36 WEEKS PREGNANCY VLOG! Pain, Exhaustion, Cravings, Darkened Hair? [LeeshaVlogs]

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Chwelsea says:

A little bit?!? Understatement of the year! Don’t worry I forgive you

SullenxRiot182 says:

I lovelovelove that little corner shelf that’s hanging up – where is it
from? I’ve been looking for something like that for my sons’ room!

Chwelsea says:

Can’t promise mom will…

Temptalia Beauty Blog - Makeup Reviews says:

Hope your ribs feel better and fingers crossed the time goes by quickly! <3

Jeanie Williams says:

The last 4 weeks suck! Excuse me for being so frank, but I spent them in
the mondth of August, in hot and humid South Carolina. I couldn’t breathe,
none of my clothes fit and when I did venture out for a little while,
people actually gawked at me like I was going to deliver my baby right in
front of them! I ate ice cream that entire month and did very little.
Don’t feel guilty if you have no energy at this point. Oh, and the
memory…….doesn’t come back! BTW I have a gorgeous 17 year old boy who
is the love of my life so it is worth it!

gipsie100 says:

You look beautiful, you have a gorgeous baby bump. Listen to your body try
not to over do things & get plenty of rest If you haven’t done anything all
day it doesn’t matter :) xxx

Alexandra Seppey says:

I went over my due date, but it depends on which one you go with lmao. I
had three. The first place told me 8-23, then my doctor told me 8-21, then
the ultrasound tech told me 8-18. My son was born on 8-23. =] It makes the
last couple weeks (like 38-42) SO much more bearable if you convince
yourself that pregnancy is 42 weeks. That way, if you go over your due
date, she’s born before 42 weeks! So you never hit the “max”, you can think
of it as being ahead of schedule. I know it made me feel way better at
least. I know those last weeks drag like hell. Try to relax and do fun
things for you, like go see movies or do a few “date nights” a week, stuff
that you won’t be able to do AS much after she’s born. It’ll help keep your
mind off how many days you have left.

PurpleKisses1110 says:

You are by far the cutest preggo lady ever!!! 

Monica Perales says:

I so was not going over my due date!! My doctor gave me a choice to be
induced or just wait til my water broke…I was like oh no i don’t think
so! So i was induced 1 day before my due date and i was very happy bout
that.. 6/27/01 @ 05:37pm /10 lbs 2 oz almost 22 inched long… boy was i
ever glad. 

Emilia Lace says:

Pregnancy seems so straining on the body D: it’s amazing that we’re
actually capable of accommodating that much! 

Trish Vieira says:

You have such a cute personality. I can tell you’re going to make a great
mother :)

Krissy L says:

Do you ever feel creeped out that you basically have a stalker in the form
of ForeverKailyn/KailynMarie/kaikhaod or whatever else she calls herself
now? I know she has copied your videos and channel a lot in the
past/present. But now I hear that she is having to get induced cause of
her gestational diabetes and the toll that unhealthy weight gain has taken
on her body, so she picked the 27th since that is your due date. That is
very creepy. And I mean if she’s going to the extreme of trying to have
her baby the same time you are supposed to, why doesn’t she copy you in a
good way. Like getting her own home and living with her spouse. She’s
nuts. Anyways, I hope you take precautions with how much you share about
your own little sweet one or else she’ll be doing weird shit like stealing
your photos and photoshopping her baby with yours in order to pretend
they’re bffs.

kann420 says:

I don’t want to feed you any horrible labor stories. My first born was
SMOOOTH sailing during labor/delivery. My water broke on it’s own at 40
weeks exactly and it was 5 hours of labor and only 1 hour of pushing for a
beautiful 8 pound 1/4 ounce baby boy!! I’m calling 8 pounds at least for
your baby girl! :) Happy laboring and delivery!! I can’t believe you are
so close. I have loved following you and can’t wait to meet the baby!!

ReesieRoo1 says:

You should get another prenatal massage! Sounds like you need the

Alexandria Buford says:

First time mom and I went into labor at 34 weeks. I had my son at 35 weeks
and he weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces. The doctor said he would’ve been at
least 8 pounds had I gone full term! The nursery is super cute. I can’t
wait to see baby violet! I am sure she will be beautiful just like you. 

