid, but just put them into
perspective. Trust me, I ABHOR my belly, but there’s so much more to me and
more to life than belly fat. And at the end of the day, it’s totally
fixable. xoxo

Morrysn Dolling says:

Wait, didn’t Dee have a c-section with Jordan? Losing the belly after a
c-section is INSANELY hard. If it makes you feel better, BOTH of the Mowry
twins (Tia & Tamera) struggled (& are still struggling) to get their bodies
back & they only have one child. You look great, better than all the
commenters in here, & you cannot let some YouTube trolls give you a
complex. We love you Queen Dee 😀 

Latoya Johnson says:

Dee, you are gorgeous and blessed! You just don’t know. Girl I was going
through a crazy divorce right after I just gave birth to my last child. Be
very thankful that you have a loving husband home with you that inspires
you. You all are blessed, and don’t worry about the comments. Just know
people love watching your channel so they are going to ask questions. That
means that they are detailed, and are really paying attention to you.
Blessings to you and your household. You look great! Keep pressing, but
don’t overwork yourself to meet other people’s standards for your life. 

Patricia Agboro says:

Dee, don’t listen to them…there’s nothing wrong with your stomach, it
looks fine…If you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t have known anything.
Jerry’s right, remember you have 2 healthy adorable kids.

cortezyvonne says:

Oooh now i see why she got upset bout the cheese in d beginning and she
said “are u tryin tto tell me somn too” aww no womder she was all hurt
after dat n jerry was like ders somn else going on here:/ aww poor Dee
don’t worry about wut people say u look better dan some women dat haven’t
even had a kid ;)

Nycki Jones says:

I watch yall all the time and this mad me upset to see dee cry ummm dee I
know most didn’t mean it to be mean but at the end of the day it doesn’t
matter what others say about your body as long as jerry likes it fuck
everyone else I mean I am a plus size girl and I don’t give a half of a
fuck who don’t like it as long as my girl friend likes and and still thinks
im sexy im good dee u look good to have have 2 kids and one that is 6

jessica Weaver says:

I feel like such a bad person I’m not going to lie I thought she was
pregnant but it wasn’t because of her belly. Because she has stopped doing
her work out and she wasn’t going to school so I just jump to
conclusions.but I know I wasn’t the only person that thought that after
reading the comments week after week

TwoWorldsOneFamily Vlogs says:

Ohh Dee, you’re a beautiful woman, an amazing mom and wife …Please do not
let society tell you what beautiful is ! God bless you guys :)

crileyhome says:

Jerry, your family is absolutely beautiful! I enjoy watching your family
and seeing you growth from Jerry the man into Jerry the family man and
protector. Dee should not feel bad about her body. It is a phase we all
women go through whether it is from having babies or just overeating. She
will find her own healthy methods to feel great again about yourself. Much
love, peace and blessings to your family! :) 

Keshia Lockett says:

Dee I feel that way sometimes I don’t have any kids. I’ve been overweight
almost my whole life about 3 years ago I decided to start losing weight. I
had a lot of issues accepting my body but I finally got to the point where
I don’t let it bother me. When you feel yourself about to say something
negative about your body turn into positive say I am beautiful no matter
what. Sounds crazy but it’s helped me now I look in the mirror at my body I
say damn I look hawt. It’s not what people say about you it’s how you feel
you can’t allow words to break you. You have worked hard you look
beautiful! Just a little advice if you don’t reach your goal by January
don’t feel down about it use that as motivations. Your body is changing
sometimes you have to learn to appreciate the small changes. If you see one
muscle get excited, if you see a top you use to wear starting to fit better
get excited. I wake up I look in the mirror I tell myself everything I
think is beautiful from head to toe trust me it totally turns my day around
before it even gets started. :-) #staypositivedee 

rhynoboy2009 says:

To be honest,I don’t even this it’s a visual thing as to why people think
you’re pregnant. It’s more of a thing of the titles and some of the talks
you guys have about pregnancy. Honestly,Dee to me is in a much better shape
than even most females after the give birth. Hell to me she looks fine.
Don’t take it as an insult at all,this world expects you to have this
supermodel,fake,photoshopped body. You have 2 beautiful kids and a man that
loves you to death,don’t think so much of what people outside think of you.
Cliche and easier said than done,but keep doing what you believe. I’ve been
a big dude since middle school,as I grew taller I began to look
smaller(Granted I’m now 6’2),with that being said I’m still a pretty big
dude. I’ve been teased about my weight,picked on,jumped,the whole 9
yards,but I didn’t let it get to me. I’m now 18 years old and I look back
at it and laugh about it,I used to break down in front of my mom because of
it,now I just and say,”Man,I can’t believe I actually cared about what they

Megan W says:

I never usually comment on any of the videos but I was compelled to say
something seeing how deeply hurt Dee was by this.

Please understand that it took 9 months to grow and gain weight while
pregnant, so its also going to take time to get your body back to where it
was before pregnancy. My daughter just turned three recently and I haven’t
lost all the weight. My priorities have also been solely on my family,
finishing college, and now a new job. But when I was pregnant I gained
90+lbs. I have always struggled with weight and of course I was the
smallest I’ve ever been before I got pregnant. So please just know it could
always be worse. You’re beautiful just the way you are and honestly your
midsection doesn’t look as bad as you think. I gained all over and I’m a
hot mess but I’m doing my best to get it together. Some days are more
discouraging then others especially when you put the time and dedication in
and don’t see results right away. The hardest thing to get rid of is fat in
that particular region so its going to be a while, she’s already 6 months
old and you look amazing. You have come a long way and you’re very
inspiring as a mother and in the fitness world. Please don’t be so hard on
yourself, I’d kill for your body. Just keep up the good work and in time
your body will be exactly where you want it to be.

Best of wishes,
Megan W

King Crawford says:

Exactly how anorexia starts…

Jack Herrington says:

Is he saying “my jewel” when he talks to his daughter? 

naenae326 says:

As a student myself just going to work and school at the same time is very
hard. But you have two children and a significant other in the mix as well
so trust, there is nothing wrong with you. You are better than me because I
would be done as fried chicken juggling what you’ve been juggling. If
anything you shine a light on how amazing it is to be a woman!!!! You’re an
AMAZING mother to 2 UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS children AND you deal with
Jerry’s crazy self!!! Give yourself a lot more credit because you doing the
damn thing!!!!!!!

A. Jay says:

Y’all, stop saying Dee is fucking pregnant. When she gets pregnant, she
will let us know! Making this poor girl feel self-conscious and shit, and
more than half of ya’ll who say she looks pregnant look like precious. Stop
it! She had a baby a few months a go and it takes a while to snap back.
Leave the poor girl alone! Goddamn!

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