36 Week Pregnancy Vlog! Almost there!

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Hello my beautiful YT family!

Welcome to my 36 Week Pregnancy update! I’m officially 9 months pregnant!!! Bun is almost ready! He’s certainly getting big and might be here early! Doctors are looking into getting him here earlier anyways.

Today, I’ll be sharing more thoughts and symptoms with you guys. I’ve been feeling BIG, lazy and uncomfortable BUT also happy and relaxed. Tim and I are going on as many dates as possible before Isaac’s arrival. I’m cherishing each moment now while anticipating the future =)

We don’t know if there will be a pregnancy update for 38 weeks. We shall see, hehe!

Love, Bubz xx

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Bubzvlogz says:

Hey guys! Maybe Youtube is having a little glitch right now so for some of
you, it shows as playback error. Looks like it’s not HD ready yet either.
Please give it some time!! ^_^ I’m sure it will work soon enough. Enjoy the
rest of the weekend everyone. I’m off to watch more Suits hehe!! Goodnight

Gamergamer says:

Imagine she has surprise twins!! Idk why I just thought of that…..

MissSunshine221 says:

what the hell i swear she just told us she was pregnant like a few weeks

romypepper says:

Please continue the ‘pregnancy’ vlogs after birth where you tell us how
Isaa/ doing and stuff!

Kinuoxx says:

Do a belly cast!!

Laura Bridge says:

Can’t express how happy and excited I am for you bubz! Don’t worry AT ALL
about videos slowing down, you need to just enjoy the baby and Tim and take
some time off from YouTube and get settled!(: love ya girly sending lots of
prayers your way!

ochikeron says:

time flies! almost there 😀 i think everybody is having a chance of
getting cesarean, so it is better if you are well prepared!!! i am happy
that you and Issac are doing fine and healthy!!! great Issac is absorbing
well <3

LaNoir says:

This enormous belly really scares me…the only reason why I never wanted
to be a woman…oh and the period ofc.
I think you should be glad to be on drugs if the “great day” comes… =_=”

seragakiss says:

Sending my prayers that you have a healthy delivery and, regardless if you
get the c-section or not, an extra safe and easy recovery! We (as in all
your fans) love you <3

L KC Toby says:

Would the size of Issac be related to her eating habit…?

Kayland Johnson says:

+Bubzvlogz You’re baby is so big! ^^ It amazes me how strong Mommies are.
Everyday you seem so happy despite the discomfort. :) It’s so cool and
amost magical(even though it’s just science XD)how the baby is in there and
how he’s waiting to see the one who carried him for 10 months. 😀 I wish
you the best of luck Bubz!!!! 

Katga95 says:

You look so cute with the big belly! Can’t wait to see baby Isaac :)

TaraMcb123 says:

Hey Lindy! I completely doubt You will need a c-section. (Not positive
that’s the right word, I have never experienced birth)

Piikuliina says:

♥♥♥ No wonder baby Isaac is growing so much. You love him SOOOO much so
that he’s absorbing all those beautiful feelings you have for him :)
Hehe, your belly kinda looks like you stuffed a gigantic pillow under your
shirt 😀 I’m so excited to meet him!


as a side note: If you’re that kind of person that loves beauty, hairstyles
and fashion, you’d be the kind of person that I’d love to share my content
with ♥ Just come over, chill with me and be happy :))) ♥♥♥ Lots of love!!

MissButterCon says:

I have been wondering that why pregnancy is always counted and informed as
a weeks? O-o I mean couldn’t it be easier to say that you’re 3 months
pregnant and not 12 weeks (this is an example)? I mean I just don’t
understand… And after the child is born and she/he/it is (example) a two
years old why people say 24 months?O_O I have been wondering this a while
and people gets really mad at me because of asking this (online I mean)
even I do not mean this in a bad way…o–o but anyway can someone enlight
me about this topic without any name calling?^^ I’m just wondering…~

But anyway Bubz, I love your videos and keep up the good work on the videos
and your family~!♡ ^^

Ellie Knight says:

it’s like renesmee in twilight 😉 

Alex Choe says:

When you mention the Braxton Hicks contractions, all I can think about is
the “Friends” episode where Rachel has her contractions hehe :) anyway,
CONGRATULATIONS on your 36th week!

Mary Nehme says:

When’s her due date?
+bubzbeauty +Bubzvlogz 

kokeshiseagull says:

so happy you reached 36 weeks with no incidents 😀 from week 37 it’s
sconsidered a “finished” pregnancy and the baby will be born ok <3 can’t
wait to see him

kristyiswow11 says:

It happened to onisions Chanel too.

