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Here’s an update on my VBAC plans at 40+3 weeks preggo!




PO Box 436
GPO P. Pinang
10750 Malaysia



The sun is always shining over here, so stay awhile!


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ErinandBaby says:

Thinking of you! <3 I hope this little man decides to come on his own.

AnastasiaRuby says:

I hope he comes on his own and soon! :) 

Samantha Shullo says:

Totally looks like he’s dropped. Hope everything goes well!

charlotte says:

Just this morning i was thinking “no update yet, maybe the litte one is
already here” :-)
and there it is, 40 weeks update.
good luck! <3

sandakerse says:

So glad Dr has given you and baby more time!! Hoping he makes his
appearance on his own!!

alittleaboutalot says:

Aw amanda I know waiting is the hardest! Hang in there mama!

Daily Vlogs Aruba says:

Baby will come when he is ready ! Don’t feel pushed to much by your doc !
Make some walks and why knows baby will come today or tomorrow ! I’m so
excited ! Any day, hour, minute now !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mommy on ARUBA !!!!

Jane Beljo says:

Good luck praying everything goes smoothly! :)

AvasWorld says:

You look amazing for being 40 weeks!! Im hoping your little guy will come
on his own very very soon! Good luck!

Avital Grin says:

I’m so glad you talked to your doctor! hopefully you’ll get your VBAC soon

DainaG23 says:

You look fab as always! I pray all goes well and you find comfort no matter
the delivery :)

Laura Santoro says:

Ooooh Amanda! I’m so excited!!! I totally understand you wanting a vaginal
birth. I don’t have any children.. yet, but I do know that I only want a
caesarean as a last resort, or if the baby is at risk. I’m British but live
in a Australia, and here they try to encourage caesarean a from the
beginning… Good luck! 

Emma Munro says:

Positive vibes your way Amanda. I hope baby gets the memo and comes on his
own! Much love

MsBMommy says:

Yay! I was wondering in your last video why they weren’t giving you more
time. That’s so great! 

brance2007 says:

Oh my gosh that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you!!

Dmgsalon2 says:

You look great!! Def looks like that belly has dropped a bit!! Hoping he
comes asap via VBAC :)
Good luck!! Can’t wait for pics :)

NATE G. says:

Belly shot @ 5:23

anusha mishra says:

Hang in there … God bless you :) many hugs n love to u :)

AmandaMuse says:

Quick update for you!

Sarah Fedotova says:

I am soo excited for you! It’s funny how anxious I am to “meet” him too.
Good luck with everything! I’m glad that your husband is there to help and
that your in laws will soon be there.

vagome says:

Just saw on twitter the picture of you and your handsome prince!! Congrats

Nadia romman says:

I feel for you, we are in the same boat here 40 weeks and 3 days, can’t
wait for my baby to come. We both need some labour dust 

Michelle Stanley says:

Praying for your body to do what it was created to do..sending happy vbac
vibes your way! However little one arrives I’m sure he will be worth the
wait! T&P with you and your family

Alisa Yun Wang says:

Do you speak malay language?

Avery Noelle says:

Oh my goodness! 

Round2Ready says:

I’m so excited for you! I hope you get a vbac!

Luciana Pro says:

Everything is going to be ok! Your baby will come to you healthy bringing
so much love to the family! It feels like yesterday you were giving us the
news you were pregnant – oh my! Time flew by!! Very happy for you all! :)

riccio167 says:

Try thyme tea (just dry leaves + hot water). In Finland midwives give it to
induce labor gently :) Good luck!

Frau Strudel says:

Ok, I know this sounds weird but I was afraid too about induction and my
doctor said to me (how can I say it in an elegant way???) that an “intimate
moment” with my husband could cause labor… And my baby boy arrived!!
Ahah! I know you’re probably tired but give it a try 😉 praying for you!
Kisses from Italy!!!

heyashleigh x says:

Good on you for having the courage to voice your feelings! Hope baby boy
comes out soon!

Monee Tube says:

Each night I’d lay down thinking I wonder if tonight’s the night and wake
up still pregnant. It’s hard! But hang in there mama! You have a most
gorgeous bump, enjoy it while it lasts!

Dal Az says:

So happy for you! I hope all goes well for you and baby :)

turmabab says:

I am so glad that you are so much haplier with your new plan. I keep my
fingers crossed for you that you little boy gets the party started soon. 

Ally Fender says:

You look absolutely glowing, I hope he arrives soon and I hope everything
goes smoothly with the labor! Best of luck to you girl! :) 

Rachel Corbett says:

I hope you get the delivery you want & I wish you all the hapiness for your
family and I hope that you finally get to see your beautiful baby! All the
very best! X

genocide_cutter says:

Hope everything goes well for you

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