8 Week Pregnancy Vlog!

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Welcome to my 8 week pregnancy vlog! I talk about getting morning sickness, cravings and more!


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Camera I use: Cannon T3


sjameson05 says:

Could you do an update on Cohen?

jo34576 says:

God bless you for a safe pregnancy and for you to feel better soon. The
kids are adorable.

LehouxFamily says:

Thanks so much!

LehouxFamily says:

LOL I cannot WAIT to find out!

AmaindeJH says:

You are so brave to have 3 so close! I wanted to do that…..I’m NOT going
to. No. I threw up for almost 31 weeks, and have all sorts if minor preg
issues Ibut they’re super painful. No way will I be doing this with two

chey h says:

Congrats! I’m 6weeksand 2days and I swear I could sleep 24hours lol

LehouxFamily says:

Ahh! Good Luck Mama!

LehouxFamily says:

Thanks :)

LehouxFamily says:

Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy them! :)

HomeTumbler says:

3 words: It’s a boy

ErinandBaby says:

Cohen’s shirt is so cute! Target?

amygiggles says:

Its good to sleep on your left side! :)

LehouxFamily says:

Lol I wish I could! And congrats :)

Ourbeautifullifeinanutshell Amy says:

I like your “distracting” videos. I realize I’m not alone lol trying to
have conversations while keeping the wriggley ones out of trouble lol
you’ve seen soph grow up fast so you know it won’t last long :) I love to
see you have fun with them instead of mean and angry. I bought “fertilitea”
ill be doing a review, cross your fingers for me please!!! :)

Ambika Hamid says:

Congratulations. I’m also 8 weeks( according to ultrasound) and feel like
crap most of the time :). Its my second pregnancy had a miscarriage in May.
I am trying to stay positive and your videos help a great deal. Thanks for
taking time to do them.

LehouxFamily says:

I will be soon! Sorry I’ve been slacking!

LehouxFamily says:

They are just too darn curious lol! Sending baby dust your way!

AmaindeJH says:

….(ops sorry) with two tots. Uh-uh. You are superwoman to be making
videos in full makeup right now! Girl, I was crawling through my house
taking care of my little girl from weeks 7-12!

LehouxFamily says:

Yup! :)

xoxMegsiexox says:

Ahh hot flashes! I’m 14 weeks and still have them. I wish I had an idea of
what it is, I have none haha. Sleeping on your left is supposed to be best
for baby and reduce stillbirth risk. :)

LehouxFamily says:

SHHH! It is lol :) And tell me about it!

lovehopefaith89 says:

Your into music reminds me of the show Gilmore Girls! I was super sick this
pregnancy for the first trimester but after that I started feeling back to
normal! Hope your nausea goes away soon. It’s so hard to take care of your
kids and make meals when your feeling so blah!

LehouxFamily says:

I remember something like that!

LehouxFamily says:

LOL thats most days! :)

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