First Trimester Pregnancy Vlog ♥ Weeks 1-12

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Week 1-12 ♥ Things I forgot to mention in the video:

– For morning sickness, I was prescribed with Zofran. I started taking this at about 8 Weeks. It helped some, mainly just took the edge off.. (unfortunately it didn’t always keep me from throwing up.) it came with a BUNCH of other side effects like *uh-humm* horrible constipation & MASSIVE migraine type headaches. So I tried to only take that as needed.

– Fatigue: I wouldn’t say I was struggling with this TOO bad. However, I did find myself taking mini naps during the day when normally I would never need to do that.

– Lack of Appetite: I could BARELY eat anything except in the morning. I would wake up & feel like I hadn’t eaten for days. Then the rest of the day I wouldn’t want ANYTHING to do with food. Nothing sounded good, It was a MAJOR mind over matter struggle to eat anything at all. I couldn’t eat many solid foods without throwing up. So I basically lived off juice, smoothies & salads until week 15-16.



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Foundation: Tart Amazonian Clay Foundation “Medium Honey”
Concealer: Alexa Persico shade “Ivory Beige”
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Lashes: Ardell Demi Whispies + Duo Dark Lash Glue

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Phoenix251190 says:

Only just discovered your channel and I realize this vids from the
beginning of this year! You are spot on saying it isn’t all rainbows and
butterflies with pregnancy like people expect! First trimester is friggin
horrible for some people. I mostly suffered with extreme exhaustion and
dizzy spells which made me have to take a few sick days just to recover.
I’m planning on watching all these vids coz I really want to see how you
progressed! Hope you and your family are now happy and healthy :-) 

One Voice says:

“Ombre” haha! That’s awesome. :)

Kachell Phillips says:

Dude yes! The first trimester is the worse!! I’m finally 12 weeks and I
will never go through that ever again! I’ve had the worse time ever 

SweetpeaMango says:

yayy :D

It's A Raw Life says:

I really enjoyed this vlog :) I’m in my first trimester and can relate a
lot lol :)!

Amber Michelle says:

congrats super excited for you ! :)

JnS_Family says:

+JnS_Family first trimester video just uploaded today on my channel check
it out and subscribe. Videos like this helped me out during my first
trimester thanks.

Wendy Bentley says:

ahhh im so scared to get pregnant because of the vomiting :( im seriously
like deathly afraid of throwing up, its ridiculous lol anyhow, you look
positively glowing and amazing!! luff you <33

Brittany Collins says:

I’m not that far along, but so far my boobs have gotten so much bigger!! I
started off with a D and now I’m a DD or DDD. Terrified to see what the
future holds.

ErinandBaby says:

Oh gosh, the boobs! Mine are massive to begin with and thankfully they
don’t get TOO much bigger with pregnancy. Once my milk comes in it’s a
whole different story though, haha. Good for you for not worrying too much
about stretch marks. If they’re gonna happen…they’ll happen. I got them
around 34ish weeks with my son I think? I’m 36 weeks now with baby #2 and I
just got a couple new guys the other day. They do fade so much though and
in the end it’s totally worth it. :) Best of luck with the rest of the
pregnancy. So happy for you! <3

Jordan Cheyenne says:

so so happy for you :) i really wish i would have done pregnancy vlogs so i
could look back on it. you honestly look beautiful & really happy :) sorry
its been hard on you so far, i can guarantee its soooo worth it when you
have your baby in your arms. I know youll be the BEST momma :) love you

MegsDish says:

@kait Nichole my boobs are 34F’s and I gave birth 2 years ago lol. Before I
was pregnant I was a 34DDD. Welcome to the club

Melissa Santos says:

Congrats again on your pregnancy that is truly a blessing. I will be
looking forward to seeing your vlogs every week ♡ you can also check out
aprilathena7 she actually has her first pregnancy right now and she does
vlogs as well :) have a great day!

Kimberley Rose says:

Hi kait do you have a mail address where I cn mail you I would love to send
you and your partner some notes and baby advice and labour advice that
really helped me in my first pregnancy and iv been looking back at it for
my second pregnancy as well which Is helping me as well. and I would love
to be able to send you a few things if that is ok. x

Emily Deutsch says:

Girl I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy! I weighed more than my husband
right before I had my baby. The weight gain sucks but i got weighed right
before I left the hospital after I had my baby and I instantly had lost 10
pounds just having the baby so trust me you’ll get back to your normal
weight but it does take work! And I’m so sorry you had such a rough first
trimester! I never had morning sickness so I can’t really sympathize but I
guess I can say I feel extremely lucky I didn’t have it!

