First Pregnancy Vlog- Five Weeks

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Hey guys! So this is my first pregnancy vlog! I am currently 5 weeks and 2 days. I will be talking about my thoughts and symptoms that I have been having:) Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy for me! Thankyou so much for all the support you guys give me!




DevonRobertsFamily says:

Congrats jessica!

DevonRobertsFamily says:

+hisbootsherchucks lol thank you so much for the reassuracne:) lol i Just
want more symptoms but im sure i will regret saying that when they come!

Katrín Birgisdóttir says:

Devon Please answer this question, I’m confused, last period april 14th,
ovulated may 3rd (cd20) and found out 10dpo , i would consider myself to be
3w5d bc of late ovulation, how did you calculate how far you were? my cycle
would be 33 days if I would start my period on saturday 17th when it’s due
(14day luteal i guess)

please answer 😀 don’t wanna class myself as 4w+ and go for a scan to see a
heartbeat and have to come back

Claire Wolfe says:

so so happy x

hisbootsherchucks says:

Hey! Week 5 I had a TON of cramping and I was really scared. It felt like
painful period cramps. (everywhere said it was normal). It is so far
stopped in week 6! ALSO just wait for the breast pain in week 6 … mine
didn’t start hurting until week 6 and now it is bad lol I will continue
praying for you!

FenixRising says:

I’ve never heard of snow cream but boy does it sounds soooo good right now

makeupfreak1989 says:

We have the same due date congrats I got my bfp on Christmas and I’m so
exited after trying for 2 years and a half 

Jenny Wagner says:

Eeek! Again, I’m so happy for you!!!! Cannot wait for more and more

Katrín Birgisdóttir says:

how much did you weigh in the beginning of the pregnancy? like before you
got pregnant .. and how tall are you if I may ask? :) 

HollyHollDoll says:

I am 6 weeks 2 days today.. So happy to see we are so close! I too am sooo
nervous, and am trying not to stress. I had a mc in June so am terrified,
but am trying to just trust in God. Praying for both of our babies xo

TeenyVlogs says:

Congratulations! Such exciting news. Looking forward to following your
pregnancy journal. Lots of great thoughts your way for a healthy, easy

Babygoodwin says:

Yay!!! I am so excited!! Everything will be alright keep that positive
attitude sweetie:) dr appt will of course ease that feeling! XO

Maddie B says:

I’m just so excited for you guys!! This makes me so happy to see. Glad you
guys are having fun with in the snow too! Stay warm :)

Sensational Finds says:

Its completely normal to be worried, but make sure your sending positive
energy to that healthy little baby your carrying!! Congrats again.

Sarah Louise says:

The first trimester is so incredibly nerve wracking! I was exactly the same
as you are with both my pregnancies. Even though everyone says not to
stress it a symptom you’re feeling is normal you can’t help but worry!
Totally understand. Hopefully the next few weeks fly by!! So excited for
you!! Praying!! <3

Katrín Birgisdóttir says:

what is that app for the baby at 5 weeks? :)

Kimberly Griffin says:

When did you notice the feeling in your groin muscle. I am 7 dpo today and
think I am noticing something similar. It feels almost like a pinching or
pulling kind of feeling not to mention when I pick up my son I have gotten
this pulled muscle feeling a couple of times. But I am feeling it when I am
just sitting as well. Thanks and congrats!

Alaina Young says:

Congratulations! I’m due on September the 8th

ladydelicia says:

The ultrasound will def help your piece of mind :) I miscarried in sept and
recently had an US on my current pregnancy, and seeing that baby makes you
relax so much. Don’t stress out and just trust in God. Good luck with your

Wake08 says:

Love your blogs and so excited to follow your pregnancy. We are ttc #2 so
hopefully we will be right behind you! Great idea to do a pregnancy
journal. I understand the worrying but just keep praying! Also, how many
cycles did it take you to concieve? Thanks!

Ashley Lauren says:

I just saw your FB page. We have the same anniversary except mine is from
2012 and yours is 2013. :)

RobynNRyan12 says:

Yay very exciting. This is my 3rd and I still get nervous about things.
Hang in there girlie, I’m ready for the 2nd trimester too. Praying for a
great and healthy pregnancy for you. It’s amazing. 

Erica Danielle Eason says:

yay! so happy for you!

Jamie D. Elgas says:

Devon, my experience with mc was sad & emotional from the hormones but I’m
glad I told my mom & my husbands sister i was pregnant bc when I mc they
were there to support me through it. Sweety please lift your worries up,
they are not for you to carry. Stress can effect the body & your baby can
feel it as well. God bless you and pray for a fruitful womb. The Lord
giveth & the Lord taketh away remember his word and meditate on his loving
words. Your going to be just fine & so is your baby;) 

Housewife of Miami says:

I GOT MY BFP TODAY I’m so happy for you and our babies will be so close in
age 4 weeks today 

aaron&alyssa says:

Remember – today you are pregnant. And today is what matters :)

MagicNumber3 says:

Yay! Pregnancy Vlogs!! I am so happy and excited for you and Rob :) Love
how you told your class you were pregnant – so much fun! Thanks for sharing
your symptoms and the adorable picture of your little peanut :) I am
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always, Devon. Enjoy every
moment, breathe deeply, and trust that everything will be okay. Best
wishes, take good care of you!!

Caitlyn Loos says:

I miss making snow cream!! You make me miss Jersey every time I watch you
lol..I pray for you every morning and I will continue to pray for a safe
healthy pregnancy and baby, and also for peace of mind so you can enjoy
every second of your pregnancy :)

SimarikSmokin says:

Excited for your journey! I still cramp at almost 11 weeks and I know
that’s normal as long as no bleeding and this pregnancy is so different
from my first one. Glad you told people hope you record your family

Taylor Presmyk says:

You have an amazing body! Haha you’re gonna have the cutest baby belly

mckinnahb says:

So happy for you! Hopefully I get my bfp this cycle!:) 

Nicole Burks says:

I can’t wait to see your baby bump 

Behind The Olive Grove says:

So happy for you. We are 14 months and still trying.. hopefully we get our
BFP soon. It gives me hope to know that one day it could just happen like
it did for you.

Msnaz2you says:

im very excited to start following your pregnancy vlogs. i am so happy for
you guys. cant wait to see your first ultrasound piks. enjoyed the vlog. 

FenixRising says:

I am so very happy for you. I’m due at the end of Aug so I look forward to
watch someone that’s around my time. About being nervous, I can get that
way too, just remember The Lord is looked over you and guiding your steps.
Prayers and good luck!!! I was 5 weeks and told my husband, I don’t have
any morning sickness, then at exactly 6 weeks it hit me.

makeupfreak1989 says:

We have the same due date congrats I got my bfp on Christmas and I’m so
exited after trying for 2 years and a half 

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

Hooray! <3 Excited to watch your journey xxoo

WeLoveYouCompletely says:

What App was that on your phone that shows what the baby looks like!???
That is so awesome.
Congratulations again!!! I am just so happy for you!! =) 

maricruz hernandez says:

I’m so happy for u dnt get me wrong but i think u should off waited until
12 weeks just in case something happens trust me I went thru it I found out
I was preggo at 3 weeks and I told my friends and family and at a dat
before turning 10 weeks I miscarry my baby yeah it was my first baby n we
waited soooo long for the baby!

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