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4 week pregnancy update and a belly shot! Pregnancy vlog 1


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My name is Myka and I am a 27 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and married to the man of my dreams. Best way to show your support is to subscribe to my channels and social media! Would love to hear from everyone :)


Myka Stauffer says:

#pregnancyvlog #pregnantbelly #bellyshot 

kevin lasley says:

Way to happy I’ve never seen a woman so happy before

Julie Sandle says:

You look fantastic, pregnancy suits you …your hair looks lovely curled
… Looking forward to sharing this journey with you both xx 

Meet the Chambers says:

Congrats! I just announced that I’m pregnant :) 

Susan WoodsSusanW says:

Your belly looks great!! 3 babies later my belly def doesn’t look like that

Leah Stitt says:

Love your intro music 😉 My kids and I always dance when our intro plays
with that song. I love it! You are soothing to listen to with your soft
voice. Excited to follow your pregnancy journey!

Amber Armstrong says:

My sense is more sensitive

Dawn A says:

I love your hair! Congrats on your baby.

Rocky Girolami says:

i like your long wavy hair it so beautiful.and your belly look so flat
being 4 months pregnant.looks like your belly button sits high.i think it
sexy.hope your not mad i said that.

sapphire07 says:

Myka you are gorgeous!!!

Ja CT says:

cute belly button

Kristen Kanae says:

It’s so cool to find somebody who vlogs and is as far along in their
pregnancy as I am! I’m 4 weeks and 5 days so I’ll definitely be

Rocky Girolami says:

i meant to say 4 weeks lol.

Lisa Young says:


Tiffany Sidden says:
Myka Stauffer says:

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