38 Week Pregnancy Vlog – THE LAST ONE!

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Hello my YT friends!

Welcome to my 38 Week Pregnancy vlog! This is going to be our last one, guys! What a journey it has been. In just a few days, Isaac will be here in my arms. Feels like yesterday we found out we were expecting. Now fast forward 9 months and here we are. He is no longer a little peanut anymore.

For the last time, I’ll be sharing news, symptoms, thoughts and feelings with you guys. It makes me feel quite emotional actually. I want to thank you all for being here throughout this incredible journey. The love, support and advice you have given me has been amazing. I could not be more thankful. I can’t believe just how much you guys care about little Isaac even though he’s not even here yet. He’s the luckiest baby in the world.

So on 27th August, I’ll be admitted into hospital and I will be induced on the 28th. I would really really appreciate your prayers guys. I believe faith can do all sorts of miracles. Please pray for us. Pray for a safe smooth delivery and I will be forever thankful.

Thank you once again for walking this journey with us. It’s been an honour sharing the experiences with you guys. We’re ready to move on to the next chapter together!

Love, Bubz xx

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vneveryone says:


teo s says:

When she said “hello everybody it’s bubz” i almost burst into tears right
then and there 

JoJo Koziol says:

everyone share this hashtag ☺ : #prayforbubz


Kate Guray says:

#prayforbubz cuz someone started it not me! Luv u bubz good luck!

EverythingFun says:

Plot twist: Naughty little Isaac is blocking his twin and that’s why her
belly is so big and the other peanut can’t be seen :3

Mira Marie says:

Dear Lindy and Tim :) You guys are going to be a parent on the 28th! And
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s actually very excited to meet
him. He’ll grow up to be a wonderful and amazing man just like his parents.
I’ll pray for you everyday even if baby Isaac is out. Alot of things will
change when he arrive. Lindy, I know you’re a very strong and positive
women and I know Tim will support you in anything you do. Goodluck Ng
family! And honestly everyday after school I’ll check if you upload any
videos because whenever I feel down your videos makes me happy. And when
I’m happy…. I’ll be even happier watching your videos! God Bless! Lots of
love from Malaysia :)

Roar says:

So confused. Why did she try to get pregnant if she did not want to be?
There is such a thing as birth control. 

MissAnimeFreak93 says:

Isaac is going to grow up very good looking if he looks like Rikki ;D Aww i
cant waaait 😀 ^_^

ndisfoshiz says:


ochikeron says:

oh… that pep sounds too ouching… but you made me laugh when you put
your butt in the fridge. hehe

what about the fetal echo?! can you tell from the echo who issac looks
like?! hehe

i totally understand your concern… time is always not enough. i have been
living with my darling for 11 years and got married 4 years ago. but I
still question if i am ready to have a baby… (i think my parents and my
friends wondered a lot because i never wished to have a baby) but watching
your vlog changed my idea. you always give me positive ideas being pregnant
(as a youtuber & creator). and it is funny, once i wished, i got pregnant
quite soon, due december. i still have many worries but i thank to my baby
for coming.

i always pray for your health :)

Lydia Zhao says:

I was an 8 pound baby, so it’s all good! 😀 good luck <3

eviita nails says:

aww bubz god bless you hunny i just founf out today im expecting bby #2 im
so exciteddd

Chloe Gould says:

Its the 28th today :) sending lots of love and possitive energy your way
bubz! x x

Rena Jackson says:

Bubz!! Or lindy…. Anyways, one, I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and I
hope that your guys would stay strong til Peanut is here! Anyways, I have a
question and I would appreciate it if you answer, but would you be vlogging
during your entire pregnancy? I hope you will get better

ouamrane Narimene says:

Pregnancy has 40 weeks not 38 weeks

Bludbender says:

I bet she’s not gonna show us Isaac until she’s home and makes a video on
it. I mean, good, she needs her rest from the internet right now. :P

stephanie wang says:

Lindsey I love you so much you will be okay!!! Can’t wait to see Isaac !!
The baby will look like you both , you both are very good parent to Isaac
.. …

MsKillerqueen5 says:

You were huge, wow! You are such a trooper

doyoulikepotatoes says:

Your little brother is… cute :> omg hahaha! Anyway the hives sounded
quite bad! Really glad that everything’s fine for y’all now :)

Margarita Camacho says:


Becky&Michael says:

I fell pregnant 2 months after we booked or wedding. I was 18.5 weeks
pregnant on the day we got married and I only have 7 weeks until my due
date! I cant wait to meet my little baby girl! Good luck in your labour
hope your baby is healthy x

MishezzieMay says:

I feel sad, like it’s the end of Bubz’s channel, kind of like a curtain
going down at the end of a show “thanks for watching, that’s it folks, off
to live life now.” Bye bye Bubz!!

Claire Bates says:

I’m scared to have kids now, hearing about how much pain she’s having. I
have a low pain tolerance. And I wouldn’t want an epidural, I’d want to do
it without all the drugs in my system. I hope I don’t have that much pain
whenever I have kids. Praying for you, Lindy!! Hugs!

Deb C says:

Your just too cute! Congrats on the new baby you soon will have. You will
be an awesome mother. 

Vy Tran says:

Congratz bubz! We love you

Kait Calista says:

My belly was huge too when I was pregnant lol

Lucy Loveland says:

Oh bubz I feel like it’s only been a few days since i started watching your
channel, but it’s been years. Thank you so much!!! I hope you, Tim, and
Isaac have the most amazing journey ever! We love you!!!:) 

Christine Genova says:

I am desperate to see the baby. I know I’m not the only one!!

cherryred2002 says:

Im an august girl (bday is in august) so i felt so young but i was born on
the 8th but he is 29th i believe.

Christy Loomis says:

Wow, I didn’t know you where pg. And didn’t know you had this chanel.

_ShammySam says:

I’m so so happy for you bubz and tim! :”D

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