35 weeks pregnant | IVF pregnancy diary: my last week pregnant

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Hey thanks for watching! We are the Orange family. Subscribe to my channel to watch our Journey to baby #1(and now baby # 2 ! ) We were ttc over 2 years due to PCOS. Clomid and Puregon failed but we got our BFP Dec 2010 using IVF! Here I update with pregnancy symptoms , baby buys, live belly shots, ultrasounds, my baby shower and eventually at 37 weeks pregnant the Birth of our miracle baby Roman.


gabriellsbaby says:

Does your clinic have telemetry (wireless monitering) so you can at least
walk and get into a position you might feel more comfortable in? You may be
able to use a yoga ball and be on the moniter. Keep your baby bag super
light. Your look beautiful. Your worries are justified, it will all work
out, remember the goal is healthy mom and healthy baby. You and Roman will
Rock your birth!

stroxalarb says:

So sorry your labour/birth won’t be turning out the way you would have
liked. My daughter was born footling breech so they monitored me the entire
labour, couldn’t get out of bed at all. I highly recommend the epidural as
it helps relax you and usually helps progress the labour when you are
restricted to bed. Good luck :).

Johnkristin1983 says:

Hey how’s it going , did you deliver roman?

IVF Mumma Vlogs says:

@stroxalarb I did end up getting an epi an I did relax after that I think i
actually slept nearly the whole day!

randv213 says:

holy cow your almost there…I cant believe how fast your pregnancy is
going for me lol

Laura Younker Black says:

You look absolutely amazing!! Hang in there, Roman will be here soon!!
Praying for you :)

sbcharger ful says:

For some reason I feel like you have already delivered baby Roman! Can you
do an update soon?? I miss your videos!

IVF Mumma Vlogs says:

@gabriellsbaby no wireless unfortunately I ended up being on the bed the
whole time!

IVF Mumma Vlogs says:

@malabooluvu thank you and good luck- I already want to do another FET I
just love the anticipation!

Tina Taylor says:

It does seem like your pregnancy has flown by. Sorry your birth plan has
had to change but hope you find a plan you are happy with. Look forward to
hearing of Roman’s arrival. PS I packed so much stuff i never used in my
hospital bag.

malabooluvu says:

Hi, I’m a new subscriber ! My husband and I have just finished watching all
of you past videos. Brings back so many memories of IVF to us. We did IFV 4
years ago and had our daughter.She is starting school this year so we are
ready for another baby ! We are about to do IVF with 2 of our frozen
embryos. !! So excited ! I have cryed & cryed watching you past videos.
LOL. I know all to well the heartache of infertility. I wish you all the
best & will look forward to seeing you future videos .

Brad Winter says:

@sxikird I did it! After 4.5 years of trying, we finally did it :) I
followed some ideas on how to increase fertility. I’d watch this video
before its too late => bit.ly/M0N2JV?=gyhtnz

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