9 Weeks Secret Pregnancy vlog!

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Watch our family’s reaction to our pregnancy: http://youtu.be/B6RBrNAWWIs
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Baby crib we bought: http://goo.gl/pzRzRc
Key necklace: http://goo.gl/5hkyUo
Grandpa mug: http://goo.gl/0BB1J1
Dress: Love Culture sold out

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ScarletF0x18 says:

Do you have a reaction video of the grandparents?

Carmen Cobian says:

Aww!! Is it her first baby? Anyone know? 

Chantelle Brodie says:

Growing mama boobs lol April xx

Brianna Griffin says:

Why won’t my boobs grow !! Im almost 10weeks

Jessica Quach says:

That is very early to have bought the crib. I’m not sure if this is true…
My husband is Filipino him and his family said it was bad luck to buy
things for the baby until the last trimester. I had to secretly buy things
and hide them after I found out the gender at 16 weeks :p

PregnancyChat says:

+AprilJustinTV Congrats on your pregnancy, Love your channel! Wishing you
all the best. Kindly, Monica xo

Laveeshka M says:

Where did you get that pink top from April? :)
Love you both!

Chantelle Brodie says:

Growing mama boobs lol April xx

MissClaraveutlalune says:

Gosh that was early for buying stuff for the baby’s room…you’re lucky
your pregnancy went so well…i had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and i’m happy
i didn’t plan as much as you did so early on…

LadyLeah leah says:

Ruki Mechimono says:

I’m soooo excited guys! it almost feels like I would be prego! haha :D

joyfulsha says:

Beautiful crib!!! 

meno0611 says:

I’m 9 weeks today and I can relate to April and Justin’s excitement
:)Though I’m not showing as much as April other than my waist getting a
little thicker. I’m so happy for them and my husband and I are also an
interracial couple (Chinese and Caucasian). So its everyone’s guess on how
the baby will look :) I Cant wait to see what ours and little Liam look
like!! Congrats again guys :)

Sabrina Garcia says:

hey april i know you love your kitties but kitty hair is very dangerous for
a baby. If they happen to swallow it, its like a worm made in their belly.

marichu nakano says:

Congrats !

ouu lala erica says:

I’m soo happy for you guys!! You guys are going to be great parents!!

Amy Noriega says:

I love the crib……hey April I heard thr baby sleeping with the parents
causes SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) u should look it up okk !!!!!!
Can’t wait to c the baby♡♥♥♡

Katherine Marie says:

First I want to say congratulations to you both. I love how excited you
are..!!! Their is some comments saying she is having a boy because she is
showing to fast for her first pregnancy well let me tell you that has
NOTHING to do with it.! I am pregnant with my FIRST i am 25 weeks and i
started showing soooo early around 6 weeks and I am expecting a GIRL..!
Also April i read u said u dreamed about your baby and the gender well I
did too and i got it right(;

Angel Liz- Lea says:


7312cookie says:

I was kidding….lol but I’ve heard of stories when people had surp

DaisyPatricia says:

even though im only thirteen when I grow up I want their relationship and
have a baby I think they are the sweetest couple ever they are a great
inspiration for me when I get older and start my life and relationships

Lilly Vo says:

They don’t watch your vlogs?

Karla Freyre says:


Shawn K says:

Can I say Justin thumbs up to you I consider you and April my friends
Justin what a great gentlemen you are April just a doll baby the crib is
really nice it makes things so real doesn’t it ? Have a great day .

RoseRee93 says:

April you should stay away from.the cats during ur pregnancy its not good
!! Plz

Marissa M says:

You guys are going to be amaaaazing parents. I love the crib its really

Kae M says:

Where did you get that shirt? 11:26 It’s really awesome.

ItsMaegans .Life says:

You guys should put a doll in the crib and see how the cats react

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