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Hey guys! :) Now that I am 34 weeks I feel like it’s going by sooo slow! Only 6 weeks to go! Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Dublin meet-up and once again, we are totally overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity…we hope that we didn’t leave anything out of this video, if we did please know that it wasn’t intentional! I also hope I remembered all of your guys’ names correctly! xoxo

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c0uchsl0uch says:

She pretty hot, you lucky to hit it!

Orla O'Neill says:

Yes her name will be Emilia and your 2nd child will be a boy

Flint1545 says:

Your hair has grown sooo fast since the start of your pregnancy!! All those
hormones. :)

Chloe Parnell says:

jofus you are so funny 😛 and anna, for being 34 weeks pregnant you look
amazing! i cant wait until little emilia is introduced to the world :) x

lanamku says:


unciaciapanca says:

Anna where do you put stretchmarks cream?



Bubzbow says:

anna has no stretch marks what the!!! LUCKY

slrxxxxx says:

Now I’m used to jofus having short hair it’s so wierd to see his hair like
this hahaha

AliceUmIThinkSo says:

I’m only watching this video now for some reason I missed it the first time
round but my friend is 34 weeks now so thought it was a good thing to
watch. I gave the little teddy blanket with Emilia’s name on it. Jofus
don’t be saying where I live! haha

Nella Rogers says:

You can deliver safely once you are 38 weeks so now you need to think what
you want to pack to take to the hospital and I would recommend you buy
personal care items to take with you so that you can have your stuff packed
and ready to go at any time and not be running around grabbing stuff to put
in the bag when you are in Labor. Believe you me when you are in labor you
are going to just want to be able to grab the bags and go to the hospital.

Sophie McGowan says:

Aww <3

Hanjj92 says:

I prefer it when Anna shows the things as she does it properly and isn’t
being rushed by Jofus..

chaos18panic says:

Woo! I got a shoutout! :)

PhoneMrMadness says:

your more than welcome :) <3 you help me so much

sznnekok says:

OMG, i had a doll with that excact same lullaby/song in it when i was a
baby, 20 years ago, so fun to hear it again. I actually still have the doll
and it still works! :)

yappywestie says:

I wonder if youlI be late xxi was 2 weeks and 3 days late xxx your so so
pretty and I really enjoyed the meet up xx Emma xx

The1983Monika says:

I love that melody. My mama always sang that lullaby for me. Guten Abend,
gut’ Nacht (Good Evening, Good Night) composed by Johannes Brahms in 1849.

CrissyIcedTea says:

What’s the name of her daily blog channel

i am not an acrobat says:

anna, you look so beautiful here. you are just glowing!

Vika10 says:

I think it’s normal to gain weight towards end of your pregnancy :) So not
too worry, it’s all good :)

Nareen says:

Lol at you guys saying you didn’t want to turn this into a baby haul,
because majority of the video was you guys showing the baby stuff.

CDHmakeup says:

17:11 Anna you look so sad sweetie…:( I cannot believe how quickly the
weeks are whizzing by!!

lanamku says:

can you try to get her moving in your tummy on camera that would be so cool
to see.

hairaffair85 says:

aww the tune that was playing at the start always makes me broody. makes me
think of a wee freshly bathed baby sleeping, aww lol x

Jennnnny1001 says:

Hi Anna , im in spain and im soo sad i missed your dublin meet up! will u
be having another one anytime soon? pleasseee reply!

KarlitaDeann08 says:


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