Divya Sood says:

why is the vid in 360p?

Victoria says:

I can’t watch the video

UnitatoDoesStuff says:

Yay!Bobz im soooooooo exited! :3

Alysha Tatum says:

Drink Raspberry leaf tea and bounce on a gym ball! :) they’re very good for
inducing labour

Abi Siva says:

This glitch is worse than waiting on the exo-l servers to be fixed..
:( #firstworldproblems

radaradaitsbob says:

Glad you’re doing well Bubz! Are you going to vlog during the birth? 

Mataya Nolast says:

Isaac is so big her stomach almost looks fake. LOL

Azzie Chau says:

Are you gonna bring chubbi and domo with you to the hospital if you’re
going through contractions or they don’t allow them? 

missuniquex says:

Bubz! I just had a baby too and the drs told me the same exact thing they
are telling you :/ I really wish you would be able to get back to me
through a message or something because my birth plans were so ruined for me
that I hit post partum depression really bad. I couldn’t even take care of
my child properly because I would cry my eyes out with everything. I would
literally wish that I would have listened to my mother and not let them do
a c section on me. They try to push c seconds like crazy now a days and
will say anything to get you to do it. They told me my baby was way too big
and she had to come out 2 weeks early. When she was born she weighed about
2 1/2 lbs les than wat they “expected.” I would cry and I wished my baby
would go back inside and wait for her to arrive on her time. Every week
counts for them to stay in your belly, the last weeks of pregnancy works on
the babys brain. Its kinda like follow drs orders. .. but if you set your
mind on a c section, there’s no point in trying to have him early. I really
hope my tips help. If you have any other questions or concerns our want to
know about experiences, ask me and I’ll be so happy to help! ^-^/ good
day!!! Or night lol

Lynn H says:

Hi bubz! Been watching you since forever! Just this week we found out I’m
pregnant on my second child! You should not worry about how big your son
will be because my doctor said first son had a huge head lol. I am 5’1 and
petite too n I had to be induce cuz I was a day overdue but you’ll be fine
just couple stitches though. Lol. Can’t wait to see your son! 

Ashleigh Munnelly says:

Where is she from? She has a northern-Irish type accent. Correct me if I’m
wrong. Also, what is her name? I’m a brand new subbie!!!

FullofDestiny says:

Omg so soooooon! So excited to see him! :) From what it looks like, I think
baby is gonna come a little bit early than expected but we’ll see! 

ThePurpleDot says:

And if Judy from itsjudyslife can give birth to twins normally, I think you
give birth to a baby boy.

Tutoriale Crix ღ♥ CRISTINA MARIN ♥ღ says:

Hemorrhoids come after birth not always before!

LadyFox PS says:

You know your close when you suddenly get a burst if energy and clean

Momolinlin says:

15kg weightgain is normal~ and stretchmarks too! you should be proud
because it means you take best care of yourself and the baby inside!
I can’t wait to see isaac <3

I have never been so close to a pregnant woman XD it’s like a friend gets a
baby and tells me about it every day, the good AND the bad stuff 😀 <3

xxnia says:

is Cesarean a bad thing? :(

Keren Lima says:

How old is she im new ^_^

luvspurple1969 says:

First thought…….”OH MY ACHY BREAKY BAAAAAACK” Pooor THANG!!!!!! Tim is
DEFINITELY going to have to do some “babysitting” so YOU can get that back
massaged!!!!!! PPPPOOOOOOOR BABY!!!!! Your SO TINY and that back MUST be
SUPER STRONG!!!!! xD Can’t WAIT to see PEANUT!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO Okay now
Peanut take it easy on your mother alright???? xD

Piggythelaw says:

I got really uncomfortable when she described the swab… *shivers*

Kristle Aranas says:

omg, bubs! ive been watching all your blogs about your baby! & i know how
you feel about stretch marks D: im 29 weeks right now & thanks for all the
help and info! (: <3 

Erica Vincent says:

It won’t play on my phone I’m crying rage tears right now 

Gab xo says:

oh my lord, that looks so uncomfortable! But I wish you the best on the day
that you deliver your little angel! :) 

Olivia Bortz says:

Can someone convert the weight part to pounds for me?

destiny caldwell says:

OMG 😀 congrats!

it looks like twins though! your belly is so big!

My not normal life says:

I hope you have it good the time you get your baby ☺️☺️

Bella Maldonado says:

Please check my campaign. It would mean a lot! Thanks!

dragonvian pollard says:

U have a massive belly for a small girl 

Lilly Park says:

Holy crap she’s huge! Wow, I was caught so off guard

Mariana Blueshine says:

Your belly is huge for just having one baby! Wow!

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