Kat Ashe says:

You don’t look like you’ve dropped, but if you think you have, then you
most likely have. Everyone’s different, and what you described sounds
right. The downward pressure is yuck. Hope you feel better (even though I
know you won’t, lol)!

MissAnaM86 says:

Your belly is so cute!

Melissa Vasquez says:

OMG your belly is huge :)

Jen Rae says:

My First baby was almost born in ambulance, he was 8 lbs 2 oz. My 2nd baby
was 9lbs 12 ozs so the doctor induced me 2 weeks early on my next 3
babies…I didn’t get an epidural on any of the births but I did get
something to make me sleep in between the contractions…the contraction
are the worst of it in my opinion, you’ll know when you need to push very
big pressure feeling…just feels like almost over now feeling..but the
best feeling is when you finally hear the baby cry!! And you realize that
it wasn’t that bad. I guess that’s why I had 5. My oldest is 18 youngest 9

Emmely454 says:

Everyone needs their own Paul (:

Camilla Fluffpuff says:

Definitely think she’s coming early :)

Rachael Treece says:

She has dropped a bit but not fully yet. 

HeythereApril says:

I went into labor at 37 weeks on the dot. It was so strange too because I
wasn’t dilated at all at my 36 week check up and when my water broke and I
went to the hospital I was only half a centimeter dilated. He wanted out of
there haha 

samanthachristine89 says:

We are getting so close! Just keep pushing (pun intended haha) through! I
have been really slacking on getting things done this time. I already had
everything done and ready by this time with my first. I still have so much
to get and I keep telling myself I have time…haha

Rosy R. says:

You have the cutest belly ever omg.
And also, don’t get your hopes up on going over. My sister was a first time
mom and she had her baby 2 weeks earlier than the due date haha

Margie M says:

have you and paul looked into doing orgasmic child birth?

TheEagals Nest says:

You look great! Love the polka dots :)

bcgrote says:

Not doing anything? Girl, you are growing an ENTIRE NEW PERSON!!! If all
you did for the rest of June was sit and drink water and nibble and eat ice
cream, you are still doing the most amazing work!

LOL, Paul was right, those dots were weird! But your bump is lovely. I
agree, she’s definitely going to be in the 7 – 8 pound range. Maybe long,
because daddy is tall, but it’s hard to guess length. You could come at
about 38 weeks, because yeah, there’s all baby in there!

You could just sit and film the cats and Leia, and maybe your mom or
whoever comes over to cook or whatever, and that would be fine with me!

RitzyVixy says:

I’m a hair stylist & colorist & I can say for sure that the change in
hormones during pregnancy & sometimes even during menstration can cause the
hair color or bleach to not lift up as light as it’s supposed to. When your
coloring hair using a high lift blonde hair color the first part of the
development is the peroxide that lifts the hair color to a lighter level
then the second part deposits the tone. If you use bleach it does the same
as the first part of a high lift color, it’s just a little stronger &
faster & you usually have to tone afterwards. But either way, if you’re
trying to lighten even naturally blonde hair to platinum like the length of
your hair, it’s practically impossible to get it to go past that gold
stage. Before my niece was pregnant, I bleached her hair out platinum
similar to yours all the time with no issues & didn’t even have to tone it,
but when I tried to do it while she was pregnant, even though it was the
exact same thing, it was gold. Your hair may have gotten a little darker,
but more than likely it’s your hormones that are changing the pH of your
hair that’s making it harder to lighten. You still look beautiful!! :)

Tricia Warren says:

I looked exactly like you when I was 9 months pregnant. God I feel for you.
Sleeping was the worst. I would stare at my husband as he slept so
peacefully and just wanted to punch him. Lol. Had to sleep sitting up cuz I
literally couldn’t breathe otherwise. I hope you continue your vlogs. I’m a
fairly new subscriber and I really enjoy them.

Sara Renee says:

I absolutely love your videos. Your so bubbly in them! I’m pregnant too at
the moment and every time I start watching your video the baby starts
kicking and move, so the baby likes them too.

Hollylizzie says:

You’re doing a great job! The last month seriously sucks but it’ll be over
soon. Just rest and relax while you can.