MissReyes9 says:

Also congrats and don’t worry if you’re having weight issues ,
breastfeeding literally takes all the weight off . I weighed 127 when I got
pregnant and by the end if my pregnancy I weight 162 and I breast fed the
entire year of my sons life and I went back to my high school weight of 121

ronabrookemoore says:

this was so interesting, thanks for sharing your experience Kait! xx

Korianna Searcy says:

Did u feel something in your weeks 4-12 

ForeverRaquelLove says:

Congrats on your pregnancy :) we’ve been going thru the same symptoms… :/
morning sickness should be called death choke seriously… Sucks so bad… 

Amelia St. John says:

It’s so funny, we have so much in common pregnancy wise! Even the knowing
you were pregnant before your missed period. I am the same way! I’m a bit
behind you at 13 weeks and haven’t had it as rough, but I’m so happy for
you and I’m glad you are feeling at least a little better! Mommies to be
unite! It’s all going to be worth it! Xoxo

Carla Maria says:

Aww ! Congrats Kait, I really enjoyed this vlog :) I’m happy for you.. You
also look amazing your GLOWING ! You must be so happy and excited . When
going through the negatives just always think to yourself it will be worth
it In the end <3!!!

Stephine says:

Has your doctor mentioned Hypermesis? That could explain the throwing up 15
times and all the during the other days.

BlueDaisy824 says:

I was sick till I was 6 months with my daughter. Its the worst. I gained
6lbs with her that’s it..I craved french cream and italian
ices..fruit was the best..watermelon was my biggest craving. I was turned
off by pasta. Good luck to u guys and congratulations! 

0084babe says:

I’m 16 weeks and I feed very tired and sleepy all the time

Chasing Beauty says:

I just found out that I am pregnant on Monday, I am so excited and
terrified. Thank you for putting up a video I can watch to give me a heads
up on what may be to come.

Danyelle Horrillo says:

When did you first notice breast growth? 

Fancygirlloves says:

Congrats do U know what ur having?? I’m 12 weeks 2nd baby and I’m 23 your
gonna enjoy the new mommy life I can never say I’m bored like I used to

Ana Macedo says:

When my mother was pregnant of me my due date was May 13, but i was born
May 20th! :) congrats on the baby, super exited for upcoming vlogs!

InkedBrunette Barbie says:

Oh my goodness! I had no idea u were pregnant! So happy for you! Pregnancy
is a journey in itself an just from watching ur videos I know u will do
great. I’m 35 weeks almost 36 weeks an beyond ready to have this baby girl!
Hope ur pregnancy goes great an u have a healthy baby! 

Luisa D says:

How old are you hun? I love seeing young ladies referring to their
pregnancies as blessings and being so positive. Congrats! 

Briana Zambrano says:

I’m due may 19th ! That’s crazy !

Bee rose Lifestyle says:

POST Partume depression 

Danica Kopp says:

My skin freaked when I was pregnant with my daughter! I was never acne
prone, maybe a blemish or two around my period, but my skin HATED me so I
feel ya there…ha!
Pregnancy isn’t always glamorous and definitely isn’t fun, but it
1,000,000% worth every painful, awful, sick, yucky moment! Anyone who has
been through pregnancy understand your “complaining,” trust me!
Wishing you the best! ❤️

prettycountrygal says:

Changes in hormones can cause skin problems, and also changes in the hair
and nails. 

MakeupByLindsey91 says:

I feel for ya girl! I had a super rough pregnancy hypermesis and high blood
pressure! Just keep looking forward to the bundle of joy you will get and
that will help ya get through it!! 

Joni Mingus says:

i love watching pregnancy vlogs, especially when its a person I really like
watching anyway. i love your beauty videos so I am so happy you are doing
something off topic. I have a 3 year old and Im currently 10 weeks with #2
and I have had it rough, with both pregnancies, like really rough. my son
was born 3 months early and this time around I have to have a procedure
done to prevent this one from coming early! cannot wait to see the gender

sattyboo96 says:

Id recommend carrying crackers, ginger or gingerale with you to deal with
the sickness

Tiara Hazlip says:

Don’t worry about your weight your gorgeous! And having a baby 

HaleyyCakess says:

I’m due June 3rd!! :) 

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