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Hello everybody!!

Here is my secret 9 week pregnancy vlog! Just a reminder, I filmed this video 5 weeks ago. I am almost 14 weeks pregnant now. Oh how time has flown by!!!!

I feel super blessed to be able to share my pregnancy journey with you guys. Thank you so much for “chilling: with me ^_~

Love Bubz (and Peanut hehe)

Telling my husband I’m pregnant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc9bAgkK0zw&list=UUtEt-shvshHduBTAZju3kOQ&feature=c4-overview

Watch our Announcement Video here. Hope it makes you smile ^_^: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFh5rt0znQo

I’ll be writing as often as possible on my baby diaries. You guys are welcomed to walk this journey with us!! http://www.bubzbeauty.com/diary/506-my-baby-diaries-the-1st-trimester.html

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hersheylover51 says:

Thumbs up this comment for hope that the baby will be a little baby girl. 

boom park says:

DAFUUUUQQQ!!! BUBZ IS PREGNANT?!!!! aww congratulations!!!
i’ve watched you since ages and ages before you moved to hongkong and when
you did the videos out of your room! i kinda lost track after a while and
suddenly this pops up! oh wow.. we all must be growing up! 

ShocolaChan says:

I’m checking the comments.. and I can’t see at least one that says “I’m an
ox!”, okay I’m the only one ox, I’m alone ahahahah

Adeline Park says:

I am a horse baby too. They are quite cool. :) Not bragging >.<

Lyra Misty says:

I am a snake baby, and my house is Slytherin. It was predestined. 

ishaan here says:

dafuq i started at ford mustang 2015. and now i am at pregnant women’s vlog

81queencobra says:

When your said “your daddy’s enormous giant … Head” i was like well then
she’s going there

Lynn La says:

I’m born in a horse year to 

Sammy Linh Nguyen says:

Golden rooster! (2005)

P.S:please check out and subscribe to my channel

Ouranor says:

HEY; horse babies are awesome (like meeee)! Also, tigers and horses get
along famously according to basic astrology, so you should feel especially
lucky ;)!

Jessica Howard says:

Your mean!! I’m a horse baby ;( >~<

Batwoman says:

I’m a rat baby… so which is worse?

iamacupcakee says:

“Are you gonna have a wee-wee or pee-pee?…. Or are you gonna have your
daddy’s.. enormous…” Oh god Bubz “… giant…” Oh my god bubz no “..
head.” PHEW. I should probably get MY head out of the gutter aha.

Jessica Disley says:

My mum is Neely 17 weeks pregnant and she’s having twins and I was a only
child it was a big surprise 

michelle nguyen says:

I’m a horse! Offense!

Jolly Ye says:

I am a horse baby

Rainbow ''$wagger'' Dash says:

your nice

Hanna Pettersson says:

I’m a dragon baby :3

Kendra Linnette says:

I liked how you filmed for this spot

Heather Linter says:


JEnny Mumbe says:

I’m a dragon!!!!

catwang says:

I am a snake! 2001 :)


I’mma snake xD

Alessandra Perez says:

I’m a horse baby… :,(

Kat Gee says:

Bottom right corner 4:11

Stéphanie Fernandes says:

Heyy Buubz! I don’t know if you know this, but I was at the part in the
video that you say that you crave mangos and oranges… Well, by Biology
teacher used to say that, when a pregnant woman is craving something, is
because there’s some property of that something that the baby needs to be
formed properly [I think this sentence is not making as much sense as it
does in Portuguese, so if it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll try to explain
it again (: ]

Pancakemaster92 says:

I’m a horse baby!

Cathy Lau says:

;( I’m a horse baby lol ❤️

Candy Simone says:

You are so adorable I love this channel

jess li says:

I’m a horse… -_-

Bryanna Rivera says:

Hey I’m a horse baby that’s mean lol 

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