I remember my first trimester I did so good because I craved salads a
lot…by my third I just wanted ice cream and slurpees lol. 

mascerica says:

You look adorable! I was induced 6 days early with my first one. They told
me she was going to be big but she was 6 lbs 7 Oz and 19 inches. My second
one was two weeks early and he was 8 lbs 14 Oz and 21 inches. I would have
had a 10 pound baby if he had went to term. I think you have dropped a
little. If you can breathe easier and she is in position then you probably
have dropped some. You can tell when it gets close your belly shifting
more. Good luck and can’t wait to see her beautiful little face! 

Mutilated Harlot says:

Ahg. I read the comments on the other vid, but for some reason I absolutely
love your hair like this. Like if you do decide to grow your hair out
longer, give it a ombre effect with the blonde other platinum ends and ash
blonde the rest of the way. I find darker blondes look absolutely stunning
on people with color eyes and light complexion. 

marnzk says:

Your belly is cute! Can’t believe it’s at the home stretch!!! I’ve been
watching for ages but following all your vids and pregnancy vlogs and
commented on one of your first ones as you were sick and I had not long
given birth and was sick the whole time (which I totally don’t miss) and
now my baby is about to turn 1!!! Take lots and lots of photos because you
blink and it goes so quick!!! Oh and you’ve done an amazing job with her
room xx

Cassie Moore says:

I hated pregnancy in the beginning and in the end. I was so tired from lack
of sleep and so soar everywhere in the end. And it does go by soooooo slow
because ur in the home stretch and you just want it over. And every day ur
like “Is this labour? What can I do to make Labour start.” But it will all
be over soon and baby violet will be in ur arms!

Ris Weaver says:

I didn’t know it was called lightning crotch, but that is funny! With my
first baby I would say that he had found the exit hatch and was trying to
claw his way out. If it makes you feel better, it isn’t nearly as bad the
second time around. Eat a banana each morning or evening and it should help
with the cramping, also (for my pregnancies anyway) chocolate milk helped.
You look great, and your attitude seems great, so just hang in there, she
will be here before you know it!

alyssa says:

It never looked like my son dropped either, I just carried high. Also I’m a
first time mom and delivered my son the day after my due date. I don’t
think first time mom’s necessarily carry longer, I think it just depends on
how accurate your due date is- if you know when you conceived. 

FavouriteDarkness says:

That room is so freaking cute :)

Miechelle Juul Hwang says:

you look glowing – You always look pretty but this video you have a natural
shine/ pregnancy though uncomfortable, becomes you :)

JaimeLynn says:

So, just thought I would share that one of my really good friends (who is
completely nuts/amazing) did the Iron Man challenge during her pregnancy
and ran a couple miles the day before she had her baby. She came a day
late, and we all thought she was insane, but it worked for her.

NamiSpaz says:

With my first child, I actually had her two days before my due date so that
whole thing with going over your due date when you’re a first time mother
isn’t always true. Just go on walks a lot. I walked everyday for a week and
I went into labor. Just being active helps a lot. Don’t try castor oil
because I heard it makes you unnecessarily sick and miserable and spicy
food will just aggravate your heartburn.

Jolene Ramirez says:

You might be get those lightening like pains low in your pelvis when she
stretches out, her head will push down against your pelvis when she
kicks/stretches, especially since she’s getting longer and stronger. I
honestly don’t think she’s dropped yet, at least it doesn’t look like it, I
remember, my belly was literally down by my crotch, it looked and felt like
a bowling ball was between my legs, haha, (I’m sure you feel like that)
yours still looks a bit high.

liquidsweep says:

I know how you feel that the next few weeks are going sooooo slow. Mine is
a completely different context to yours I’m so looking forward to going on
holiday at the beginning of next month and getting away from work for a few
days. Your videos give me something to look forward to and I love hearing
about what you get up too :)

DarkAndiel says:

I’m 35w today and oh yes, I know all about lightning crotch!! It’s painful.
And bruised ribs and hips and all the tiredness but not being able to
sleep, frequent bathroom trips and hunger, but eating nothing and being
full! Isn’t pregnancy a joy! Hahaha.
On the home strecth now so don’t worry, it will all be gone when she

Laura in Bookland says:

I went two weeks early with my first son and on my due date for the second
one. So be prepared for anything!

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