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Hey guys! :) We are officially 9 months pregnant! I can’t believe that we are only 4 weeks away from meeting Emilia! We had our antenatal classes after we filmed this video and they were so informative, now we are really excited to meet her! :) xoxo


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Amelia Handy says:

Who is Jofus 

bbibbies88 says:

You two are so adorable! 

Vicky J says:

How old they now?

Rachel Snow says:

36 weeks pregnant. I feel your pain! The last month feels like it takes

Megan Hill says:

just realising watching this and anna is about 36 – 37 weeks pregnant this
is too cute xx

Julie Davidson Smith says:

Preganancy can be hard but also very inspiring. I have always art but
having another person inside my body definately affected my process and
then Abigail came. It’s when they come out that we really transform. If you
enjoy being creative and are struggling to find energy or need some
inspiration you might enjoy my Art, Motherhood, Passion video diary. It’s
focus is on my journey as an artist into motherhood and then from
motherhood reclaiming my art once again…it’s a slow process but an
exciting one. Just Google Art, Motherhood, Passion – take care everyone and
get some sleep!

Katie King says:

You guys are so funny! love your vlog!!

Miss Stacey says:

The two of you are so adorable

TheAdrianne10 says:

13:33 xD

LadyPennyroyal says:

Anna, you’re not an elephant!! LOL =)

Katinaa says:

Oh god you’ll be such great parents! So happy for you :))

sommarvinter says:

I can’t believe it’s 36 weeks already! Good luck to you both!

Orla Mc Guinness says:

I find it HIGHLY insulting to be called northern. So no.

Killian M says:

Can I ask how tall u are Anna?

estevens2011 says:

You guys look great, so much healthier and happier now…lol…such a great
happy little family!!

Amy Reynolds says:

You are NOT an elephant!!! Lol You are lovely preggers lady.

mintimouse says:

It’s so cute how your doing the video together !:)

Jessica Carter says:


rosiefreckle says:

I was premature, in a hospital for days. Its an issue very close to my

Diamondz4Diamante says:

Ohhhhh Anna your beautiful and my brother and I were both premature babies
and we are growing just fine :)

lily axman says:

anna lived in the usa until she was seven. as for jonathon, he has a slight
american twang but i don’t think he really sounds american. a lot of
dubliners have that accent.

Amanda Nicole says:

My little brother was born 4 months premature and I was born with a clubbed
foot and both of my legs turned in. We’re both completely normal and
healthy now :) he’s 17 and I’m almost 21

David Rainbow says:

im only like 2 months, and im the same weight…:P

368days says:

OOH MY GOOD the cupcake hat is so incredibly CUTE 😀 ! I LOVE IT!

jenfehr1 says:

My husband was 3 months early and weighed 1 pound 10 oz He is a miracle! He
is 29 years old now and completely healthy!Love you guys! It’s so cool to
look back at these times, and now precious Amilia is here! And so freakin

xsassyxbluex says:

Anna: aww albi wants to get up on the chair, you wanna go up, here you go.
Puts him on the chair … Scrach, scratch, scratch. Anna: no abli Picks him
up and moves him Albi:grrr Lol

Jessica Carter says:

Your not an Elefant

Kat Twist says:

Hahaha, the thing they’re talking about with months and weeks is just that
there’s actually more than 4 weeks in a month – there’s usually 31 days, so
4 weeks and a bit, so the whole pregnancy to your due date is 9 calendar
months, not 10 :) so at 36 weeks you’re still around 8 months pregnant to
the calendar.

Kate Hunt says:

Hi guys:) Just thought i’d say about the premmy babies! My cousin had her
baby months early and she was in ICU etc for 3 months, came home 4 days ago
on 0.01 oxgyen but doing so well! When i saw her it was such a shock to my
system, so glad everything is well with your pregnancy anna xo

dennyrose says:

you look gorgeous, Anna! ♥

PurpleMochiPants89 says:

Irish ?

Whitney Dees says:

what kind of dog is that? is it a shih tzu? I had a white shih tzu and
someone stole her… :(

mvcmilan says:

honestly you are one of the prettiest pregnant women ever… you are
glowing like no other and you are absolutely beautiful… what a lucky baby
to have such a gorgeous mom <3

emerr95 says:

Anna I’m 138, I’m 16 and not pregnant….awkward

Julie xo says:

these videos are going to be so cool for you guys to look back on when
emilia older, but also just your daily vlogs in general because you guys
have documented so much of your lives like your wedding!!

Alexandra Otero says:

I love watching these old videos! So sweet now that you have Emilia!

Jasmine Last says:

You make me sick!!! You don’t even look pregnant from behind xx

Morgan Burns says:

anna I weigh 135 and im not even pregnant and im really young

hauberbl says:

Oh girl do I feel you! I’m 31 weeks and I feel like a house! Vi look much
bigger than you however and am ahead of you by about 5 lbs. so trust me u
look great!

daphrodite80 says:

When a pregnant becomes 36 weeks, we say that she is entering her 9th month
of pregnancy. 9th month = weeks 36 to 40.

kmrkat78 says:

How tall are you? Have you measured your belly around the fullest part?

MultiYeahx3 says:

you are also from the north !

Pamela Anderson says:

Um I live in the US sweet pea and I had c section scheduled at 37 weeks per
my request. Yes they do it. They did for me and they do for a lot of people
actually, you dont have to be a star or celebrity to get that procedure
done. I gave birth to a healthy, fully developed baby. So please, do your
research and widen your horizons a bit. Then write something

misaki covington says:

such a cute stuff u bought for her!

Christinaaahhhify says:

omg im 143, not pregnant. & i heard her say im 141 & died a little inside,

mariesara says:

You’re not 9 months pregnant, you’ve entered the 9th month, it is
different…. You will be actually 9 months when you reach the 40th week

thekalli98 says:

your husband is hilarious!!

Orla Mc Guinness says:

How do you both have American accents if you’re Irish? Im Irish and dont
sound like yous!

Ukulitka says:

that’ll be so awesome for emilia to watch all these pregnancy vlogs when
she gets older 😉

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