8 Weeks Secret Pregnancy vlog!

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Sherie Lucas says:

“GIRL, you is FAT!” hahaha

Fanny says:

You made me cry Justin omg

11226keena says:

Yup eyeballs sweating when Justin cried

Tomoya G says:

Awwwwww, Justin crying- Priceless

Katrín Birgisdóttir says:

meaning ,, GIRL you IS fat ” hahaha :’) 

Erika Yearsley says:

aawwee……remember when? :) ♥

Kayla Kampa says:

My boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (jayme) was staying at the house while
they were trying to find a house and my boyfriend/I cat actually gave jayme
the thought that maybe she was pregnant. She was told she could not have
children but when cats get protective and stay really close to a certain
person it is a theory that they know you are pregnant.. its true he became
even more protective as she progressed. Always next to her and moving and
waking when she ever did :) Am so happy for you two! :)

Jasmine Ervin says:

Aww Justin you made me cry too! You two will be amazing parents.

Alexis Nguyen says:

“Girl you iz fat” lmfaoo!

clair james says:

The reason people were saying you look pregnant was because you were eating
pickles on a previous vlog that what I thought though but congrats to you
and your husband

Simply KeKe says:

Your gonna gain weight when ur pregnant. .lol..u can get around it..good
thing about it is you can lose it fast.

11226keena says:

Im catching up. You did glow. And Justin is a great husband

Kaitlyn-Angel Oquendo says:

omg the best line ever! 1:05… “its the baby growing not you” 

Chloe Adams says:

April and Justin pregnancy marathon! I just love the parents you both have
become it is such a blessing to be apart of y’alls lives. You are just
gorgeous April pregnant or not. 

Juan Galvez Galvez says:

You guys are reAly cute jijiji love the blogs 

Karina D. says:

I love how she said LIAM Neson style.

The RH3 Show says:

Justin is one cool dude. A great man. He making me anxious to be a father
and a husband. love the two of you…so awesome.

myda1984 says:

awwwww :’)

Haley Gois says:

Lol it makes me laugh that you mentioned Liam Neeson in this vlog and you
didn’t know you were going to have a boy at this point ! You must have been
thinking of that name already lol! 

Jordan Mendoza says:

My Big Ohh PitBull Made His Own Bed Next To Mines And Has Slept Next To Me
To This Day.
Almost 8 Months In :)

liz alcala says:

I have to admit that I did tear a little when Justin started to cry ;( u
guys are sooo amazing#

Ivette ReeRee says:

I also admit I cried a little when Justin started to tear up. Thats so
sweet you guys going to be mama and papa to mini marshmallow (baby boy)

SimplyTashy says:

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and my two dogs have been obsessed with me lately and
I made a joke to my husband a few weeks ago about maybe I’m pregnant and we
laughed it off.. Turns out I am!

joyfulsha says:

Justin is so supportive!!! You will need that in labor and delivery!

Sasha Carrasquillo says:

When my cousin came over and she was pregnant my cat came over and started
to rub herself on my cousins belly cause my cousin was sitting on the couch
and she would also pur 

Sabrina Torres says:

Haha aww so sweet seeing you cry looking at the mobile, Justin! You guys
gonna be amazing parents!

AussieMum says:

Feel free to check out my pregnancy vlogs! I have just put up my week 13
video and would love some feedback :)
Please join me as I start vlogging my first pregnancy!

marce maiwasham says:

sooo cute

Its A Mom's Life says:

I just found your Chanel and I am so happy I did, I love you guys. I am 18
weeks pregnant right now with our first baby and we have a winner dog.
Since I’ve been pregnant our puppy has been very protective of me. 

ClaudiaSaves says:

oh no…you made me cry too…You two are so sweet! It is because, both
are you pregnant not just April.

Loz V says:

April is so funny and cute ☺️ xx

xoEvelinaxo says:

5:45….. oh yea?? Well now you’re holding him at home April! =) 

Liping Jin says:

MINI MARSHMALLOW!!! Aww that’s so cute 

Lucero Macias says:

Aw you guys are going to be amazing parents!!! 

Devin Sinclair says:

my cat has been following me every where. Even if he is sleeping if I get
up he has to follow me every where

Swag Master54321 says:

Do u still have sex sorry if it’s a personal question

SxyGrl44 says:


April Fekete says:

That was so sweet when Justin started to cry. You guys will be awesome
parents. Congratulations to you both!(:

Joyce Laurel says:

Don’t worry a lot of first time dads get very emotional & it’s very cute.

Danielle Gold says:

When i was pregnant my cats also started acting weird and so did my Dog! I
Think that they Can feel it!<3 i love you two you are the cutest couple
ever!! So exited for baby marshmallow to come!<3 When is Your due date?;)

lynnav86 says:

Aw justin made me cry…you guys are going to be amazing parents for sure.

angela HeRNanDeZ angela HRNanDeZ says:

It’s so emotional when Justin,started crying now I am crying

Gracie Girlxx says:

Oh my god when Justin cried I almost cried

anabel & jesse says:

So happy for you guys iwatched your vlogs all the time and istoped because
ilost my old youtube channel but congratulations new mommy and daddy

Amy Whitaker says:

Awwwww him crying made me cry!! Lol CONGRATS!!! :)

Ruki Mechimono says:

you both are sooo freakn cute! so excited for your little marshmallow! <3

deliaBEAUTY says:

really happy for you two <3

melaniepelaa says:

cats and dogs can sense whem your pregnat same thi ng happend to my mom my
dog kept guarding her

maricela vargas says:

Omgshhh, the moment he cried, i busted out crying too!!! so beautiful!!!
you guys are going to be AMAZING parents & that baby is going to be so
blessed & loved!! <3 congrats you two. just wonderful!

Araceli Salceda says:

My shi tzu was always with me and she would lay on my belly

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