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Hello everybody!!

Here is my week 7 pregnancy vlog *beams*. Just a little reminder, I filmed this secret pregnancy vlog 6 weeks ago. I hope I did an ok job. It really was my first proper pregnancy vlog. I am currently almost 13 weeks now ^_~ Baby is getting bigger and stronger already.

I hope you guys enjoy walking this baby journey with me. Truth is, I get super excited talking about my little pregnancy symptoms so I’m sorry if you guys get sick of my rambling XD

Week 7 was when the fatigue really hit me. I just wanted to be a couch potato. MAN! And the peeing!!! Oh the gas!!! Lucky Tim hehe…

Still gotta upload the week 9 & 12 pregnancy vlogs for you guys until we’re up to date! Bear with me guys!

Telling my husband I’m pregnant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc9bAgkK0zw&list=UUtEt-shvshHduBTAZju3kOQ&feature=c4-overview

Watch our Announcement Video here. Hope it makes you smile ^_^: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFh5rt0znQo

I’ll be writing as often as possible on my baby diaries. You guys are welcomed to walk this journey with us!! http://www.bubzbeauty.com/diary/506-my-baby-diaries-the-1st-trimester.html

Love, Bubz xx

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Chantall Napoles says:

I just had to come back and watch the first pregnancy vlog before Isaac was
here. Bubz has changed so much,shes like a much different person but still
very beautiful inisde out.Love you Bubz c:

Samantha Love says:

I am still in shock over this bubz! I xD feel this is a joke but i
know..its not lol! It’s…just weird! Anyone else feel this way? Like it’s
…not real that she’s pregnant lol!!

Willow Asako says:

Idk why but i think you should the baby Momoko. In japanese it means peach
blossom :D

Abby Ewington says:

watching this as you are 34 weeks along… time goes so fast! 

Diede Venderbosch says:

watching all of this back because feels and she probrably already gave
birth to her little boy

Halle Bullock says:

AHH your pregnant?!????

Ryuko Matoi says:

I have a weird feeling that Peanut is going to be a boy cx

Dana P. says:

What baby app is she using

gggb175 says:

Did you experience any cramping and spotting while 7 weeks? I woke up with
bad cramping and I’m freaking out

Aniela Lojek says:


Claire McDowell says:

this is so strange to watch now, now that blueberry sized peanut is in your
arms :)

skxnny wolvesx says:

this is the part of the vlog where tim said bubz was filming while touching
her toes HAHAHAH

Maria Garcia says:

Omygosh!!!!! Bubz!!!! I didnt know at all u were preggy.i saw this video 9
months after u posted them. Almost the end of auggust wich means (ithink)
that u are so close to having little penut. Im so happy for u an Tim. Hope
little penut is super heakthy in the future. Good luck!!!

Baby Bear says:

Oh they lived in yuen long. But its not the actual flat address i suppose,
for privacy.

Teenmum2013 says:

You sound like you have an American twang to your awesome Irish accent! :)

jasmine michaelson says:

kata-kaida- worthy little dragon
Yuki- meaning snow
chiharu-meaning “one thousand springs”

Akihiko- meaning bright prince
Daichi- great wisdom
Ryuu- dragon spirit

these are japanese names i thought are adorable ~(^-^)~

Hamid Boraghi says:

You should call the baby Momoko ^__^

Sharvari Tapas says:

Can anybody tell what pregnancy app Bubz’s using?

Mia Fang says:

I love ur white fluffy dog! Hope everything’s ok with u pregnancy! 

Monica Perez-Roblero says:

What app has she been using all this time???

Big Fat Greenie says:

Hey Bubz!! Do you ever watch your old videos and think of what you would
say to yourself back then? 

sisiwx says:

leesha (xsparkage) was the exact same way during her first trimester. 

Sophie Jones says:

Did you learn English in northern Ireland?

agmaddkitty says:

Ur gonna be the BEST parent!


yuor cool
yuor the best
yuor awsome
yuor the best in the world


May i know how tall are you? and your pre pregnancy weight please if you
dont mind me asking please reply

Lilia Paraninfo says:

Oh! I am SO happy for you guys!<3

Angela Lauu says:

Wow time flies!

Rebecca K. says:

Look at u now ;-)

Melltone6 says:

I still can’t believe we get to watch baby bubz grow up from the womb
onwards. I remember the baby bubz skitts, now there’s a real one, I’m so so
so happy for you guys. Many Many congratulations =D!!!!

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