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My 40 week pregnancy vlog from my first pregnancy!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due at the end of this month! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation in Ivory Beige
– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
– Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– NARS Orgasm Blush
– LA Creative Illuminating Powder in Stardust
– Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette
– Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner
– Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil in Onyx
– CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
– Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Desirable

Nail Polish
– Barry M Silk Nail Paint in “Mist”

– Soaked in Luxury

Nursing/maternity Top
– Boob

– Heatons

– Earrings from Orelia
– Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad
– Bracelets from Alex & Ani


DanielleBabyBliss says:

This is so exciting! Team April 1st!

Rebecca Ann says:

I always read the comments on here because everyone’s so positive :) you
get a lot of hate on the vlogs ! Ignore them Anna your beautiful and happy
all the time and if your abit snappy who cares your a pregnant woman :)
hope junior comes soon !! Xx

darygal64 says:

Anna, you are so pretty… You look like a model even at 40 weeks!!

Angela Dick says:

I AM SO EXCITED FOR JUNIOR!!! YAY! I love that you are so honest in these
updates about preganancy. It is wonderful! You look amazing, Anna!

Anna Saccone says:

New video is live! My last pregnancy vlog – 40 Weeks Today!

EcoholicBeauty says:

Wishing you well for the birth of your son, Anna!

pamela curtis says:

Oh my god when you said you were getting a membrane sweep for the third
time I was thinking what!! Your gonna have a third baby!! Hahaha! Xx

Melissa Corrigan says:

Would you be interested or brave enough to show a post partem vlog? I think
part of that process is just as important. Im 15 weeks into my first
pregnancy ^_^ well done anna they were beautiful pregancys 

chattycathy1674 says:

Aww, he’ll come when the time is right 😉 My first was two weeks late and
induced. Second was a week late and I went into labour naturally. As soon
as Junior is here, it’ll be as if it’s always been that way 😉 xx

allycatangel1 says:

You are remaining me so much of Julia Roberts lately. 

boggie cruz says:

so pretty and glowy. =D stunning beauty

Kaylyn Val says:

will you ever have another baby after this one?!?!?

Eva Ukman says:

Looking at this video and the 40 week video with Emilia, I swear the bumps
look exactly the same! This one looks maybe a tad smaller but basically

sw33tshelly says:

Stretch marks suck. If someone else tells you differently they’re lying. 

treehillmeanshome says:

You’re so beautiful, Anna. Don’t let anybody judge you, please. You look
absolutely stunning and also your character is just amazing! I really love
listening to you, because your voice is very pleasant :) Greetings and best
wishes to all of you from Germany!

rainbowpony says:

You are amazing, Anna. Such an intelligent, kind and honest person. Hugs
and best wishes for you and Junior and Emilia!

Irah Fresco says:

How do you maintain your face structure when you’re pregnant? Some pregnant
woman does have double chin and it’s hard to get rid of it. Any tips?

Hoping to see junior soon! Much love. Xx

HelloImElsa says:

I got stretch marks as a really young teen because I suddenly grew in to a
woman’s body super fast, I hate them and I expect to get a lot of them when
I get pregnant :( 

MrsKirstySB says:

Hopefully little Edward will be here soon. My bet is still on April 3rd. :)

Krazyglamcat says:

Anna please reply to me!

Rebecca Coco says:

You don’t even look pregnant from the back, I don’t know why but I thought
you would be able to tell! Looking beautiful as always :)

Elizabeth Markham says:

Anna, your baby bump is beautiful. You are a beautiful women and even more
beautiful when pregnant. I have enjoyed so much going on this journey with
you. My children are grown now so I can in a way relive what it was like
when I had my children. You are an amazing Mother and others should take
note of how happy Emilia is. I can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby
boy. Thanks always for sharing such a wonderful part of you life with
others. We love you.

preservid says:

WHOO HOO, Come on Jr.! We are thinking of you today and this week! We will
be watching all social media for any updates!

Joey Fernandez says:

Aww! All the comments are good, positive comments! That makes my day! :D

Jessica Taing says:

You look like Julia Roberts to me all of a sudden… really pretty

Emily Griffin says:

I think they are calling him William, because Guglielmo in Italian means
William in English!!

≫ aWildflowerLife ≪ says:

Good luck, Anna! <3 I can’t wait to finally meet Junior :D

StrawberriesandTea1 says:

Babies can go healthily to 42 weeks if all looks good (NSTs, Scans, etc)!
No point in inducing if your baby needs more time. Patience, my dear.

Sarah Clark says:

thank you for being so real about stretch marks! I had an 11lb 6oz boy nine
years ago and I was gutted over my marks. I’m proud I had my boy don’t get
me wrong! but the stretch marks do still upset me to this day. your belly
is just gorgeous! 

Aimee Craig says:

I miss the pregnancy vlogs :( 

thebeashow says:

Is this your last baby?

steph kowalski says:

Good luck Anna in one of the blogs you said April 7th might be his birthday
and if so I’d be happy to share my birthday with him ;-)

aka says:

40, 41 or 42 weeks is not “too late” at all :)
Anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks is fine. Do they schedule inductions that
early in Ireland? :)

Nick Peek says:

What accent do you have? By the way, you’re very pretty.


Congrats can’t wait to see him soon

erikamerika83 says:

Best of luck to you, I hope everything goes well! Cant white to see your
baby boy!!!

Samm Vinesett says:

holy cheekbones

Laurell Roelofs says:

Lots of hugs as the day approaches!
Best of luck for a healthy and safe delivery!

nshida n says:

Hi there!
Congrats on your upcoming birth!

You look like you’ve dropped!
you haven’t got any stretchmarks!!! I used bio oil but sometimes it doesn’t
work too well.
Is there a technique u use when applying strechmark cream/bio oil? Perhaps
you could demonstrate on your next video?
Having said that, I hope to see more updates before you pop!!

bethany chapman says:

Anna, your hair looks AMAZING!!! It’s so beautiful… I love that look! 

Heather Bolton says:

Wishing you well !

Jessica Levett says:

What your going through I went through with my son who was born in march
and he was induced as well 

AnikazzzBeauty says:

sooooo excited to meet him!!!!

Jennifer Gonzales says:

You look great!! Hope baby comes soon!

nallely rojas says:

Aww we have the same due date:)

Romy Geertsema says:

Hi anna!!
You look so great!!!
I hope you have a good delivery! Big kiss

malin johansson says:

Don’t cut your hair!! You look sooo amazing with this length :)

AL10081 says:

Sorry! About the stretch marks :-) Soon we will see you giving birth to
your second child! I am pregnant with my second right now I am 25 weeks…

caitlin fraser says:

where did you get the bird cage light at the back its sooooooo cute doe

alexa-paige parkins says:

Do squats it helps bring labour in xxx

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