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We are now 7 weeks away from meeting Emilia! Yay! :) We also wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who has sent gifts for her…we appreciate it so much and never expect any of you guys to send us anything! Also thumbs up for Albi being a little brat in this video…we think he was jealous of all Emilia’s new gifts, ha ha ha! :) xoxo

Would you like to meet us? We would love to meet you! :)


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Lara Louis says:

Anna, can you tell me where you got this shirt from? i would love to wear
it in october,when i’m expecting my first baby girl:)

thaaanks so much :)

martina paz says:

Jonathan saying “next year when we have a baby boy”… YEAH!!

Eva K says:

that shirt is so cute and stylish it really suits you! I really want one
looking like that!!

Minji Han says:

I am so excited for you two! Like watching this puts a smile on my face :)
and I’m only 17 hahaha. Just imagine Emilia watching this in 5-6 years.. It
will be amazing!

GalaxyGirl777 says:

Anna, are you not eating enough? You should be gaining a pound a week at
your stage…

Nikita Maslen says:

Carters is the same type of store as Pumpkin Patch

xKerryBubzx says:

Omg when Albi growled behind you at the end I thought you farted haha

deborah milligan says:

ha ha i looked away for a few secs and albi turned into a toy lamb!! I was
like wtf?! :O lol

Anna Saccone says:

Yes :) Thank you so much!

Beth T says:

They are but i think its mainly going to be jofus not anna

Ina Schmitz says:

I’m so nervous about the birth!! You’re my favourite couple ever! xoxo

princetown100 says:

You are a wonderful couple.

Bree Tratt says:

look at albi at 4:23 ! aww, he’s wondering what the noise it, ahaha

ChangeTheirMinds says:

Jofus has every right to be in this video, its his baby too!

Sara Ann says:

I was a big baby–ten pounds at birth 😛

Syd :) says:

I think the lighting needs to be changed or something because when you show
the clothes we can’t see the designs.

Shay Mosshart says:

Anna looks pretty.

Derya D.A says:

No we dont! Why would you? They are just so cute together + it makes me
happy seeing a happy couple :)

louiseceltic says:

the pink top with the pineaplle i think is from du pareil au meme. i used
to work there. ye should check it out its on oliver plunkett street and
there clothes are so cute :) its a french boutique for kids with resonable

Anna Stephanie says:

Does Albie have a missing eye? Every time i see him in the videos i only
see his left eye :/

tintannabulation says:

Albi is so cute in this video<3!!!!

PippinPotter11 says:

Oh yeah, I remember when Anna was so thrilled at the fact that she was
pregnant and could not wait to start showing her pregnancy to the world…
For several weeks there was still no tummy showing, then finally as we all
know, baby Emelia grew enough to where Anna was obviously preggers just to
look at. Anna is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy in every way, and it has
been alot of fun & heart touching to watch. Thank’s Anna & Jonathan for
sharing such a beautiful part of your lives… ~hugs

ssshlow says:

emilia ootds! haha!

Sara Shaft says:

This video has made me so excited for you guys! It has re-in livened my
baby fever aww i can’t wait to have a bubba and cuddle and spoil with
adorable clothes! Congrats guys seriously can’t wait to meet Emilia! Xx

Toni Stevens says:

Albi is so cute watching you guys. Hahahaha

PippinPotter11 says:

WoW! You two are as cute & delightful as always Anna & Johnathan! The baby
certainly received some very nice things, as did Albi & Sina. I must say;
you really do have some pretty awesome, amazing and very thoughtful &
generous fans/viewers. They have been simply out of this world loyal & kind
to you both big time! Anna, your tummy is huge, and also very pretty as far
as pregnant tummies go. Well, this was a nice video as always, take care
now!… ~Toodles! ~ Carol in Nashville, Tennessee *USA*

BubaTV1 says:

You guys r funny!!! Throughout my pregnancy I had no heartburn at all and
she was born with a full head of hear. She is 3 month now and her hear is 3
inches long and sticks up all the time. Its amazing!!!

katieluvscoffee says:

You guys are the cutest couple, I’m so glad I stumbled across your videos:)

Cynthia Rebeca says:

love the bump!

lHelloDarlingl says:

DPAM means “Du pareil au même” :)

candiwax says:

lol its not “lies” its just old wives tales…i know plenty of women that
had heart burn and their babies WERE born with tons of hair :) just “luck”
and chance i guess

Michelle Kristin says:

I don’t think you should expect her to have hair, my mom had bad heartburn
for both my brother and I and we were balled until we were 2. Babies are
cute with or without hair, aspecially your own.

Selina Hallinan says:

@lobolady2007 U were talking about them teaching Emilia t sleep through the
night, breastfed babies feed every 2-3 hours for first couple of months,
it’ll b a while b4 they get a full nights sleep!! 😉

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