34 Week Pregnancy Vlog

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my 34 Week pregnancy vlog! Only 3 more weeks until I’m full term and 6 weeks until my due date. These few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ll be sharing new thoughts, feelings and symptoms with you guys.

The aches really kicked in and I had no idea how it would affect me emotionally. Thanks to your support and prayers, it has been getting better and better by the day.

Only a couple more pregnancy vlogs until Isaac’s arrival. Thank you for continuing to walk this amazing journey with me.

Love, Bubz xx

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From Head To Toe says:

Wowwwww Lindy you look amazing! Praying for you to have a happy healthy
rest of your pregnancy! ^_^

TheMingThing says:

Lindy – ur pretty much one of the best looking,
take-care-of-urself-pretty-darn-well preggo woman I’ve seen. I can’t
believe so much time has flown by already!

Naturalicity says:

Caesareans have a lot of benefits. One is that your lady parts will stay
intact and you and Tim will really appreciate that.

ochikeron says:

did you wear pelvis band?! i often hear that it can reduce the pain of your
back, too.

Hana Chu says:

Woah, Isaac kicks so much. When he’s older you should put him in soccer or
karate or something so he can get it all out of his system XD

latifeh16 says:

When will you be packing your hospital bag? I’d love to see what you put in
it. I love you bubz <3

Melecia Anderson says:

Congrats on 700k subs on you vlog channel and Baby peanut is ganna be

LilmissBrownEyes says:

The awkward moment when you realize you way more than Tim and you’re a 15
yr old girl :/ HAHAHAHAHA!
it’s all fun :)
Different nationalities, different life styles. And besides, I was 8 lbs 11
oz and 22 inches and my mom is 4 feet 11 inches and was like 95 lbs, she
was HUGE as well:)

1withwolves says:

Wow!!! time is going by so fast!!!! i still remember watching you when you
first started your channel,when you were living with your parents,then with
your granny,now Hong Kong with Tim and you got married,and now you’re
having a baby and time is just flying by!!! so happy for you!!! feel better

Sparklify says:

My older bro saw me watching this video and he thought it was weird and he
thought I was pregnant LOL 

Vi3tBabe says:

Yay for 34 weeks! I’m 36 weeks on Monday! I seriously can’t wait for the LO
to get here. Oh, I know all about the “big head” thing, lol. Both of my
kids have big heads and I’m such a small person (5’1″). They get it from
their dad, too. Lol. If I can give birth to a 9lb baby, you can do it! And
I did it all natural, no drugs or anything, both times. And omg, that
pelvic pain! I seriously feel you on that. I’ve had to sleep sitting up a
few times because the pain is just so unbearable.

MadsBeingMads says:

Soon we will be seeing a cute little Baby Peanut! :)

P3acexL0veScr1be says:

I was getting worried for you throughout your pregnancy, because you were
eating so much (and not too healthy from what I’ve seen in my opinion).
That is a big reason why your baby is so big already. My advice bubz: i
have a strong inkling you’ll be early. You may not have that much time to
think through what you’ll do at birth that much longer. If you go into
labor there is no time for thinking too long. Your answer has to be quick
or the baby will suffer. Strongly consider the cesarean at this point, or
at least have a plan a and b for early labor.

Laura Bridge says:

The ending reminded me when phoebe was prego on friends hahah.

Hannah O'Connor says:

i was 1 pound 9…scary thought.

Fudge cream Lover says:


sharon wu says:

Your so close to meeting Isaac!!

Tiffany Bryce says:

I am a very small person I was never able to get over 100 pounds so when I
became pregnant I gained about 30 pounds and had an 8lbs.8oz. baby
naturally. I was shocked that my baby ended up that big and to think that
it came from little ol’ me. I wish you luck and hope everything goes
smoothly however your delivery happens. best wishes!! 

jade washere64 says:

Oh my gosh! Boa Only one! :D

Abigail Suter says:

My mum had a super complicated pregnancy. She had 6 miscarriages before
getting pregnant with me and 2 extra then as I was meant to be triplets.
Part way through the pregnancy she developed a brain tumour and they didn’t
think she’d make it through the pregnancy. I was born by c section 1 month
premature at 6lbs and we were both fine :) She was 40-years-old when she
had me so maybe some of the complications came from that. But it goes to
show that difficult pregnancies can end well!

emokitten6871 says:

Whoa! I didn’t know your belly would get so big either. Isaac is gonna be
so chubby and cute. ^_^ I was 16 pounds and 5 ounces when I was born, I was
born the biggest baby in the hospital. 😀 And my mom needs a C-section too.
:/ But you’ll be fine and I’ll pray that your delivery goes smoothly! <3

sandra lemus says:

Does any one pause the video while she’s showing off her belly and block
the belly with ur finger and see the difference !?

Courtney Ray says:

I weighed almost 8 pounds when I was born! So don’t worry :) Issac isn’t
the only big baby!

ArghCake says:

8:06 it dropped 

Brianna Caruthers says:

I’m appalled that your doctor is suggesting you can’t deliver vaginally.
The likelihood is that you can. That is what your body is made for. I
delivered my nine and one half pound son naturally, without medications.
Isaac us not likely to be that big. You can do it! The female body is

VictorianRabbit3456 says:

As a 5 foot (and maybe an inch) tall woman who definitely without a doubt
wants kids in a homebirth situation. I am not excited hearing this bubz XD
if I have to get a c-section because I’m too short I will be pissed! I
already can’t wear some clothes because I’m too short for them but not
being able to have the birth I want will kill me since I don’t find
hospitals intimate or inviting for birth. 

shanel yaygın says:

Wait Tim is only 60 kg? How tall is he

Zuzanna Tuszynska says:

my brother weighed 4.6 kg my mum gave birth for 30 hours

Zaida Santiago says:

Beautiful bump Bubz 😉 But, what if it turns out to be a girl? My sister
once was expecting a girl but it turned out to be a boy.

Inez Wee says:

Lindy, will continue to pray for you as usual for your family and parents.
God bless you! ;)))

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