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Watch last time’s 35 week pregnancy vlog!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due March 24th 2014! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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Clothing from DPAM (Du Pareil Au Meme)

Baby boys’ sleepsuit

Tee-shirt (dark brown)

Tee-shirt (turquoise)

Baby boys’ Monster dungarees

Baby boys’ trousers (medium grey)

Pants (medium khaki)



– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation in Ivory Beige
– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
– Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– NARS Orgasm Blush
– LA Creative Illuminating Powder in Stardust
– Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette
– Be a Bombshell Liquid Liner in Onyx
– Dior Waterproof Liner in Carbon
– CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
– Rimmel Kate Lipstick 03

– Soaked in Luxury


Maternity Leggings

– Gold Topaz birthstone bracelet from Alex and Ani
– Gold bracelet set from Alex and Ani
– Earrings from Orelia (http://us.asos.com/Orelia-Sparkle-Hoop-Earring/11761e/?iid=3205217&cid=1930&Rf1011=4311&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=999&sort=-1&clr=Rosegold&utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=LinkShare&utm_content=USNetwork.3205217&utm_campaign=J84DHJLQkR4&cvosrc=Affiliate.LinkShare.J84DHJLQkR4&link=15&promo=317261&source=linkshare&MID=35719&affid=2135&WT.tsrc=Affiliate&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-J0lJZ_8ynh1Vi1JAbWOnNQ&r=2&mporgp=L09yZWxpYS9PcmVsaWEtU3BhcmtsZS1Ib29wLUVhcnJpbmcvUHJvZC8.)
– Scorpio necklace from my dad :)

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saraa joon says:

I know you said you prefer darker colours, but neon green, yellow, orange
and brighter colours would look cute too!

slrxxxxx says:

Your hair grows so fast 

Sveta Kontorska says:

What have u ate durjng pregnancy? U look like u didnt gained too much

Geek Cosmetic says:

I’m due exactly 2 months after you, on May 24th. Can’t wait!!! 😀 BTW, I
always loved your videos, for over 2 years now! ;-)

Houston and Mommy says:

My due date got changed all the time. I was really excited though when I
became a week ahead!!!! hahaha it was like going into the future!

Eve Wilson says:

its so crazy to see you with baby boy clothes!! ahhh exciteddd<3

smurfyhh says:

just because your measuring a week ahead doent mean your a week ahead !!!
you can go 2 weeks either way 

MammaJ55 says:

I would just stick with 34 since technically that’s what you really are. My
second measured ahead later in my pregnancy and my doc never changed my due
date and he came out weighing 6 lbs 14oz. It’s very common to “measure
ahead.” Those measurements are just estimates and hardly ever right. 

Maggie Ayala says:

Can u make a vid of exercises for pregnant ppl plzzz

Sara Johnson says:

Your weeks really haven’t changed babies come when they are ready. Due date
is an estimate. Lots of women measure a week ahead or behind it’s normal &
and not a big deal 

mackie1901 says:

Anna your hair looks so nice this length! 

Shay Mosshart says:

Will you do a video about how you are feeling/thinking about the move? Like
how Erika is feeling about it and other factors you considered?

hellonalah says:

when he is 3 months wont it be June? You brought al winter type stuff for
size 3 months.

amalina husni says:

Very happy for you anna!

Natalie Trigwell says:

I’m not even pregnant and I can’t get enough of these pregnancy vlogs! x

erica ortiz says:

Are you having a baby shower?

MissFDMakeup says:

Can’t believe how soon this has come around! So excited to meet little
Junior 😀 x

Michelle Charles says:

You are so pretty momma! I’m due with baby #5 September 25tb

Kardashian Beaut says:

your hair looks amazing the colour and length is soooo pretty, cannot wait
for baby boy jofee to arrive and be in your family vlogs.

Grace Wong says:

Ugly? Try super cute!

MyOwnTwistOnBeauty says:

you’re a great mummy :) 

Denise Connolly says:

Love the cute boys stuff saw something grey and blue in next I think it was
love next clothes but I thought of u when I saw 

jthanz87 says:

love ur outfit n i cant wait to see junior

Clare Elise says:

YAY to baby bump :) hee hee 

Sarah Cubbage says:

has she chosen a name for the baby?

Colleen Rose says:

I love you pregnancy v logs. It will be so neat for each of your children
to view them and see what their mom looked like when she was carrying them.
Wonderful memories :)

Milena Fortuna says:

Anna you look gorgeous.I can’t wait for Junior.He will be so cute in those

Brigid Visser says:

buttons on the back of outfits are the most awkward! When are you going to
lie your newborn on his back to do the buttons? I couldnt bare to do this
to my little one at this age. :(

Cadirroly 07 says:

Du pareil au même = same for same person 

Miranda McCaslin says:

whats his name?!

Mary K says:

So excited to meet Junior! :)

Christie McLeod says:

My son measured two weeks ahead from half way through my pregnancy to the
end but that didn’t mean that my due date changed. It stayed the same and
he was still born 6 days over my due date. He was just a bigger baby. Good
luck though when ever baby decides to come. =)

Melanie K says:

The clothes are so cute! I didn`t think that there are so cute things for

chelleypop101 says:

+Anna Saccone whats your PO BOX I would like to send something for the baby
and lil emilia too ♥

Sarah Katan says:

this clothes are so cute!!
And Douce nuit means sweet night (it’s in french :) )

Kathryn Durham says:

I’m due 24 March and baby boy is measuring 2 weeks ahead! Lol he’s a big
boy! :)

Dippy C says:

Hi Anna, I was watching a question video of yours from 4/5 years ago just
now. You got asked if you had any kids and you’re reply was no, I don’t
think I’ll have any haha!! Now you’re expecting baby number 2 crazy how
times change. Anyways hope the last stages of your pregnancy go great and
smoothly 😀 x

Mathilde M. says:

I didn’t know that DPAM got stores in Ireland, my mom always dressed me and
my sisters there! ^^

Trinette Wharley says:

You are looking so happy and well Anna. The clothes are gorgeous. Hugs from
Australia xo

Daisy Hart says:

The baby is due on my birthday :) Can’t wait to see junior!

SolsSecretBox says:

Yay! Congratulations ! almost there !

kayles143 says:

I was born at 35 weeks :)

Carly Macmillan says:

I’m so excited for Junior! So close now! <3 xxxxxxx

Kolby L says:

Anna you will be great! I’m so excited for you guys and I know Joffee is
super excited to meet junior!

Anna Little says:

I absolutely love watching your pregnancy updates. i used to watch aaaall
of the pregnancy updates when you were having Emelia and i now have a 5
month old son so watching the new updates about Junior makes me so broody!
i cant wait to have another baby (will be a couple of years yet though!) i
am so excited for you!

Ashley Chandler says:

Your so pretty! I wish I looked as good when I was pregnant! Love his
little outfits :-)

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